12 Fun Family Friendly Things to Do in Park City with Kids

Park City, first discovered by soldiers in 1868, is now a significant wintertime tourist attraction.

Park City Mountain and Deer Valley, two of the top ski resorts in the United States, are located here. There’s a reason why Park City sees 600,000 tourists a year.

The city’s free public transit makes it a breeze to see all it offers.

When planning your next family vacation, consider Park City a terrific alternative.

If you’re considering taking the kids on a trip to Park City, here’s a list of exciting activities to do in the area.

  1. Flying Eagle Zip Line

The Flying Eagle Zip Line is a popular tourist attraction in Park City because it allows riders to soar 100 feet above the ski runs of Park City Mountain while providing a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding area.

Why Your Family Should Go

Don’t miss out on the exciting Flying Eagle Zip Line if you’re looking for an exciting day out.

You’ll get a thrill riding this two-maximum seater’s speed of 45 mph.

Returning to the ride’s starting point won’t be difficult at all.

What to Do with Kids

Even the youngest thrill seekers will have fun on the Flying Eagle Zip Line.

As they race through the course, the kids’ feet will be dangling freely off the edge of their seats with excitement.

Taking this ride for two is a great way to spend an afternoon in Park City with young ones.


Though there is no minimum age requirement, Flying Eagle Zip Line riders must be at least 42 inches tall.

  1. Park City’s Canyons Village (formerly Canyons Resort)

Canyons Village at Park City, formerly known as Canyons Resort, is a favorite among families visiting Park City.

True to its name, the area provides guests with a quaint, rural atmosphere.

 Your Family Should Go

Canyons Village in Park City is the place to go if you want to keep things at a comfortable distance.

Skiing, sledding, and other winter sports are just a short drive away, and the town has plenty of family-friendly restaurants, stores, and places to stay.

What to Do with Kids

The best part of a visit to this tourist hotspot is undoubtedly the snow sports you can partake in there.

Canyons Village in Park City, Utah, has skiable areas where kids can learn and practice their skills.

Recommended Ages

Visitors and residents of Park City of all ages are welcome in Canyons Village.

  1. Summit Meadows Adventures

Adventures in Summit Meadows is based out of the nearby Garff Ranch and offer guided snowmobile tours across the private, 7,000-acre property.

Why Your Family Should Go

The thrill of a snowmobile ride is an excellent substitute for conventional winter sports like skiing.

Additionally, the 2–3-hour tour provides a more comprehensive look at Deer Valley and its environs.

Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun to ride snowmobiles through sheets of ice.

What to Do with Kids

Summit Meadows Adventure’s guided tour is one of the most exciting things to do with kids in Park City, Utah, especially if the kids get to drive the vehicles themselves.

Whether accompanied by an adult or not, kids will have a blast for two hours while discovering the vast landscape.

Recommended Ages

Summit Meadows Adventures has a minimum age requirement of 16, so anyone younger than that must be accompanied by an adult.

  1. Woodward Park City (formerly Gorgoza Park)

Woodward Park, formerly known as Gorgoza Park, is a hybrid outdoor/indoor recreation center that offers a variety of exciting activities, including tubing.

The real action takes place on 125 acres, making it a popular destination for Park City residents and visitors.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re searching for a fun place to take the kids in Park City, look no further than Woodward Park, where you can go snowboarding, tubing, and mountain biking.

Woodward Park offers a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities.

What to Do with Kids

One of the most thrilling and well-liked activities in Park City for young children is tubing at Woodward Park.

Riding inner tubes in the shape of a donut down hillsides is a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Recommended Ages

Kids as young as four can enjoy tubing at Woodward Park.

Younger children (those under the age of 4) can still enjoy themselves at the venue thanks to a particular play area.

  1. Deer Valley Children’s Center

Designed to keep little ones occupied while their parents hit the slopes, the Deer Valley Children’s Center is filled with exciting things to do, like crafts, music, stories, and more.

Why Your Family Should Go,

The Deer Valley Children’s Center is the perfect solution for families traveling with young children who want to take advantage of the beautiful snowy surroundings without missing out on all the fun.

The reliable facility lets you relax for a while without fretting over the kids.

The entertainment options at Deer Valley are sure to keep the whole family happy.

What to Do with Kids

The kids will have a blast doing arts and crafts, listening to stories read by the leaders, and much more while you hit the slopes.

If you’re looking for a safe and entertaining place to take your kids in Park City, look no further than the Deer Valley Children’s Center.

Recommended Ages

Non-skiing kids as young as two months old and 12 years old will have a blast at the Deer Valley Children’s Center.

  1. Deer Valley Ski Resort

Deer Valley is a premier ski destination in the United States, boasting 2,026 skiable acres and a 3,000-foot ski vertical.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re curious about the appeal of Deer Valley Ski Resort, I highly recommend going there for yourself.

