12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Frisco with Kids

The Dallas Cowboys call Frisco, Texas, home.

However, this thriving metropolis is home to much more than this phenomenon.

Frisco features many of the amenities and entertainment options of a major city.

The city’s vibrant culture is highlighted by its one-of-a-kind museums, unique attractions, and fascinating events.

Here is a list I made of the most incredible family-friendly activities in Frisco to help you make the most of your next vacation there.

  1. KidZania USA

KidZania is a virtual metropolis where youngsters play the roles of adults in various occupations designed just for them.

In 1999, it all began in the city of Mexico.

There are a total of 27 other branches across 20 countries.

KidZos are the in-game currency kids may earn, spend, and save when visiting KidZania theme parks.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

If you are looking for the most incredible activities in Frisco with kids, then KidZania should be at the top of your list.

The facility is designed to teach children through dramatic play.

Once your children arrive at the facility, your only job will be to watch them act out the part they’ve chosen for themselves.

Of course, you can join in the merriment as well.

You can dine at a restaurant that children manage.

Anyone can sit in on the audience in a TV studio hosted by children.

Your children have limitless potential as performers, aviators, journalists, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, and emergency responders.

Recommended Ages

KidZania’s educational programming is geared toward youngsters aged 4 to 14, and the facility features a wide variety of hands-on activities in various subject areas.

However, this does not mean visitors aged 14 and up or children aged four and up are no longer permitted inside.

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  1. Play Street Museum – Mckinney

The Play Street Museum, an indoor children’s museum and play area, aim to encourage learning through play.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Educate your children about their artistic heroes while they create their works of art.

Involving your children in the process of making something beautiful is enjoyable for everyone involved. Experiencing their joy in creating something new is contagious.

Participate in the museum’s clay events alongside your children and take turns sculpting a work of art.

Do you have a clay sculpture in progress?

Have no fear; incomplete assignments may be taken with you.

You can return them to be shot after you’re done with them at the museum.

Play Street Museum is the spot to take the kids to Frisco if you’re looking for exciting things to do as a family.

Recommended Ages

Play Street Museum offers educational programming for children ages 1 through 8.

Families attending the museum with children under one and those over eight are admitted free of charge.

  1. Altitude Trampoline Park – Richardson

Richardson, Texas, is home to Altitude Trampoline Park, an indoor fun park perfect for the whole family.

More than half of its indoor space of almost 24,000 square feet is devoted to trampolines and other similar bouncy attractions.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

There are two trampoline areas at Altitude Trampoline Park, the Main Court and the Kid’s Court.

Adults can indulge their trampoline jumping fancies on the Main Court’s many trampolines, while youngsters have their own jumping space in the adjacent Kid’s Court.

You may securely bounce and jump on the trampoline while your toddlers and small children play in enclosed areas.

Tired of the same old bouncing around?

The Gymnastic Tumbling Tracks are an alternative.

Whether it’s a cartwheel, backflip, frontflip, or any other tumbling trick, prove to your loved ones that you still have it.

You should check out all of the attractions because they will provide a lot of pleasure for both teenagers and adults.

If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Frisco, Texas, with your children, go no further than the Altitude Trampoline Park.

Recommended Ages

Participants of all ages are encouraged to visit Altitude Trampoline Park.

However, jumpers must sign a release before indulging in any jumping activities in the park.

  1. Pump It Up – Frisco

Starting in California, Pump It Up expanded across the country in 2010.

It rose to prominence in just a few short years thanks to its reputation for hosting safe and hygienic private parties.

More than 40,000 birthday parties have been held at the Frisco, Texas, location since it opened in 2002.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Pump It Up is a cut above the rest as a birthday party location.

Even when there are no birthdays to celebrate, the group can create a fun and exciting bouncy party for all the kids and adults.

Visit the Little Tykes Jump arena, where you and your kids may spend hours playing on giant inflatable attractions.

The Glow Jump is another exciting activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.

After the jumping begins, the arena lights up brightly.

There’s no way you won’t feel like a kid again after seeing this site.

Pump It Up! is the place to bring the kids in Frisco if you’re at a loss for ideas.

Recommended Ages

Kids and adults alike are welcome to enjoy the facility.

For everyone’s protection, nevertheless, a waiver form is required.

For the same reason, a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian is required for all attendees under the age of 17.

  1. EQ Kids Club

The EQ Kids Club has received widespread praise as a premier destination for parents and children.

It’s a sensory overload for all your senses, thanks to the creative and participatory environment it creates.

They host birthday parties, open play times, workshops, parent-free evenings, and holiday and summer programs.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Do you long for the days you could sing a song with your young ones?

Encourage your children’s emotional development by spending an hour a week singing your favorite songs, telling stories, and playing roles with them.

Travel to Texas and see some of the state’s incredible wildlife.

Visit the farm and enjoy a stroll as your kids paint wildflowers and feed the animals.

Bring food for everyone in the group.

Recommended Ages

Programs at EQ Kids Club are designed for children ages 2 through 7.

However, kids between zero and seven benefit greatly from open play.

  1. Crayola Experience

Often advertised as “Texas’ most colorful family attraction,” Crayola Experience is a must-see for any color-loving group.

There are 22 unique and engaging attractions to enjoy.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity.

