12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Pennsylvania with Kids

Pennsylvania is well-known for its historical significance in the foundation of the USA. Still, it is now home to many thrilling tourist attractions that kids and families will love.

The exciting history of this state has left more than just ghosts and traces of the past.

In addition, it created oddities, a well-known chocolate brand, and distinctive museums.

If that sounds like the ideal family getaway, check out these entertaining Pennsylvania family activities!

1. Philly Cheesesteak Tour and Tastings by Segway — Philadelphia

What You’ll Experience

Food, especially the Philadelphia cheesesteak, is one of Pennsylvania’s most iconic food.

Ride an electric self-balancing Segway to see the Italian Market, South Street, and Society Hill in Pennsylvania.

Enjoy five different samples from the top cheesesteak restaurants while on a trip rather than just one!

Since Philadelphia is known for being the birthplace of the United States of America, you may expect to find Pennsylvania’s top family resorts nearby as well.

Recommended Ages

This electric Segway trip is ideal for adults, teens, and children 12 and older.

2. Hersheypark — Hershey

What You’ll Experience

Hersheypark’s 121 acres with many rides and activities, so one day’s visit might not be enough to keep the whole family entertained.

Hersheypark is sure to amuse the entire family, and one day might not be enough due to its 121 acres of rides and attractions.

Hershey also provides adjacent lodging so families can spend days in the park enjoying the almost limitless variety of activities.

Milton S. Hershey, the founder of Hershey’s Chocolate, wanted this park to be a gathering area for his workers’ free time.

The park now features 76 attractions and eight themed sections and is open to visitors worldwide.

The park is one of Pennsylvania’s most well-known family-friendly attractions since it has a zoo, a museum, a chocolate town, restaurants, games, shows, rides, and many shops.

Recommended Ages

The attractions, rides, and water park activities are suitable for visitors of all ages.

3. Cartoon Network Hotel — Pittsburgh

What You’ll Experience

The children become excited just hearing the hotel’s name.

Indeed, Cartoon Network Hotel lives up to its fame and name.

The café and guest rooms both have character themes.

To ensure you have one of the best family vacations in Pennsylvania, the hotel has interactive activities and experiences, an arcade area, a resort-style outdoor pool, and an outdoor movie screen.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages are welcome to stay in the Cartoon Network Hotel and enjoy its fun activities.

4. Amish Farmlands, Museum Tour, Farm Visit — Lancaster

What You’ll Experience

In case you did not know, the Amish were first brought to Pennsylvania in the early 18th century from southern Germany and Switzerland.

Because of this, Pennsylvania is where you may find a lot of them.

Enjoy some of their homemade pastries, ice cream, grilled chicken meals, and root beer while exploring their peaceful way of life and beautiful farmlands and residences.

You can communicate with locals on this tour and learn about their culture, beliefs, and attire.

You get to see their farm and historic home in addition to seeing an Amish school and riding genuine Amish scooters.

Recommended Ages

The trip welcomes adults and children of any age to learn and engage with the Amish way of life.

5. Presque Isle State Park — Erie County

What You’ll Experience

The beaches at Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania can assure you provide cost-free kids’ activities.

Presque Isle State Park is home to Pennsylvania’s best family beaches and is the only seashore in the whole state.

Every summer, locals, and visitors love the long stretch of the shoreline because of the fun activities there can do.

Explore the lagoons by boat or kayak, go fishing or hunting, take a lighthouse tour, or observe kites or migratory birds.

In addition, the state park hosts numerous additional events and activities, such as annual park celebrations and cleanup campaigns.

Recommended Ages

The beaches at Presque Isle State Park are accessible to everyone, ensuring that your family has an affordable but fun vacation.

6. Camelback Resort — Tannersville

What You’ll Experience

In Pennsylvania, were you looking for family vacation spots?

One of the most family-friendly destinations in the state is Camelback Resort, which not only has an indoor and outdoor water park but also offers skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding.

There are more enjoyable indoor activities than those found in water parks.

There is an interactive adventure game, a laser tag arena, video games, Krazy karts, game arcades, and much more.

In addition to the mountain water park and winter activities, everyone may enjoy the mountain adventure park outside.

The unique adventures here are too much for the kids.

Recommended Ages

The ideal location for family bonding is Camelback Resort.

7. Strasburg Rail Road — Lancaster

What You’ll Experience

Go at full speed! Experience the 1832-founded, oldest-running railroad in America.

