12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in San Juan with Kids

The beautiful city of San Juan serves as Puerto Rico’s capital and is located on the coast of the North Atlantic.

Do exciting and fun things with your children to make this a vacation they will never forget.

Activities such as visiting a wildlife preserve, splashing about in a water park, or relaxing on a lovely beach come to mind.

As an alternative to spending the day outside, you might visit a museum, go on a guided tour, or stroll the quaint streets of a historic district.

Get ready to have a great time with your loved ones, as there are many exciting activities to do in San Juan with kids.

You can check out these recommendations on the list I compiled below.

  1. Cabezas de San Juan

Located at the island’s very top, the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is a stunning spot for outdoor recreation.

Tours by land and sea are available from the visitor center located on-site.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

San Juan’s nature reserve offers a welcome respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, with enough to do for families of all ages.

You can have a great time this weekend taking your kids on a hike along beautiful trails or admiring the stunning scenery from atop a lighthouse.

It also has sandy beaches perfect for family fun, whether you want to build a sandcastle, swim around in the sea, go kayaking, or watch the breathtaking sunset.

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Recommended Ages

Cabezas de San Juan is a family-friendly destination.

The lack of easily navigable walkways makes this option preferable for families with children aged four and higher who also don’t want to lug around strollers.

  1. El Yunque National Forest

About 28,500 acres in size, El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Come to this beautiful tropical jungle if you’re searching for free kid-friendly activities that will guarantee a wonderful experience together.

Beautiful waterfalls, verdant forests, and dramatic mountain ranges are all part of the scenery.

You and your family may have a great time in the great outdoors doing things like swimming in the waterfall’s natural pools, hiking along beautiful trails, and so much more.

Recommended Ages

Your older kids will get more out of a trip to El Yunque National Forest since they can enjoy the forest’s natural characteristics more than your younger ones.

  1. Acampa Nature Adventures

The most extraordinary nature-guided excursions in the city are provided by Acampa Nature Adventures, which has been operating since 1998.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

With Acampa Nature Adventures, you and your family may discover the natural wonders and beauty of the San Juan area.

Camping, boating, hiking, and other outdoor activities are all available, depending on personal preference.

You may also go waterfall rappelling, waterfall exploration, and on thrilling zip lines.

The Mucaro Zipline Rainforest Adventure is one of the more strenuous guided trips available and is perfect for families with adrenaline-seeking children.

Recommended Ages

All tour options at this place must have adhered to a minimum and maximum ages.

When it comes to the Mucaro Zipline Rainforest Adventure, for instance, it’s recommended that kids be at least eight years old.

  1. Coqui Water Park

The El Conquistador Hotel is home to Coqui Water Park.

More than 2.4 acres are devoted to thrilling water coasters and slides.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Bringing your kids, whether babies or teenagers, to this unique water park in San Juan is just one of the many fantastic family-friendly things to do in the city.

In addition to its many other features, this waterpark is home to a lazy river, numerous slides of varying lengths and heights, crystal-clear pools, a tower with high-speed slides that extend 60 feet into the air, and various rental options.

Spend a wonderful day with your loved ones, sliding down a slide at least 40 feet high, teaching your kids to swim, tubing down a peaceful river, and so on.

Recommended Ages

The Coqui Water Park is sure to be a hit whether traveling with a newborn, a toddler, a child, or an adolescent. For the little ones, there is a unique pool just for them.

  1. Rio Camuy Cave Park

The locals call the park that contains the caves of the Rio Camuy the Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Ro Camuy.

It’s a popular tourist destination that covers over 268 acres.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Looking for some tremendous teen-friendly outdoor activities?

Those who are should plan a trip to the Rio Camuy Cave Park to create some beautiful memories with their loved ones.

The Rio Camuy underground cave is the third largest in the world and the region’s main attraction.

You can create lasting memories with your older children by taking a guided cave tour, exploring the surrounding area, and doing other activities.

Recommended Ages

Kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy this lovely park.

However, younger children may be frightened by the darker regions, so consider bringing your older children instead.

  1. Albergue Olimpico

Located in 1985, Albergue Olimpico covers a massive 1,500 acres.

