12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Durham with Kids

Durham, sometimes nicknamed the Bull City, is the fourth-largest city in North Carolina and the county seat of Durham County.

The city is known as the City of Medicine since it is home to approximately 300 medical organizations and offices.

Entertainment-wise, Durham, North Carolina, has served as the filming location for popular TV shows and motion pictures like Dawson’s Creek, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and of course, Bull Durham.

There are many cultural attractions in Durham, which is one of the main reasons why 3 million people visit each year.

Discover why Durham, North Carolina, is an excellent choice for your upcoming family holiday.

Keep scrolling to learn more about some of the best family-friendly activities in Durham.

  1. Sarah P. Duke Gardens

The Terrace Gardens, the W.L. Culberson Asiatic Arboretum, the H.L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants, and the Doris Duke Center Gardens are just a few of the four distinctive gardens that compose the 55-acre property of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which was founded in 1934.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which have lovely flower bushes, gazebos, and even a bridge, is a great place to visit if you enjoy well-designed gardens.

In addition, a cafeteria on the grounds lets you eat a modest lunch while taking in the scenery.

What to Do with Kids

However, if you’d want to feel more in tune with your surroundings, visitors can spread out a sheet and organize a picnic for the entire family.

While you unwind on the grass, the children will enjoy racing around the spacious playing grounds.

When looking for free, family-friendly activities in Durham, consider spending a couple of hours at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Recommended Ages

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens are readily accessible to residents and visitors of all ages.

  1. Museum of Life and Science (Museum of Life + Science)

The Museum of Life and Science is a two-story museum with exhibits about native North Carolina wildlife, health, structures, and more. It was formerly known as the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit the Museum of Life and Science this Saturday with your entire family if you live in the region and are interested in learning more while having a nice time.

The Explore the Wild exhibit can be of appeal to everyone because it includes unusual creatures like red wolves, radiated tortoises, and American black bears.

Additionally, visitors can watch other multimedia exhibitions in this subsection as well.

What to Do with Kids

The Hideaway Woods, a special area of the Museum of Life and Science created especially for children, is located there.

This dynamic display has eight tree dwellings, natural sculptures, and a stream bed that is currently flowing.

This display intends to emphasize the value of outdoor play, which children will adore.

One of Durham, North Carolina’s top kid-friendly destinations is undoubtedly the Museum of Life and Science.

Recommended Ages

The Museum of Life and Science’s play space is only open to kids who are six years old and younger; however, the remainder of the museum is available to everyone.

  1. Duke University

At Duke University, there are so many things to do and destinations to see that tourists assume they are in a tiny town.

The Nasher Museum of Art is one of the university attractions worth seeing, notably if you like art and other forms of creativity.

Guests to their Slow Art Tours are given a half-hour to inspect the artwork, giving them plenty of time to enjoy the special piece displayed in front of them.

Why Your Family Should Go

One of North Carolina’s top colleges today, Duke University was established in 1838 and is a world-class private academic university.

The college sporting teams that represent the institution, the Duke Blue Devils, call it their home.

What to Do with Kids

At the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, experience afternoon tea.

They serve a pot of tea and a variety of pastries, scones, and tarts that the kids will love snacking on.

One of the best things to do in Durham with kids is to spend the day appreciating art and sampling some yummy treats.

Recommended Ages

All guests are welcome to Duke University to take a tour around the distinguished campus.

  1. American Tobacco Campus

The American Tobacco Campus, which was established in 1890, is a well-liked Durham dining, shopping, and entertainment complex.

Why Your Family Should Go

The American Tobacco Campus can meet all of your expectations if you want to spend a day satiating your appetite, perusing shops, and perhaps doing a little shopping!

If you want to eat indoors, you may go to Moe’s for Mexican food, Boricua Soul for Puerto Rican food, and Nana’s for steaks and other traditional all-American fares.

What to Do with Kids

After a lovely meal at your favorite restaurant, take the kids to Parker and Otis so they may choose from a selection of chocolates and candies and entertaining puzzles and games to keep them occupied.

Fantastic family activity in Durham is visiting and spending time with your youngsters at the American Tobacco Campus.

Recommended Ages

There are no age restrictions on visitors to the American Tobacco Campus.

  1. Eno River State Park

The Eno River State Park, which was established in 1975 and spanned 4,319 acres of land, is a well-liked outdoor leisure area.

The park is well-liked by both outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts.

Why Your Family Should Go

Plan a day at the Eno River State Park if inexpensive family entertainment is what you’re after.

You and your family can engage in a variety of activities, including hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Your body and mind will benefit from a visit to this tranquil yet action-packed park, which provides some of Durham’s best family activities.

What to Do with Kids

The entire family can camp on-site at the Eno River State Park and take advantage of a night in the great outdoors in addition to the water activities offered there.

Children can learn how to construct a tent by going camping.

Recommended Ages

All ages can enjoy the Eno River State Park, which is a family-friendly destination.

  1. Cameron Indoor Stadium

The Cameron Indoor Stadium, previously recognized as the Duke Indoor Stadium, changed its title in 1972 to commemorate the late university coach Eddie Cameron.

The Duke Blue Devils’ primary indoor athletic arena, the stadium, has a 9,314-seat occupancy.

