12 Fun Family Friendly Things to Do in Arizona with Kids

Families can have fun in Arizona.

Arizona is renowned for its unearthly scenery and opulent resorts, and it provides families with countless choices for adventure and recreation.

I guarantee you will need a lifetime to experience all these great state offers.

However, we cannot include dozens of attractions in a single-family holiday.

Therefore, we have highlighted the top entertaining activities to do in Arizona with kids to aid you in creating a trip you won’t soon forget.

  1. Scenic Rim Tour — Sedona

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for a pleasant and safe way to take your kids to the stunning landscapes of Arizona?

What’s this?

You will undoubtedly enjoy this Jeep Wrangler tour in Sedona.

You’ll explore the most incredible and otherworldly formations on the globe as you race across the area’s breathtakingly challenging terrain.

Additionally, the tour is an informative experience, with a knowledgeable guide presenting a wealth of interesting facts about the surroundings.

In addition, this tour offers family-friendly hotel pickups.

Did you know that several of Arizona’s top family resorts, particularly those in Sedona, suggest this activity for families?

Recommended Ages

Children ages three and upwards will benefit from taking this thrilling Jeep Wrangler tour.

  1. Out of Africa Wildlife Park — Camp Verde

What You’ll Experience

Visit this wildlife park in Arizona if you want a vacation that feels like it would be in Africa without having to leave the US.

This wildlife refuge offers a flavor of Africa and is home to various rare and lovely free-roaming animals, including zebras and giraffes.

You will be with an expert guide who will give some interesting facts about the animals as you enjoy your safari ride in this park.

The park also offers enjoyable live animal shows and exciting kid-friendly attractions like the Tiger Splash.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can enjoy unforgettable moments and instructive experiences at Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

  1. Castles N Coasters — Phoenix

What You’ll Experience

Phoenix is not one of Arizona’s top destinations for family holidays for nothing.

The city brims with excitement, with a bevy of museums, family resorts, and kid-friendly attractions.

Moreover, spending a day in this city exploring the genial and vibrant Castles N Coasters is a terrific idea.

Everyone will have a great time at this theme park, whether you’re traveling with little children or teenagers.

This theme park is brimming with alluring rides and activities, from arcades and kiddie rides to heart-pounding coasters.

Recommended Ages

Castles N Coasters is one of the top family-friendly destinations in Phoenix since it offers something for kids of all ages.

  1. Grand Canyon Railway — Grand Canyon

What You’ll Experience

Out of the most exciting things to do in Arizona with toddlers and younger children is the Grand Canyon Railroad.

This scenic and nostalgic 65-mile tour will delight you in many ways, from its engaging cowboy performances to the breathtaking natural scenery.

Additionally, you will have plenty of time and possibilities after you reach the Grand Canyon to take in the breathtaking sights of the famous national park.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can enjoy the Grand Canyon Railroad because it is an activity that is ideal for them.

  1. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum — Tucson

What You’ll Experience

Any list of the best family-friendly destinations is incomplete without including the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in this state.

This Arizona tourist destination combines a variety of family-friendly activities, including an art gallery, a natural history museum, a botanical garden, an aquarium, and a zoo.

The museum beautifully illustrates everything unique and enchanting about the Sonoran Desert through its fantastic and enlightening exhibits.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy the attractions and displays at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

  1. Gateway Park — Yuma

What You’ll Experience

Want to see Arizona’s top family beaches?

Arizona is well-known for its picturesque deserts, yet it still astounds families with a few sandy beaches ideal for a peaceful getaway.

The Gateway Park in Yuma is popular among families that want to enjoy the beach.

This sandy beach is located in Yuma Crossing and has everything you need for a fun day in the sun.

In reality, it contains a playground, picnic spots, and a tonne of grass and shade.

Recommended Ages

Like most American beaches, Gateway Park is a never-ending source of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Yet, it offers inexpensive or free kid-friendly activities like swimming and leisurely walks.

  1. Children’s Museum of Phoenix — Phoenix

What You’ll Experience

Your best choice for family activities in the rain should be a trip to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

This museum will pique your kids’ curiosity and excitement for learning with its miraculous hands-on exhibits.

Of course, numerous games and activities allow kids to climb, build, explore, and crawl.

Recommended Ages

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is primarily for children from 1 to 10 years.

  1. Off-road Segway Tour — Scottsdale

What You’ll Experience

Teenagers in the Phoenix area can experience an extraordinary, unforgettable adventure on the Scottsdale off-road segway tour.

You will get a close-up view of the alluring animals and flora of the Sonoran desert by spending time here.

Additionally, it features a visit to the well-known Yavapai Fort McDowell Reservation.

Recommended Ages

Teens and tweens can participate in this unique off-road excursion (at least 12 years old).

  1. Hurricane Harbor Phoenix — Glendale

What You’ll Experience

Hurricane Harbor provides a retreat from the desert heat with its lazy river, cool pools, and refreshing attractions.

Visit the park’s Raging River for an exhilarating adventure.

On the other hand, kids will appreciate the park’s interactive games and other water elements.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can find plenty of pools, rides, and entertainment at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix.

  1. Catalina State Park — Tucson

What You’ll Experience

At Catalina State Park, enjoy the stunning area of Arizona’s wilderness and teach your children about the wonders of nature.

This state park offers numerous recreational opportunities for the whole crew on its more than 5,000 acres to explore.

This lovely state park offers camping, biking, equestrian riding, and hiking.

In addition, the park hosts year-round activities for families, such as geology walks, family camping trips, and even jazz performances.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages can enjoy many age-friendly activities at Catalina State Park.

  1. SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium — Tempe

What You’ll Experience

Undoubtedly, one of the outstanding family-friendly attractions in Arizona is SEA LIFE.

This underwater museum is home to thousands of fascinating creatures and offers several fun displays and activities.

The mesmerizing 360-degree ocean tunnel, where you can see schools of colorful fish, is our favorite part of this place.

The aquarium is also instructive for everyone in your tribe, which is a bonus.

You will discover how deserted land-locked communities, like Phoenix, can impact the ocean while visiting the aquarium.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy the captivating visit to the aquarium.

  1. South Rim Spirit Helicopter Tour — Grand Canyon

What You’ll Experience

A helicopter tour is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon’s breathtaking scenery.

Even though it’s only a 45-minute tour, this exhilarating flying adventure will leave you with hundreds of fond memories.

You will be rewarded with breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the Dragon Corridor, Kaibab National Forest, and Painted Desert as you soar above the fabled canyon.

Additionally, it’s a relaxing, secure, and instructive experience for the whole family.

Undoubtedly one of our favorite family activities in Arizona.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will find the South Rim Helicopter Tour to be a captivating adventure.

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