This venue is not only state-of-the-art in terms of its infrastructure, but it also boasts breathtaking wintertime mountain views.

Everyone, from teenagers and adults to young children, will enjoy a visit to this legendary landmark.

What to Do with Kids

Use this winter to your advantage by taking the kids skiing for the first time at Deer Valley.

Getting them started early is best, so they can hone their abilities during their formative years.

Recommended Ages

At Deer Valley Resort, you’ll find skiers and riders of all ages having a great time.

  1. Deer Valley Mountain Biking

Deer Valley is a well-liked summertime activity thanks to the resort’s nearly 70 miles of trails.

Thanks to the chairlifts, the trails are very convenient to use.

Why Your Family Should Go.

Pondering about what to do in Park City with your children?

Spend an active day pedaling through various fantastic trails at Deer Valley Mountain Biking.

All can have invigorating physical activity with this game.

What to Do with Kids

Deer Valley offers riding lessons on rugged terrain. If you want your kids to be able to join you on more bike hikes in the future, mountain biking is a great introductory activity.

In addition, they can take in the local scenery while biking along the area’s excellent trails.

Recommended Ages

In Deer Valley, mountain biking is accessible to locals and visitors.

  1. Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

The Guardsman Pass Scenic Byway is a 14-mile road connecting Park City and Brighton and boasts an incredible mountain range panorama.

Why Your Family Should Go.

An enjoyable and relaxing pastime is idle driving, mainly when that scene is as stunning as the one at Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway.

You cannot express how moved you are by the breathtaking view of the mountains and trees.

What To Do With Your Kids

InDespiteommon assumptions, scenic drives like those along Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

A drive is one of the best free kid-friendly activities in Park City and a fantastic way to spend quality time together.

Recommended Ages

Anyone can easily access the Guardsman Pass Scenic Byway and drive its beautiful length.

  1. Park City Main Street Historic District

Park City’s Main Street Historic District has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979 and features numerous popular businesses.

Why Your Family Should Go

Have you thought of spending this weekend with the complete family?

Spend the day at the Park City Main Street Historic District, enjoying lunch at one of the area’s restaurants, like The Bridge Cafe and Grill.

Then, you can shop at local establishments like Park City Sport to stock up on cool outfits.

What to Do with Kids

Stop by Java Cow Coffee & Ice Cream in the Park City Main Street Historic District for a coffee and let the kids choose from various ice cream flavors.

Recommended Ages

The Park City Main Street Historic District is an excellent place for locals and visitors to take it easy for the day.

  1. Park City Museum

The Park City Museum does an excellent job of preserving Park City’s rich history by depicting pivotal moments from the city’s past in its numerous exhibits.

In modern times, this museum has become a significant draw for families in the city.

Why Your Family Should Go.

Park City Museum is a great place to spend the day if you’re interested in learning about the area’s past.

The Great Fire of 1898, From Around the World, and other exhibits will educate you on the city’s history.

Spending the day at the museum is a great way to entertain the kids without breaking the bank.

What To Do With Your Kids

Young people will enjoy the Skier Subway Theater display.

While seated inside a replica of the Skier Subway car, visitors can watch a video explaining Park City’s transformation from a mining town into a ski resort.

Recommended Ages

All visitors under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while visiting the Park City Museum.

  1. Flowers By You

Flowers By You first opened its doors to the residents and visitors of Park City, Utah, in 2018. In addition, the shop is stocked with engaging do-it-yourself projects.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do something out of the ordinary and visit Flowers By You.

Spend quality time together as a family by making and taking home terrariums or flower arrangements.

What to Do with Kids

Flowers By You has fun workshops for adults and children.

Making one’s wreaths, garlands, flower arrangements, and other such things are possible.

You should visit this establishment if you are local or in the vicinity.

It’s a fresh spin on the typical family-friendly activities in your area.

Recommended Ages

Flowers By You is an excellent place for people of all ages to come and have fun being creative.

  1. High West Distillery

This Distillery opened in 1870 and is the first legal distillery in Utah.

A tour explains how whiskies are made, and you can even try some of the finished products!

Why Your Family Should Go.

In addition to serving its primary function, the High West Distillery’s facility is worth seeing because of its exquisite architecture and picturesque location.

What to Do with Kids

Even though High West Distillery is famous for its bear mascot, that doesn’t mean youngsters can’t take a tour and learn about alcohol-making.

Moreover, they will be able to put this knowledge to use when they are much older.

A guided landmark tour is an excellent option for families visiting Park City.

Recommended Ages

Anyone interested in learning more about whiskies is welcome at High West Distillery.

We recommend letting the adults do the tasting.

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