At Strasburg Rail Road, take a trip on an actual vintage train with real steam train engineers and machinery.

The 45-minute round-trip journey through paradise, Pennsylvania, returns to Ronks in Lancaster County, passing picnic areas where you can stop to take advantage of playgrounds and charcoal grills along peaceful Amish farmland.

Do not forget to stop by the toy and souvenir stores for unique train-related products after the unforgettable train ride experience.

Recommended Ages

Strasburg Rail Road welcomes everybody!

Thomas the Tank Engine fans, kids, and adults interested in steampunk will definitely like this train ride.

8. Haunted Civil War Ghost Tour — Gettysburg

What You’ll Experience

We took the idea of past-life spirits seriously.

Because of its history, Pennsylvania truly has a lot of spooky tours and locations.

This Gettysburg ghost tour enables your family to visit haunting sites from the Civil War.

After leaving Unity Park’s meeting place, your first stop is the Farnsworth House, where you and the kids will discover that Confederate snipers once stayed in the area during the Battle of Gettysburg.

The journey continues to the Hall of Presidents, constructed on a former Civil War cemetery site, and ends at the spooky Gettysburg Hotel.

Be prepared to learn and experience goosebumps!

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages are welcome on this ghost tour; however, you must inform the youngsters in advance to avoid being too afraid to join.

9. Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle — Doylestown

What You’ll Experience

The Mercer Museum is comparable to Crazy Old Maurice’s laboratory if he were wealthy. While the Fonthill Castle resembles a scene from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

However, unlike Crazy Old Maurice, the castle owner was opposed to industrialism.

Henry Mercer devoted his time to producing old tools, pots, and ceramics and collecting antiquities.

He used traditional methods to plan, build, and construct this fortress by himself.

The historical site hosts children’s scavenger hunts, tours, exhibits, and events like picnics.

Recommended Ages

Both the castle and the museum are enjoyable for kids of all ages.

If there are members of your family who require particular accessibility needs, please let staff know in advance.

10. Please Touch Museum — Philadelphia

What You’ll Experience

Will you stay in Philadelphia?

The Please Touch Museum is among the top family-friendly attractions in your area if you are looking for things to do with toddlers in Pennsylvania.

The Please Touch Museum offers exhibitions, activities, and seminars where kids may learn through play, unlike typical museums that display items for your eyes to see.

In other words, everything on the show is touchable and playable!

This museum contains every kid-friendly attraction that you can imagine.

A foam block playground, an indoor tree house, a Wonderland-themed section, a story time cabin, a pint-sized indoor river, and many other attractions add to the permanent exhibitions.

You may be sure that there will always be activities for youngsters to enjoy here when it’s raining.

Recommended Ages

Numerous activities are available for toddlers, school-age kids, and adolescents, and moms and dads can also participate in the fun.

11. The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor — Kingston

What You’ll Experience

The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor, a home for all things strange, magical, and spooky, also features a coffee shop with a Halloween theme that brews “potions” and serves other refreshments.

Josh Balz (the shop owner) and a die-hard Harry Potter fan claim that the films were the main inspiration for starting the shop.

There are icons of Hogwarts items in both the shop and cafe.

This store may make children and teenagers squeal if they enjoy Harry Potter and spooky items.

Recommended Ages

Teenagers and children who enjoy Harry Potter, Halloween, and magic, in general, will enjoy the oddities shop.

12. Evening Ghost Tour — Pittsburgh

What You’ll Experience

The ghosts of Pittsburgh connect with local tragedies, unlike the ghosts in Gettysburg, which were from the Civil War.

The spirits who inhabit these buildings are well known to the locals, and many of them have stories to share.

The journey starts with the Heinz History Center, housed in a former ice company whose building exploded due to an accident.

The Pennsylvania Apartments, where a significant fire occurred in 1877, is the next stop.

The William Penn Hotel, Allegheny County Jail, and Allegheny County Courthouse are just a few of the ancient and haunting buildings you will pass on the journey.

Finally, the journey ends at the city’s oldest cemetery and historic churches.

This ghost tour is a popular and entertaining activity for families to enjoy in Pennsylvania with kids if your group like mystery, the eerie, and the spooky (think “Scooby Doo,” “The Addams Family,” or “Casper the Friendly Ghost”).

Recommended Ages

Nighttime ghost tours are open to families with children of all ages but are best suited for teens and adults due to the horror stories.

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