12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Ohio with Kids

Ohio offers a vast and vibrant playground for those yearning for good, old-fashioned family fun.

You may find an endless variety of entertaining activities in Ohio with kids, from zoos to the most incredible collection of coasters in the world.

The most outstanding educational museums in America are located in Ohio.

So, when you go there the next time, check out our list of the best Ohio family attractions.

  1. Toledo’s National Museum of the Great Lakes

What You’ll Experience

There is nothing else like the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Ohio for tourists.

Families may enjoy an extraordinary educational experience at this museum thanks to its compelling multimedia exhibits and interactive displays.

The museum presents the fascinating tale of how lakes influenced the history of North America through exciting objects.

Additionally, these tales and exhibitions will pique your kids’ curiosity in lakes and history for the rest of their lives.

Did we also mention that it is in a good location?

It’s close to several of Ohio’s top family hotels.

Recommended Ages

Children aged three and above are the perfect audience for the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

  1. Cedar Point — Sandusky

What You’ll Experience

Visit the legendary Cedar Point in Sandusky for an adrenaline rush.

This amusement park, home to the best roller coaster collection in the world, entices families with its 75 mind-blowing rides.

Of course, there are many sweets and goodies for the kids at this amusement park.

It offers many kid-friendly rides in addition to engaging live performances.

Additionally, it has mouthwatering cuisine and family resorts right on the beach.

Recommended Ages

Cedar Point offers a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

  1. The Wilds — Sandusky

What You’ll Experience

The Wilds is typically a stop on the best family vacations in Ohio.

While Ohio is home to many excellent zoos, The Wilds provide a unique and entertaining approach to viewing exotic animals.

Unlike traditional zoos, the Wilds provide a natural setting with free-ranging animals.

It’s also a reasonably thrilling adventure, especially if you go on the Safari Tour.

Due to the expert guides who share priceless insights into their creatures, this encounter is also instructive.

The giraffes, rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, and African-painted dogs are some of our favorite creatures.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy exploring The Wilds.

  1. Ohio River Boat Sightseeing Tour — Cincinnati

What You’ll Experience

One of the most exciting ways to explore Cincinnati is, without a doubt, on a boat tour of the Ohio River.

This tour, which departs at Rivertowne Marina and cruises along the Ohio River, is ideal for a family of six.

Along the trip, you’ll also pass by beautiful vistas on the Kentucky and Ohio sides.

You’ll also pass close to some of Cincinnati’s larger bridges, like the Roebling Suspension Bridge and the Big Mac.

Your guide will also discuss the history of the river and local sights, which is the most significant part.

Recommended Ages

Children ages three and up will find this boat sightseeing tour a soothing and instructive experience in Ohio.

  1. Nickel Plate Beach — Huron

What You’ll Experience

Ohio doesn’t have easy access to the sea.

However, because of its lakes, it may provide your family with a fantastic beach getaway.

Nickel Plate Beach near Huron is another of Ohio’s top family beaches.

It’s undoubtedly a fantastic location for swimming and tanning thanks to its smooth dunes, clear waters, and network of sandbars.

Additionally, this beach has a few inexpensive and cost-free kid-friendly activities, including volleyball courts and playgrounds.

Recommended Ages

Every age group is welcome at Nickel Plate Beach.

  1. Kalahari Resorts Sandusky — Sandusky

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for fun and exciting family activities in Ohio when it’s raining?

Experience the indoor waterpark at Kalahari Resorts Sandusky as a treat to yourself.

This utopia, regarded as the largest indoor waterpark in the US, is brimming with vibrant features and thrills.

The Kid’s Safari and the Flowrider are just a few thrilling attractions this indoor park has to offer the whole crew.

You can unwind in the Lazy River if you don’t like engaging in intense activities.

Recommended Ages

Kids of all ages may experience an unforgettable wet and wild adventure at Kalahari Resorts Sandusky.

  1. COSI — Columbus

What You’ll Experience

Without COSI, no comprehensive list of the best activities to do with kids and toddlers in Ohio would be complete.

After all, Parents Magazine named it the best family-friendly museum in the country.

The variety of COSI’s interactive, hands-on science exhibits will pique your child’s interest.

COSI will inspire the children to learn more about the natural world, which is even better.

This museum features many exciting things to keep your kids entertained, from puzzles to cutting-edge technology.

Recommended Ages

For children 12 years of age and below, COSI offers entertaining, educational activities.

  1. Escape Room Adventure — Cincinnati

What You’ll Experience

Do you want to do something thrilling and challenging in Ohio?

I think you should go on an escape room adventure in Cincinnati.

This unusual activity, which is excellent for teenagers and older kids, will unquestionably put your family’s ability to work together and solve problems to the test.

You and your gang are imprisoned in elaborately constructed rooms, and you must cooperate to complete your task.

To complete the puzzle, you must look for hints and decipher codes using your wits and problem-solving abilities.

It also offers four thrilling-themed excursions to pick from.

Recommended Ages

Children ages nine and up are appropriate for the escape room experience.

  1. Toledo Botanical Garden — Toledo

What You’ll Experience

Undoubtedly, the Toledo Botanical Garden is one of our favorite family-friendly Ohio destinations.

This botanical park, a pleasant urban sanctuary, gives families many chances to experience and appreciate the wonders of nature.

The park has several fantastic spots for youngsters to have fun.

For instance, a multi-level kiddie playground called The Secret Forest will keep the little ones active outside.

The Secret Forest also offers daily garden tours and pollinator walks.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will love the Toledo Botanical Garden.

  1. Cleveland Museum of Natural History — Cleveland

What You’ll Experience

This museum is not included as one of the best family-friendly destinations in Ohio close to you for nothing.

Numerous instructive exhibitions showcasing the wonders of nature and science may be found, covering everything from prehistoric eras to the enigmatic regions of the universe.

You’ll find interactive exhibits and dioramas throughout this museum that let your kids travel through time and into space.

Additionally, it features a variety of fantastic dinosaur exhibitions that kids will adore.

Recommended Ages

Children ages three and above are the most outstanding candidates for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

  1. Velvet Ice Cream — Utica

What You’ll Experience

Velvet Ice Cream is the only attraction in Ohio that provides a more savory and pleasant experience.

Take advantage of their complimentary factory tour to learn more about how their renowned ice cream is created.

Additionally, a free tour allows you to try some of its most popular varieties.

Family-friendly amenities include a playground, a museum, a restaurant, a fishing pond, and a picnic area.

Recommended Ages

For visitors of all ages, velvet ice cream is a delightful and delicious experience.

  1. Scavenger Hunt Adventure — Columbus

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for unusual and intellectually exciting family activities in Ohio?

You’re going to adore Scavenger Hunt Adventure, I can assure you.

This unique trip will take you to Columbus’s most fascinating historical and cultural sites, using your smartphone as your guide.

You’ll also need to solve puzzles and finish tasks along the route.

It seems to me to combine the Amazing Race’s thrill with a Columbus tour.

Recommended Ages

Children ages six and up will benefit most from the Scavenger Hunt Adventure.

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