12 Fun Fall Activities for College Students

College students have plenty of things to do during the fall, but figuring out what to do can be hard. This article provides twelve fun fall activities for college students.

  1. Attend a fall festival: There are many festivals in the fall that are perfect for college students. Some festivals are large and have many attractions, while others are smaller and have more unique activities.
  2. Go apple picking: Apple picking is a popular fall activity for college students. Not only is it a fun activity, but it is also a great way to exercise.
  3. Go pumpkin picking: Pumpkin picking is another popular fall activity. It is a fun way to exercise and get creative with your decorating.
  4. Go to a haunted house: Haunted houses are a fun way to get scared and make friends. College students are often the target demographic for haunted houses, so it is a great way to meet new people.
  5. Go out for a walk: A walk can be a great way to exercise and clear your head.
  6. Go to a football game: A football game is a great way to exercise and watch an exciting game.
  7. Go to a concert: A concert is a great way to get out and see some live music.
  8. Go to a pumpkin patch: A pumpkin patch is a great place to get creative with decorating.
  9. Go to a farmers market: A farmers market is a great place to buy fresh produce.
  10. Go to a movie: A movie is a great way to relax and take a break from school.
  11. Go hiking: Fall is a great time to hike. The colors are beautiful, and the trails are usually less crowded.
  12. Go to a party: A party is a great way to get out and have fun.
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