12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Berkeley with Kids

Are you aware that Berkeley was previously titled Ocean View?

An appropriate moniker for a city that offers numerous parks and locations with views of the San Francisco Bay.

However, it won’t be the end of your family’s trip to Berkeley, California.

Check out the variety of family-friendly establishments and entertainment it offers.

The Berkeley Marina and Aquatic Park is a great place to get wet.

Participate in the Fourth Street public activities.

Stargaze at The Lawrence Hall of Science and be astounded by the vastness of the universe.

Need more information?

Put on your vacation mode because I have your timetable for the best family-friendly Berkeley attractions right here!

  1. Cesar Chavez Park

In 1996, César E. Chávez was honored with a 90-acre park.

Additionally, the Chávez Memorial Solar Calendar is situated in this park.

Why Your Family Should Go

This weekend, enjoy the breathtaking views from the paths and viewpoints.

San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge are all visible from here.

This park has many things to do, such as ride bikes and hike along the harbor.

The conservation sanctuary’s animals can be enjoyed.

Use the off-leash area if your family has a dog.

What to Do with Kids

Flying kites is a popular leisure activity, so educate your youngsters to shoot for the stars!

Additionally, keep an eye out when the Annual International Kite Festival occurs.

Do your kids show an interest in astronomy?

Have them look closely at the Solar Noon Calendar and the Horizon Calendar.

Recommended Ages

All ages can enjoy Cesar Chavez Park.

Babies and adults are welcome to participate in these activities.

  1. Tilden Regional Park, Botanic Garden

California native flora is gathered and preserved in this garden.

Praised for having exceptional rock gardens and rock garden vegetation.

Why Your Family Should Go

There is no entrance fee to this botanical garden.

A free tour given by a guide is also available.

It is one of Berkeley’s free, family-friendly activities.

If you want to take in the landscape, there are also areas to have a picnic.

What to Do with Kids

There are 90 different types of birds in this garden, which is perfect for your kids who enjoy observing birds.

Painting their canvases and capturing images will be fun for aspiring painters and filmmakers.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to visit the Tilden Regional Park and Botanic Garden.

Ideal for young children who love the outdoors and older artists.

  1. Fourth Street

The original plan for Fourth Street was for it to be an industrial park.

It was later devoted to beauty and restaurant businesses in the 1980s.

Why Your Family Should Go

Unique and high-quality products are available in this shopping area.

With amusement and a variety of places to eat and drink, it also serves the needs of the entire group.

Every weekend, live music is performed.

Also, host distinctive events outside of holidays.

Berkeley is one of the places to take children.

What to Do with Kids

The most charming feature of this location is the kid-friendly activities.

Sometimes children perform live music.

Encourage your kids through their music.

The kid-friendly meal options make it a terrific place to go on a dining adventure.

Tacos, pizza, cookies, bagel sandwiches, and ice cream are among the available foods.

Does your young child desire a new toy?

Here, you may purchase decent books and toys.

Recommended Ages

All generations can visit Fourth Street.

Since the events can grow fairly busy, adults must always be with younger children.

  1. Tilden Little Farm

The Little Farm was established in 1955.

It was created to safeguard the genetic variety of uncommon livestock and plants.

It includes a range of domesticated animals, including goats, chickens, sheep, cattle, and pigs.

Why Your Family Should Go

Your group can explore and enjoy themselves at this farm.

The best part is that bookings are free!

Activities to do in Berkeley with kids can be found here.

There are programs for the general public and professional groups.

Weekends are typically when the shows are scheduled.

What to Do with Kids

Participate in activities with your children, such as composting and wool production.

The children will appreciate discovering the processes of food production.

Children can interact with and feed the animals.

Since it only costs a stalk of celery, this is inexpensive family entertainment.

In some programs, goat walks are permitted away from the farm.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to enter the farm.

Children of all ages, especially toddlers, will enjoy interacting with the animals.

  1. Codornices Park

1915 saw the opening of Codornices Park.

Renovations were made to the trails, bridges, hillsides, and paths in 1980.

Why Your Family Should Go

Family-friendly activities are available in Berkeley.

Sports enthusiasts can practice on baseball or softball grounds, tennis courts, or field houses.

Today, have a picnic at one of the many tables dotted about the park.

What to Do with Kids

The 40-foot hill slide will leave your kids in awe!

In addition, the park provides a full range of play structures for you and your family.

The nicest feature for your young children is a special play area with a toy train.

Recommended Ages

All generations are welcome on the premise grounds.

Younger children shouldn’t use the concrete slide because it can be rather harsh.

  1. Live Oak Park

Public access to Live Oak Park began on June 1st, 1916.

In 1918, more features were added.

An aviary, tennis courts, outdoor fireplaces, picnic tables, and playgrounds are among these amenities.

Why Your Family Should Go

Does your household enjoy basketball?

Consider playing volleyball.

They are present here.

Attend the theater indoors if the group becomes exhausted from all the sweating sports.

Without the pressure of an enormous audience, sharpen your acting abilities.

