12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Jersey City with Kids

Jersey City, known as America’s Golden Door, is New Jersey’s oldest and second-largest city.

It is also the county seat of Hudson County.

The city is home to one of the first medical centers as well as the largest planetarium in the United States.

While New York has jurisdiction over the Landmark of Liberty, the renowned statue is officially located within the confines of Jersey City.

The rich history, art, and culture that surrounds Jersey City are major reasons why thousands of tourists and travelers explore this magnificent municipality.

If you haven’t chosen where to go for your upcoming family trip, Jersey City is a good option.

Here’s a collection of fun activities to do in Jersey City with children to give you a taste of what is in store for everyone.

  1. Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center, located in Liberty Park, is the greatest planetarium in the United States and the fourth largest globally.

This science exhibit has an 89-foot dome as well as a variety of interactive displays.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you appreciate learning about scientific discoveries, the Liberty Science Center is an excellent location to go.

Within the museum, guests may learn about unusual species at the Wild About Animals display or observe controlled explosive charges in the Boom Time section.

Given all of the exhibits inside the exhibition, it will be interesting not just for children but also for adults and teenagers.

What to Do with Kids

The Hot Wheels: Battle to Victory portion of the exhibition will be thrilling for the kids since they will be able to discover what happens behind the scenes of motorsport through this engaging demonstration.

Do not overlook taking in a performance at the planetarium.

Among the top kid’s programs in Jersey City, NJ, can be found at the Liberty Science Center.

Recommended Ages

The Liberty Science Center is accessible to all adults and youngsters.

  1. Hudson Lanes

The Hudson Lanes is a bowling establishment that provides a vintage environment and wonderful meals in-house. It is a favorite destination for families and passionate bowlers.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are you looking for a low-cost family activity?

Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones by going bowling at Hudson Lanes.

Apart from bowling, the establishment has an amazing dining menu that visitors may savor as they bowl.

What to Do with Kids

Bowling at Hudson Lanes is a wonderful method to expose children to a few of the finest leisure pursuits available without the use of the internet or other forms of technology.

This exercise is also a pleasant approach for them to improve their concentration abilities.

Recommended Ages

Bowling at Hudson Lanes certainly delights individuals of all generations.

  1. RPM Raceway

The RPM Raceway is a facility that provides a variety of fun and amusement. It includes activities such as go-karting and arcades.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit RPM Raceway this weekend and have a great time with your entire gang!

Wouldn’t miss out on the chance to race go-karts at this destination.

Apart from that, they have a variety of arcade sports that visitors might play after they ride the go-karts.

What to Do with Kids

Whenever the kids ride in the go-karts, they will be overjoyed.

Furthermore, arcade sports are always available for kids, so they’ll be entertained for the entirety of your trip to the RPM Raceway.

A tour of this amusement center is an excellent choice for things to do in Jersey City with youngsters.

Recommended Age

Visitors of all ages are invited to have fun at RPM Raceway.

Nevertheless, youngsters are required to be at least 6 years old and 4 feet in height to ride the go-kart.

  1. The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym

The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym, which opened in 2017, is a mountaineering complex with over 40 top rope platforms and a 25,000-square-foot arena for people to explore.

Why Your Family Should Go

Climbing at The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym is a wonderful alternative if you enjoy indoor fun games.

The complex provides a variety of climbing alternatives, allowing you to select the ideal design for yourself.

What to Do with Kids

Mountaineering at The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym is among the top activities to do with children in Jersey City.

It can assist children in developing their psychomotor abilities while having a nice time.

This exercise is also an excellent method to keep kids challenged and occupied.

Recommended Ages

The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym is open to people of all generations who want to enjoy a day being energetic indoors.

  1. Hudson House of Play

The Hudson House of Play, which debuted in 2014, offers a delightful educational experience for youngsters via imaginative play.

The venue includes a play area designed to seem like a neighborhood.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you reside in the region and have several small kids, the Hudson House of Play is a fantastic spot to take them.

This institution is additionally a wonderful opportunity to mingle with other families in the area.

What to Do with Kids

The Hudson House of Play encourages children to have fun and let their imaginations run wild while they roam in the facility’s micro town.

Apart from that, while gaming, kids can make additional pals.

This location is one of the greatest destinations for taking children in Jersey City and is an excellent option for things to do with children nearby.

Recommended Ages

The Hudson House of Play is open for children as young as five years old to have fun.

  1. Florham Park Roller Rink

The Florham Park Roller Rink, a vintage institution, is a destination where families commonly bond through skateboarding.

Furthermore, the establishment contains a food court where guests can sample the cuisine.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you are looking forward to spending some time with your family and having fun, go roller skating at the Florham Park Roller Rink.

It’s an enjoyable approach to maintain your muscles circulating while skating around the stadium.

Within the building, there is a sandwich shop where you can get pizza and hot dogs.

What to Do with Kids

A visit to the Florham Park Roller Rink is an excellent opportunity to establish your children to one of the most prominent leisure activities of the 1980s.

