12 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Wisconsin with Kids

When it comes to their activities, kids are infamously choosy.

Additionally, they get bored quickly, making choosing attractions for your family holiday challenging.

But happily, Wisconsin is overflowing with great natural treasures, water parks, and museums that will delight your kids.

And to assist you in making the most pleasing travel arrangements, we’ve compiled a list of the top family-friendly activities in Wisconsin.

  1. Milwaukee Sightseeing Bus Tour

What You’ll Experience

Do you want to take the kids on a sightseeing tour of Milwaukee?

Take a Milwaukee sightseeing bus tour as a favor to yourself.

It is not only practical, but it also enables you to visit many excellent sights.

The Harley Davidson Museum and Milwaukee Art Museum are two of the tour’s highlights.

The journey lets you see some of Wisconsin’s top family resorts.

The tour is also quite instructive because of its detailed narration, which is its best quality.

Recommended Ages

This Milwaukee sightseeing bus tour is suitable for children six and older.

This tour is excellent for teenagers, too, with lovely Instagrammable vistas.

  1. Noah’s Ark Waterpark — Wisconsin Dells

Noah’s Ark Waterpark must be included on any list of the top family-friendly attractions in Wisconsin.

This splashy wonderland, advertised as America’s largest waterpark, is brimming with activities suitable for the whole family.

Experience the Bermuda Triangle, the nation’s most exhilarating water coaster, for a rush of adrenaline.

Unwind on the lazy river or spend time with the little ones at the play areas if you’re not in the mood for major thrills.

The waterpark has the added benefit of being surrounded by many fantastic family resorts.

Recommended Ages

Numerous rides and activities are available at Noah’s Ark Waterpark for guests of all ages.

  1. Devil’s Lake State Park — Baraboo

What You’ll Experience

The best family getaways in Wisconsin typically involve a trip to the most significant state park there.

Devil’s Lake is a stunning all-year-round state park that provides many inexpensive and free family activities.

Families can go hiking, birdwatching, and enjoy the sandy beaches.

Similarly, you can take it easy in the park’s rural isolation or have a picnic with the whole group beside the lake.

Devil’s Lake State Park also offers kids nature programs throughout the year.

Recommended Ages

Visitors can find a rejuvenating nature escape at Devil’s Lake State Park, thanks to its peaceful ambiance and lovely views.

  1. Guided Art Walk Tour — Milwaukee

What You’ll Experience

Take the group on a guided art walk in Milwaukee for a distinctive way to explore the city.

Your local guide on this tour will be a certified artist who will provide you with a fresh perspective on the city’s developing art scene.

Naturally, stops during this walk will be made at Milwaukee’s acclaimed outdoor art and cultural exhibits.

Also included in the tour are lessons and in-depth explanations about the artworks, in case we forgot.

Recommended Ages

This guided art walk tour appeals to Instagram-obsessed tweens and teens with its abundance of artistic wonders.

  1. North Beach — Racine

What You’ll Experience

Do you believe a family beach holiday requires traveling to the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans?

Many beautiful beaches that are suitable for families may be found in Wisconsin.

North Beach in Racine is another one of Wisconsin’s top family beaches.

This family-friendly beach is tucked away on the side of Lake Michigan and offers more than 2,000 feet of open shoreline for swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

It also has the Beachside Oasis, a concession kiosk, live music, and the Kids’ Cove Playground.

Recommended Ages

North Beach is brimming with family activities suitable for children of all ages.

  1. Madison Children’s Museum — Madison

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for some instructive indoor activities for kids when it’s raining?

I advise you to visit the Madison Children’s Museum.

The museum will entertain and captivate your little learners for hours with its daily activities and abundance of interactive exhibits.

Did we also mention that it is a nationally recognized children’s museum and an award-winning treasure trove?

Recommended Ages

For children aged 12 and under, Madison Children’s Museum has a vast selection of games, activities, and exhibitions.

  1. NEW Zoo and Adventure Park — Green Bay

What You’ll Experience

One of Wisconsin’s top must-visit destinations for families is the NEW Zoo.

This wildlife paradise, home to 90 different animal species from around the globe, provides families with unique animal experiences.

Similarly, each animal enclosure has a board with some exciting statistics so that kids may learn many interesting things at NEW.

Additionally, NEW has an adventure park with kid-friendly games, activities, and attractions, unlike other zoos.

Recommended Ages

Children ages six and up will enjoy the fun and educational animal exhibits at the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park.

  1. Photographic Walking and History Tour — Milwaukee

What You’ll Experience

The Milwaukee Photographic Walking and History Tour is a pleasure for tweens and teens.

Your tour guide will be a professional photographer, so you and your group will take lots of photos suitable for Instagram.

You will be strolling down Wisconsin Avenue when you see a stunning view of Downtown Milwaukee.

Additionally, stops along the Milwaukee lakefront are made.

After this tour, your children will undoubtedly believe you are the most fantastic parents in the world.

Recommended Ages

The optimum audience for this historical walking and photography tour is young, Instagram-obsessed children aged 12 and up.

  1. Bay Beach Amusement Park — Green Bay

What You’ll Experience

The Bay Beach Amusement Park is a paradise of entertainment for all.

It’s, without a doubt, one of the must-do activities in Wisconsin with young children, teenagers, or even toddlers, in my opinion.

Bay Beach will entertain the whole group for hours with fun theme park rides.

There is something for everyone at Bay Beach Amusement Park, whether you’re craving a timeless amusement park ride or an incredible thrill ride.

Recommended Ages

There are numerous age-friendly features at Bay Beach Amusement Park that will please guests of all ages.

  1. Circus World Museum — Baraboo

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for outstanding family-friendly locations in Wisconsin?

Perhaps you might visit Circus World in Baraboo.

Once inside Circus World, don’t forget to check out the sideshows, circus performances, magic shows, and acrobatics there.

After that, let the kids attend Kids World Interactive Circus to master a few circus skills and tricks.

Recommended Ages

The primary target market for Circus World, which features a variety of lively and enjoyable activities, is children between the ages of 3 and 12.

  1. Cave of the Mounds – Blue Mounds

What You’ll Experience

Cave of the Mounds is an excellent location for children to learn about science and natural history.

You’ll learn a ton of information about caving as well as nicknames for unusual rock formations on your family’s underground trip.

The best part is that everyone in your gang will enjoy this thrilling trip.

Recommended Ages

Visiting the Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark for children six and older is a fun and enlightening experience.

  1. Scavenger Hunt Adventure — Milwaukee

What You’ll Experience

Scavenger hunt adventures are the best and most compelling way to find Milwaukee’s hidden gems.

This interactive makes the city a mammoth puzzle you must solve using your smartphone as your guide.

This treasure hunt combines a sightseeing trip with an Amazing Race-style activity and is also quite kid- and family-friendly.

This journey will take you to famous locations, like the Milwaukee RiverWalk, as you overcome the challenges.

Consider participating in this treasure hunt if you enjoy adventure and excitement and are looking for entertaining activities for kids in Wisconsin.

Recommended Ages

Milwaukee’s treasure hunt expedition delivers an engaging and fun experience for children ages nine and older.

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