Cook your dinner on the barbeque grills at the picnic areas whenever you are ready to have a family meal.

What to Do with Kids

Sand can be splashed around by your youngsters in the toddler play area.

It is fully equipped with swings, an animal spring toy, and a climber.

There is a designated play area available for your school-age children.

It has swings, a 12′ high slide, and a sizable climber.

The athletic amenities are the best option for older kids.

Here are a few kid-friendly activities in Berkeley, California.

Recommended Ages

All generations are welcome in this facility.

For children aged 5 and older, there is a play area.

  1. Totland

This park was built by the Virginia-McGee Neighborhood Council.

With countless hours of volunteer labor, it was completed.

Its layout is intended specifically for toddlers and younger.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visitors are not likely to know where to start when they arrive here.

View the play panels, climbers, and spiral chute slide.

There are additional play platforms, ladders, and bridges.

Make a huge mess in the fountain-equipped sand play area.

For the little ones, there are lots of shared toys like push toys and ride-on.

What to Do with Kids

Totland might be thought of as a child’s utopia.

It has a wide variety of playground equipment.

If you want to take a break from all the chasing, there is a clubhouse there for parents.

The perfect spot in Berkeley to visit with a youngster is here.

Recommended Ages

For children up to age four, this park is advised.

Interestingly, kids between the ages of 1 and 3 are quite likely to visit.

  1. The Lawrence Hall of Science

The goal of the Lawrence Hall of Science is to create and spread initiatives in the disciplines of science, technology, architecture, and basic arithmetic.

Why Your Family Should Go

Science has been made enjoyable here.

Take a look at the science displays, both indoors and outside.

Join the group at the 3D Theater to watch a science-related movie.

Explore the marvels of space with the clan by going into the planetarium.

What to Do with Kids

Your children should explore the animals in the backyard zoo.

Through sunstones and stargazing, you can learn about astronomy.

Encourage children to create, test, and assemble mechanical devices.

On the playground with a science theme, let children touch, climb, and crawl.

These are the top family-friendly activities in Berkeley.

Recommended Ages

All generations can enter this science museum.

However, for the optimum educational experience, children ages 3 and older should use it.

  1. Aquatic Park

The building of the Aquatic Park took place between 1935 and 1937.

It is a 100-acre park that is linear and has a 67.7-acre lagoon where visitors can unwind.

Why Your Family Should Go

The fitness activity area is available to members of your team who love to work out.

Make use of the walking and bike routes to admire the magnificent San Francisco Bay.

What to Do with Kids

Come into “Dreamland,” a timber playroom.

The young ones will enjoy the numerous slides and swings there.

For a genuine challenge for the older children, take them to the 18-hole Frisbee Golf Course.

Teenagers may find this entertaining as well.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome in this park.

Since this park is not entirely fenced off, parents must watch their children.

  1. Habitot Children’s Discovery Museum

Habitot’s objective is to assist parents and other adults in raising creative, inquisitive, and self-assured kids by providing interactive exhibits and family-friendly programs.

Why Your Family Should Go

This is the place to go if you’re wondering what to do in Berkeley with kids.

Habitot’s exhibitions can help your kids learn how to interact with others socially.

Playing with their senses helps them develop.

By teaching them early science and math, you can pique their interest in the world.

Through the arts, they can boost their inventiveness.

What to Do with Kids

What does your kid envision themselves becoming when they grow up?

Process of influencing that allows them to consider their alternatives.

Manage missions in Mission Control and Rocketship.

Use a fire engine to extinguish flames.

Like a veterinarian, take care of animals.

The list goes on and on!

Recommended Ages

Habitot welcomes children of all ages.

Since strollers are not permitted inside, you might choose to carry your babies and toddlers.

  1. UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology

The Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) at UC Berkeley is a place for research.

The Valley Life Sciences Building is the location of the public exhibits for UCMP (VLSB).

Why Your Family Should Go

Viewing all of the displays is free.

Enjoy studying the animals that once lived in the distant past.

Booking a paid guided tour is an option if you wish to have a closer look at the fossils.

What to Do with Kids

Scream like a reptile!

A glimpse of the species will spark the fancies of your little ones.

On exhibit are a few of the most famous dinosaurs, including triceratops, pteranodon, and t-rex.

These are kid-friendly destinations.

Recommended Ages

Youngsters in the second grade or older should be able to understand the displays.

  1. Brushstrokes

In 1995, Brushstrokes was established.

Their objective is to establish an environment where individuals can engage in creative expression.

Why Your Family Should Go

Go into the artist’s workspace with them.

Bring forth your inner artist and that of your group.

Among the entertaining things to do in Berkeley with kids is this.

Printmaking, fine painting, and surface design are great ways to exercise your creative muscles.

Construct mosaics, hand-felt jewelry, and fused glass artwork.

What to Do with Kids

If you’re seeking local activities for kids, they can sign up for art camps.

The subjects covered can include clay sculpting, cartooning, and applying watercolor.

Recommended Ages

Ages 6 to 14 can participate in the youth arts and crafts.

Additionally, ages 15 and up can attend courses.

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