The nostalgic ambiance enables individuals to relive that era while having a good time.

Kids can also get frozen slushies at the food stand to cool down after skating.

Recommended Ages

The Florham Park Roller Rink is ideal for skating enthusiasts of all generations.

  1. Monster Mini Golf

The Monster Mini Golf in New Jersey provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience for children and visitors alike, including activities such as bowling, mini-golfing, and arcades.

Why Your Family Should Go

A few hours at Monster Mini Golf will be a delightful and special experience for visitors and their families since the facility is unlike any other amusement park.

The glow-in-the-dark facility is considered one of the major attractions for youngsters and a must-see when you’re in the region.

What to Do with Kids

The well-designed mini-golf course at Monster Mini Golf will appeal to children.

Throughout your stay at the facility, parents and their kids can play 18 holes on the course.

Apart from that, they can have fun playing arcade games like skee ball, air hockey, and others.

Recommended Ages

Monster Mini Golf is suitable for individuals of all generations.

  1. Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park, which was opened in 1976, is on 1,212 acres of land and is the site of the Liberty Science Center.

Fishing, picnicking, boating, and other outdoor pursuits are provided at the facility.

Why Your Family Should Go

Outdoor leisure activities in Liberty State Park are among the top family outings in Jersey City.

The entire family can enjoy a picturesque perspective of the city by exploring the Hudson River.

What to Do with Kids

Fishing would be another fun activity visitors can enjoy with their kids.

It’s an underappreciated hobby that may be a great family bonding moment.

Recommended Ages

Everybody is invited to come and enjoy a day at Liberty State Park for the day.

  1. Empty Sky – 9/11 Memorial

The Empty Sky – 9/11 Memorial, which was consecrated on September 11, 2011, is a monument that gives honor to the victims of the well-publicized catastrophe, 9/11.

This framework enables deceased people’s perceptions to live on currently.

Why Your Family Should Go

Check the Empty Sky – 9/11 Memorial to view the biographies of those who died on September 11, 2001.

This edifice might conjure images of that fatal day, notably for those who knew the individuals involved.

What to Do with Kids

Stopping by the Empty Sky – 9/11 Memorial is the greatest way to inform the youngsters about the architecture and to educate them about the event that devastated the entire nation.

Despite being a tragic incident, 9/11 will live on in posterity.

The remembrance of those who have died unexpectedly must remain on, even if it is through a monument like this.

Recommended Ages

All visitors and residents who want to pay their respects to the victims of 9/11 are invited to visit the Empty Sky – 9/11 Memorial.

  1. Newport Green’s Playground

The Newport Green’s Playground, located on the grounds of Newport Green Park, is a popular destination for loved ones with kids looking to spend a relaxed day at the park.

The playroom has a rope structure, swinging bridges, slides, swings, and other activities.

Why Your Family Should Go

Whether you’re traveling with a toddler or a group of kids, Newport Green’s Playground is a fantastic spot to bring them.

The playroom’s innovative apparatus will undoubtedly keep kids entertained as you unwind on one of the picnic benches nearby.

What to Do with Kids

The Newport Green Playground has a variety of sections that could test and strengthen the kids’ motor capabilities.

Apart from that, they are free to ride the slides for as long as they want.

Exploring Newport Green’s Recreation is, without a doubt, among the best overall kid-friendly activities in Jersey City.

Recommended Ages

The playroom at Newport Green is ideal for youngsters aged 2 to 12.

  1. Newport Skates

Newport Skates is a favorite winter destination for both residents and tourists, with an outdoor 7,000-square-foot rink for ice skating.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you intend on visiting Jersey City during the winter, you must explore Newport Skates.

Guests may appreciate the picturesque vista of the town while skateboarding.

What to Do with Kids

Bringing your children to Newports Skates is a fantastic way to demonstrate to them the fundamentals of skating.

Additionally, it’s a terrific way for the entire family to socialize.

Skating at this outdoor rink is one of the nicest activities to do with youngsters in Jersey City.

Recommended Ages

The Newport Skates can be enjoyed by both children and individuals of all generations.

  1. Newport Green’s Beach

Newport Green’s Beach is the Hudson River’s largest urban beach, measuring over 7,500 square feet.

The shore offers a stunning vista of the downtown Manhattan cityscape as guests relax on the shore.’

Why Your Family Should Go

At Newport Green’s Beach, travelers may enjoy both urban and shoreline activities.

Throughout your vacation at this renowned spot, visitors can enjoy performances and shore events.

If you want to have a pleasant and relaxed day in Jersey City, come here.

What to Do with Kids

As you relax and take in the vistas of the Manhattan skyline, the children can have fun on the sand that surrounds the spot.

Additionally, remember to pack some containers so they can enjoy a pleasant experience.

One of the most satisfying activities to do in Jersey City with kids is to spend a few hours at Newport Green’s Beach.

Recommended Ages

At Newport Green’s Beach, both travelers and residents are invited to explore the facilities and take in the splendor of the downtown Manhattan skyline.

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