12 Fun Things to Do in Alexandria with Kids — Family Friendly activities!

Alexandria is mainly known for its role during colonial times. But, of course, there is more to behold than just George Washington’s role in colonial history.

There’s a lot to learn from this city, from its history to uncovering fiction references and icons like Knights Templar and Harry Potter.

And if you’re a tribe that loves exploring new things, try the Aerial Gymnastics and Parkour at a specified gym.

If this is something you and your brood can embark on, pack your luggage for a trip to Alexandria. Here’s a layout of activities you can look forward to participating in while staying at Alexandria.

  1. Bike and Roll

Do you want to see the city uniquely? Then get on your bikes and experience the city sceneries at a close personal level.

Why Your Family Should Go

There’s fun in peddling from one point to another.

Moreover, you’re provided with a guide that directs you on trails to take. The guide teaches you about the history, sites, and stories of each area you pass by.

Additionally, you are provided with snacks while biking. So, worry not about your stomach or how to quench your thirst; the tour guide carries this stuff for you.

What to Do with Kids

Go biking and explore the city’s sceneries. It is a 9-mile and 5-hour ride. You can take this chance and bond with your kids while biking.

You can choose to take down Mount by boat tour or bike.

Relax and get back to town on a boat ride when you’ve enjoyed biking to the fullest.

Recommended Ages

This endeavor is best suited for those aged two and above.

  1. Fort Ward Museum and Park

Sitting on 45 acres, Fort Ward Park is earthen-built. Primarily, it was built to act as a defense of Washington, D.C, in the civil war times.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you are the historian type, get over here and learn about Revolutionary War and Civil War reenactments.

Also, if you have a pet as a family member, bring them to have fun at the dog exercise designated areas.

What to Do with Kids

Stroll around the park and see live camp activities.

Enquire more about Alexandria’s Union Army hospitals.

Learn what medicines were used to treat soldiers during the civil war.

Recommended Ages

There are no age restrictions in the park, but those affected by noise should not be around during reenactment days because of the explosives.

  1. Carlyle House

John Carlyle was a British merchant who purchased land portions between the Market Square and Potomac River.

This mansion is known for its outstanding design and the places specifically for guests and those used by the family.

Why Your Family Should Go

Get a picture of how life was in the 18th century.

Walk around the house and see its fascinating architecture, which is why the house is still standing. After you’re done admiring the mansion, head over to the chocolate area for some tasting.

You are also permitted to take your dog on the adventure.

You can relax to have a picnic in the mansion’s floral garden.

What to Do with Kids

Your kids can enroll in the house in the Cub Scout or Junior Girl Scouts task.

Let them engage in poetry and discover mysterious objects in the mansion. They can earn badges if they succeed in their quests.

Recommended Ages

The Carlyle House is open to visitors of all ages. But, the Scout programs are more fun for kids aged six and up.

  1. George Washington Masonic Memorial

The George Washington Masonic Memorial has been standing since the 1920s, and in 2015 the National Park Service affirmed it as a National Historic Landmark.

Why Your Family Should Go

The George Washington Masonic architecture is awe-inspiring, especially for kids who wish to become architects.

The George Washington statue wearing his masonic regalia is worth your admiration. Take a few snap photos to keep this day memorable.

This is among the historical landmarks you should consider taking your kids to.

What to Do with Kids

Your clan can roam around and see the memorial exhibitions.

Learn more about Freemasonry’s stories and how it grew.

Here you’ll get to know American leaders and presidents that were into Freemasons.

The memorial has an Observation Deck where you can get a 360-degree view of the city.

Recommended Ages

There’s free admission for children aged 12, and it should be noted that parents are to accompany their kids.

  1. King Street Trolley

Opened in April 2009 for business, the King Street Trolley runs between the Potomac River waterfront and the King Street Metrorail Station.

Why Your Family Should Go

This is a practical way to get to visit Old Town Alexandria.

The trolley stops at every restaurant, historic site, and attraction.

Your kids will enjoy this fun way adventure; it is free!

What to Do with Kids

There’s something in store for everyone here. You can play the navigator as your kids enjoy spotting the next stops from the maps provided.

You’ll love to hear the captain directing and informing the passengers how the tour is to undergo.

Recommended Ages

Everyone can board the King Street Trolley.

  1. Apothecary Museum

Quaker pharmacist Edward Stabler opened this museum in 1792, and there’s a collection of over 15,000 objects on display.

Why Your Family Should Go

The museum has different themes and attractions that your children can enjoy.

There are three tours; Harry Potter’s theme tour explores how natural science and fiction relate.

The Greek tour shows the museum’s behind-the-scenes activities, and the tour explores mainly herbal medicine.

What to Do with Kids

This is a perfect learning experience for your family.