Why Your Family Should Go

A live game at the Cameron Indoor Stadium is an experience you must have if you’re a fan of the Duke Blue Devils or sports in general.

As you observe, you’ll have an intimate yet intensely strong feeling.

It’s entertaining to observe an audience actively participating in the events inside the venue.

It ten times increases the delight and enjoyment of watching.

What to Do with Kids

Do not try to miss taking the kids to a game at the Cameron Indoor Stadium if you live nearby or are just passing through.

As the crowd supports their favorite players, they will enjoy watching the game and experiencing the excitement.

This is a fantastic substitute for nearby kid-friendly activities and a fantastic method to get them interested in sports.

Recommended Ages

Children under two are not required to have a ticket, but they must be accompanied by an adult who does.

They should not obstruct the sight of other observers by sitting on their partner’s lap.

  1. North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo, which opened in 1974, is the largest zoo with a native habitat in the entire world.

Numerous unusual creatures, including lions, bison, and giraffes, live on its 500-acre site.

Why Your Family Should Go

Consider the North Carolina Zoo if you’re traveling with a baby and looking for somewhere the whole family will adore. There, you’ll see a variety of animals and even plants.

In addition to housing many species, the zoo also has entertaining features like its Air Hike Course and Zoofari.

What to Do with Kids

The North Carolina Zoo is great for kids and offers a shedload of kid-friendly activities.

After seeing the wildlife, the youngsters can spend a little time in the playground, or if they desire a better look, they can attend the Zoofari.

Recommended Ages

An adult must always escort children under 16.

  1. Duke Lemur Center

Since 1966, the Duke Lemur Center has harbored these vulnerable monkeys, earning it the title of largest refuge on the planet for strepsirrhine primates.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you want to learn more about the species kept at the Duke Lemur Center?

Explore the several species of strepsirrhine primates for yourself, then witness them in the station’s recreation of their natural surroundings.

What to Do with Kids

The kids’ interest will be peaked by the lemurs and other species that can be found at the Duke Lemur Center.

They will be fascinated and compelled to want to discover more about the unusual-looking animals.

One of Durham’s most engaging attractions for kids is unquestionably this site.

Recommended Ages

All ages are invited to visit the Duke Lemur Center to study more about the threatened species of strepsirrhine primates.

  1. Duke University Chapel

The Duke University Chapel, which is located in the heart of Duke University and is well-known for its Collegiate Gothic design, is a must-see destination for visitors to Durham.

Why Your Family Should Go

What’s so unique about visiting a historic church? You’ll be able to determine the response by simply standing outside the Duke University Chapel.

Particularly when you’re inside, the meticulously built structure exudes new energy that will astound everyone.

What to Do with Kids

A wonderful method to help your children connect with their spiritual aspect is to take them to the Duke University Chapel.

They can meditate, worship, or enjoy the stillness in the church’s surroundings and ambiance.

This is one of the most lovely and tranquil activities to do with children in Durham.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to visit the Duke University Chapel as long as they respect the space’s reverence by remaining silent.

  1. Durham Bulls Athletic Park

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park, which was built in 1995, has a seating capacity of 10,000 people.

The Durham Bulls, North Carolina Central Eagles, and Duke Blue Devils are a few of the most well-known athletic teams that consider the ballpark home.

Why Your Family Should Go

Watching a live game at Durham Bulls Athletic Park is a must if you’re eager for an action-packed day of sports.

It is better to witness sporting events live than simply watching them on television at home.

Since they can observe what transpires in every part of the stadium, teens, adults, and even children enjoy watching a game live.

What to Do with Kids

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park is great for kids to watch sporting events.

They will become more ecstatic due to the large venue and supportive crowd.

They may catch a foul ball!

Recommended Ages

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park welcomes spectators of all generations to take in a match.

  1. DPAC – Durham Performing Arts Center

Some of Durham’s most well-known performances are presented at the Durham Performing Arts Center, which opened its doors in 2008 and has a 2,712-seat occupancy.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit the Durham Performing Arts Center if you appreciate seeing live theater or other acts.

Because the performances will keep you enthralled the entire night, you won’t even notice the passing of time.

What to Do with Kids

Make reservations for a show you believe your kids will appreciate.

Once you get there, you need to help them settle in; the most prominent stars will take care of the rest by grabbing their focus and holding it for the entire performance.

Recommended Ages

Unless the scheduled show is family-friendly, children under the age of 6 are not permitted to enter the arena to attend performances.

Additionally, adolescents under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by an adult.

  1. Frankie’s Fun Park

Frankie’s Fun Park, which debuted in 2005, is a well-liked destination for Durham locals and visitors.

Even though this branch is only a short distance from the city, individuals still travel there to spend the day at this destination.

Why Your Family Should Go

Family entertainment centers are a favorite among vacationing families due to all the entertaining activities and games they offer.

You can choose from a variety of attractions at Frankie’s Fun Park, including bumper cars, splash boats, and much more.

What to Do with Kids

The go-kart rides will be fun for the kids, making this one of the top family activities in Durham, North Carolina.

The ideal way to introduce kids to driving is through this attraction.

Unquestionably, one of the best family-friendly things to do in Durham is to spend the day at Frankie’s Fun Park.

Recommended Ages

Everyone of any age can enjoy themselves at Frankie’s Fun Park.

However, those under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult, and they are not permitted inside the venue after seven p.m.

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