Recreational and athletic training facility previously known as Albergue Olimpico German Rieckehoff Sampayo.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

One of the best places for kids, Albergue Olimpico, can help you have experiences that will last a lifetime.

You can take your young athletes there and enjoy a game of tennis, baseball, football, or archery.

Ola Marina is a world-class water park, one of its best attractions.

Many exciting activities are available, such as riding slides and surfing the wave pool.

There’s a beautiful botanical garden, a playground for the kids, and many other things to do here.

Recommended Ages

You and children of any age will enjoy this highly regarded tourist destination.

  1. Museo del Nino

Children can enjoy more than a hundred hands-on exhibits, an outdoor play area, and a go-kart track at the Museo del Nino.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

If you’re looking for free or low-cost things to do with your kids in the area, this museum should be on your list.

Your kids won’t notice that they’re learning new things while having a blast at the museum.

There are many hands-on exhibits and activities to participate in, including physics, music, the arts, science, transportation, the environment, and more.

You and your family can go go-kart racing, supervise your children as they play at an outdoor playground, or tour a tiny city.

Recommended Ages

Although visitors of all ages are welcome at the Museo del Nino, those under three feet tall will not be able to participate in certain activities, such as the go-kart track.

  1. Blue Beach

Amazingly stunning, Blue Beach is known for its powdery white sand and azure ocean.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Bring the kids on a trip they’ll never forget to one of San Juan’s most beautiful stretches of coastline.

Time spent basking in the sun, lounging in the sand, and splashing around in the pool-like water is well spent with loved ones.

While the kids are busy building sandcastles or sculpting in the sand, you may lie back and enjoy the sun while you take a refreshing dip in the clear water.

Snorkeling is a great way to have fun while visiting with older kids.

Recommended Ages

Blue Beach is perfect for you and your family because of its quiet, shallow water, which is excellent for babies, toddlers, kids, and teens.

  1. Old San Juan

Colorful and historic Old San Juan has been there since the early 1500s.

The neighborhood is commonly referred to by its Spanish name, Viejo San Juan, and is rich in history.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Spend quality time together as a family while on vacation and learn about the fascinating history of this area.

Historic forts, fascinating museums, churches built in the 16th century, and a plethora of other fascinating attractions await your visit today.

In addition to simply walking around and taking in the sights, there are many other things to do in the area, such as dining on regional specialties, doing some serious retail therapy, joining a guided nighttime promenade, and more.

Recommended Ages

Old San Juan welcomes visitors of all ages; perhaps your older children might get more out of a trip there.

  1. Castillo San Felipe del Morro

El Morro, short for Castillo San Felipe del Morro, is a fortification that has stood on its current site since the 15th century.

It’s an essential part of the city’s history and a significant draw for visitors.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

For families looking for things to do in San Juan, I recommend a visit to this fort, which dates back 500 years.

Here, you and your loved ones can take a step back in time as you explore the area’s rich history at the side of an experienced park ranger.

Different facilities, such as a kitchen and barracks, can be found as you explore the region.

Recommended Ages

No one under 12 is permitted on the Castillo San Felipe del Morro tour. However, younger kids could get bored.

  1. Toro Verde Adventure Park

The ecological Toro Verde Adventure Park debuted in 2009 in a breathtakingly beautiful forest.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Is your family searching for outdoor activities for children in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

If so, then Toro Verde Adventure Park is where you should go.

Fly through the air on a 2.5-kilometer zip line and cross a series of suspension bridges for a taste of adventure.

You may ride a bike while hanging from a zip line cable at the renowned Toro Bike adventure.

Recommended Ages

Guests of the Toro Bike attraction must be at least 12 years old to ride a solo bike and be at least 4 feet tall to ride a motorcycle driven by an adult.

Only children aged seven and up are allowed on the zip lines.

  1. San Juan National Historic Site

Founded in 1949, the San Juan National Historic Site extends over 75 acres.

Millions of tourists go there each year because of its fame.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This popular tourist destination is only one of the many enjoyable things to do in San Juan with kids.

UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage Site because of its importance in preserving Puerto Rico’s cultural heritage.

Plan a trip and see the grand forts like Castillo San Cristóbal, built in the 18th century, and El Cauelo, established in the 17th century, found in the region.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is welcome to visit San Juan National Historic Site.

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