Engage in the Mad Science tour that involves making medicine and realizing the side effects of those medicines.

The mad scientist there can do some hands-on experiments for you and the kids,

Watch your kiddos try and make and package their handmade lotions.

Recommended Ages

Apothecary accepts kids aged five and above.

  1. Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

The museum is named after a noble Englishman, John Gadsby; its patrons were Thomas Jefferson, Martha, and George Washington.

Why Your Family Should Go

The tavern clearly illustrates how the hospitality sector evolved from the 18th to 19th century.

The museum features furniture from back in the day, silverware, and ceramics.

Is your household made up of dancers?

The 18th-century English Country dance classes are held here. Enjoy the balls; they are held throughout the year, so be sure to visit any time.

What to Do with Kids

Your kids can learn more about George Washington, tavern beverages, and 18th-century music.

If you have girls that enjoy scouting, they are usually given badges according to the museum’s program.

Recommended Ages

The tavern’s doors are open to everyone who wishes to pay a visit. But, the nature of the activities there is suited for those aged five and above.

  1. Torpedo Factory Art Center

This center features various artists and the public who love art. They come here to express their creative spirits.

Also, you’ll get to see the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, located within the same building as the art center.

Why Your Family Should Go

You’ll love viewing the beautiful arts; you can also be creative and make something.

There are art classes offered at the center for kids and adults. Take this chance and hone your skills. You can get involved in archeological activities too.

There are also various materials, from enamel to canvas, and a wide variety of techniques you can work with.

What to Do with Kids

Enroll your kids in the art classes in clay animation, ceramics, and cartooning.

And if you’re on a tight budget, the center offers free workshop admission every 3rd Saturday of each month.

Recommended Ages

The art classes are for kids aged five and up.

  1. Alexandria Farmers Market (Old Town Farmer’s Market)

This is one of the oldest markets in the country, and rumors have it that it is where George Washington used to sell his farm’s produce.

Why Your Family Should Go

The market has tons of goods, including fresh-farm produce, jewelry, baked goods, art, and more.

You can also enjoy some local flavors that have been there for over four generations.

Also, if you’d love to know some recipes, there are cooking demonstrations around the market.

What to Do with Kids

Many stalls offer kid-friendly fun activities that your youngsters will love.

You can try face painting, pumpkin carving, and cookie decorating.

They’ll love it here at the Farmers’ Market if you’re searching for activities to keep your clan entertained.

Recommended Ages

The marketplace is open to all, but adults should always accompany the kids.

  1. Jones Point Lighthouse

The Jones Point Lighthouse operated between 1856 and 1926 and is located inside Joint Point Park.

This riverine lighthouse is known to be among the oldest in the country.

Why Your Family Should Go

There are fishing piers around the lighthouse’s area where you can fish for rock bass, catfish, and eels.

Activities you can engage in here include playing soccer or basketball.

And after stretching your muscles in the field, you can picnic and relax while having lunch or dinner.

What to Do with Kids

You and your tribe can stroll along the Potomac River.

You can watch the bald eagles, wintering waterfowl, and waterbirds.

Learn the work of rangers in the lighthouse, for example, maintaining the building, beacon light, weather data, and shipping.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is welcome at Jones Point Park; ensure you follow the rangers’ guidelines.

  1. Kidcreate Studio

There’s no more pleasant place to take your kids than the Kidcreate Studio. Here, they specialize in making that your kids creative skills in art are improved.

They offer art workshops and art classes for children from various age groups.

Why Your Family Should Go

This is an excellent way to keep your kids’ momentum up.

Get to see your toddlers engage in fast-moving classes like drawing, painting, scribbling, and playing with clay.

What to Do with Kids

Help and watch your youngsters get creative.

Your kids will enjoy the freedom; in turn, they might make masterpieces that you can keep as portraits in your house for memories.

Recommended Ages

All workshops, events, and art classes are for children aged 18 months to 12 years.

  1. Urban Evolution

This evolution began as the Parkour gym. With time, it grew to include gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, and more.

Here, they offer non-traditional sports to keep you entertained while working out.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you have athletes in your household?

Then, take them to the Urban Evolution to hone their athleticism.

The teens can enjoy hip-hop dancing, gymnastics, and parkour.

After finishing the heavy workouts, get to the yoga class to relax your body.

What to Do with Kids

Enroll your kids in the parkour classes. These classes are helpful in that it helps them navigate their surroundings creatively and safely.

The gymnastics classes will be loved by those who love movies like Spiderman. You know, how they dangle on their web.

Also, gymnastics helps improve their confidence and, at the same time, turn their fantasies into reality.

Recommended Ages

You get to enroll in a class if you have reached a certain age.

The gymnastics classes are fit for those aged 15 and above.

Activities like parkour and aerials can best fit those aged six and above.

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