Many hands-on activities are available at The Crayola Experience to keep you occupied during your visit.

Have fun creating a clever name and package for your Crayolas.

Discover who among you and your offspring is the more talented colorist by embarking on a 4D coloring adventure.

Watch a special show created for you to find out what goes into making each Crayola crayon.

Plus, that’s not even the first thing.

In addition to providing a low-cost opportunity for family bonding, the store offers a wide variety of activities that are perfect for sharing with young children.

Recommended Ages

The attractions of the Crayola Experience are geared toward children aged two to twelve.

However, there’s no reason why the grandparents can’t join in on the fun.

  1. PLAYlive Nation

PLAYlive Nation is an adult-friendly, high-end gaming center that encourages camaraderie among gamers of all ages.

You can choose from over a hundred exciting titles.

Private parties and special birthdays can also be held here.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

PLAYlive is a high-end gaming lounge.

Therefore, you may expect to find the most recent releases.

If you come here to play, you have a great possibility of running across people you don’t know and making some new pals.

Participating in gaming competitions and leagues is a great way to increase your profile in the community.

Do you not yet have any plans for this coming weekend?

Everyone should just go down there together.

Recommended Ages

Children aged seven and up are recommended for PLAYlive Nation.

  1. Skate the Square Outdoor Ice Rink

The public can enjoy ice skating from November through January at Skate the Square Outdoor Ice Rink.

It’s a 46-by-76-foot ice skating rink.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

The whole family can enjoy themselves while ice skating.

Take the kids out for some family fun on the ice.

Get in touch with your inner child and organize a game of freeze tag for the kids.

If you’re a fan of musical chairs, you can play a version of it on ice.

Skate frozen!

What you’re doing is more than just a great pastime.

You are making strides in enhancing your ice skating abilities as well.

Recommended Ages

No minimum or maximum ages apply.

Anyone, from the youngest to the oldest, who wants to enjoy themselves on the ice so long as they don’t endanger others, is invited to do so.

  1. Dr. Pepper Ballpark

The Dr. Pepper Ballpark first welcomed fans in 2003. There are enough seats for 10,216 people.

Its innovative design and high-quality amenities have received significant acclaim and multiple awards. The Frisco RoughRiders play baseball in the Minor Leagues, and their home field is Frisco RoughRiders Ballpark.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

A visit will be an excellent opportunity for any Frisco RoughRiders fans to witness a game in their stadium.

The ballpark is a popular destination for families in Frisco.

Indulge in some frozen treats together while watching a live game.

Going to a regular Sunday game can float down the lazy river without leaving the ballpark.

An individual admission ticket to the water facility can be purchased separately.

What about taking the kids to an Olympic-sized pool to chill off?

Get ready to soak!

In the sweltering heat of Texas, taking your toddler to a pool to cool off is a great way to spend quality time together and one of the most significant free activities in Frisco.

Additionally, the Rider’s Playground is an excellent place for youngsters to let off steam if they become wound up in the middle of the game.

Recommended Ages

Fans of all ages, from infants to grandparents, are welcome at Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

Toddlers and preteens alike will enjoy the thrills and challenges of the Rider’s Playground.

  1. National Videogame Museum

At the National Videogame Museum, gamers may better understand the medium’s rich history.

The National Videogame Museum is unique in that its items have nothing to do with the conventional museum fare of fossils, clothing, and framed paintings.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Video games are a popular pastime for youngsters and adults alike.

Visit this museum, and you won’t just try out a handful of games—you’ll get to try a ton!

You may play not only the latest releases but also all the old favorites at this arcade.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages, from infants to grandparents, are welcome at the museum.

  1. Sci-Tech Discovery Center

In 2004, the Sci-Tech Discovery Center opened its doors as a nonprofit.

Their community and school programs, especially those held during the summer, were very well received by both children and their parents.

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center opened its doors to the public in 2010 after receiving substantial funding from many sponsors.

Since then, around fifty thousand people have benefited from the center’s educational offerings.

These individuals are both site visitors and members of the communities served by their outreach initiatives.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center is a science museum that introduces visitors to the fascinating world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Children who are allowed to grow up in such a setting develop into independent, self-reliant adults.

Come to the Air Pressure Zone to make your ideas a reality through planning, construction, and demonstration.

Check out the fascinating science demonstrations taking place on the WOW Stage.

Kids who are interested in robots will enjoy the Robots and Tech area.

Here kids may do all that and more, including experimenting with nanoscience, designing an AR scene, and more.

Recommended Ages

Children as young as three can participate in the center’s engaging educational programs.

  1. Texas Sculpture Garden

Over 40 stunning modern sculptures by renowned Texas artists can be found throughout the garden.

These are the most comprehensive collection of modern sculptures in all of Texas.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

The Texas Sculpture Garden is home to more than just an impressive collection of sculptures.

The garden is lovely simply because of its surroundings.

The expansive sculptures are set against a backdrop of beautiful landscape design, stunning water features, and twisting paths.

The park is a peaceful place to stroll and take in the splendor of these beautiful masterpieces.

There is no better way to unwind with a newborn than to cuddle up with them.

And if you’re worried that you’ll soon run out of kid-friendly activities in Frisco, bring the kids here, and they’ll have a blast climbing all over the massive sculptures.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to visit and enjoy the garden’s sculptures at no cost.

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