12 Fun Things to Do in Annapolis with Kids — Family Friendly Activities!

Do you love spending time in Annapolis? If so, you’re lucky because this charming town has plenty of things to do. From walking around the historic district to visiting one of the many museums or shops, Annapolis has something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this listing of the best things to do in Annapolis, and start planning your trip today!

  1. Discover Annapolis Tours

Annapolis Tours offers a variety of fun and educational tours perfect for families with kids. The one-hour Red Trolley Tour is a great way to see the city; kids will love riding on the trolley!

The tour includes stops at the Maryland State House, the United States Naval Academy, and historic downtown Annapolis.

Why Your Family Should Go: 

First, this is a great way to spend time together while learning about the history and culture of this great city!

Kids will love learning about the city’s roots as a pirate haven, and they’ll be fascinated by the stories of the famous pirates who once sailed the Chesapeake Bay.

Adults will appreciate the opportunity to explore the city’s architecture and learn about its role in the American Revolution.

What to Do with Kids

Come on a tour that is sure to be entertaining for everyone! The Discover Annapolis Tours’ 1-hour trips will keep the kids engaged with help from our experienced guides who share stories about city history.

Plus, you can enjoy all these beautiful sites while seeing them in person instead of reading about them online or hearing secondhand descriptions through other people’s accounts.

Recommended Ages

Tourists and residents of all ages are eligible for a fun-filled tour on the red trolley bus with Discover Annapolis Tours!

  1. B&A Trail

The B&A Trail in 1990 was a big deal. It’s not just any old bike path; it’s the 2nd longest hiking and biking trail that people can enjoy!

The 14-mile-long biking path has been popular with bikers and hikers since it first became available.

Why Your Family Should Go

There are several exciting activities to do in Annapolis!

The B&A Trail is great for hiking and biking, so that you can bring your bike with the kids on it too.

What to Do with Kids

Hikes are an excellent way to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and have fun together. The B&A Trail in Annapolis is one spot where you can go on your next hike!

It’s also perfect for biking, so bring both bikes or rentals from Bike & Boards if needed – they’ve got everything available at great prices too!

Recommended Ages

There are no age bounds to having fun at the B and A Trail. Come all!

  1. Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake

This adventure started operating in 2003, and after some time, it was crowned among the country’s top kids’ destinations.

Why Your Family Should Go

There’s no better way to get into a pirate’s life than visiting the Pirate Adventure. So come on board and sail just like the pirate did, and you might be able to understand how they overcame sea storms.

You can also get a thorough understanding of marine life. You’ll learn how they adapt to their environment.

What to Do with Kids

When we hear of pirates, what comes to our minds is going on a treasure hunt. At Pirate Adventures, a facilitating crew engages your kids in searching for hidden treasures in one of the wrecked ships. Your kids can find this activity exciting.

Recommended Ages

Pirate Adventures welcomes people across all age groups.

  1. Iron Rooster

When founded in 2014, the Iron Rooster dedicated its services to serving the locals and visitors breakfast.

Since then, the place has become popular because of its mouthwatering food recipes.

Why Your Family Should Go

Before heading out to have fun, stop by the Iron Rooster for breakfast.

Their menu usually includes chicken, waffles, eggs benedict, and more flavorful delicacies.

What to Do with Kids

What’s more impressive about Iron Rooster is it has a specialized menu for the kiddos.

When kids hear of chicken nuggets, they can’t help but jump out of excitement. So they’ll do just that here. Other foods for the kids include grilled cheese, spaghetti, and more!

Recommended Ages

You can all come and have an excellent family breakfast.

  1. U.S Naval Academy

Established in 1845, the Naval Academy has been an attraction to locals and tourists. The U.S. Naval Academy Museum and Visitors Center is the place to go if you want a glimpse into what life was like at this prestigious military school.

The museum offers displays that showcase historical moments in time and insight into how those events have affected our world today through current news articles displayed around campus for visitors’ convenience!

Why Your Family Should Go

Join a U.S. Naval Academy tour to learn the history of this prestigious institution and watch an informative 13-minute movie, The Call To Serve. Afterward, please participate in their guided walking experience, where your certified guide will share all that is required for midshipmen’s life at Annapolis as you stroll along the famous Yard!

What to Do with Kids

After your guided tour, take a trip down memory lane with the kids! You’ll be able to explore historic grounds and learn how it all came together for this institution that we love so much today.

There are different exhibits on display, such as Rogers Ship Model Collection and Beverley R Robinson collection – these items provide insight into what life may have been like for someone living here many years ago!

Recommended Ages

All visitors must show a government I.D. to enter the premises. No one under 21 gets in without an escort.

  1. Quiet Waters Park

Waters Park was founded in 1990 and has been recognized among the country’s most visited spots, with over 700,000 guests yearly.

Sitting on 340 acres, it has several amenities, such as a playground area, ice skating rink, and Cartop Boat Launch, among others.

Why Your Family Should Go

Unwind and devote the day with your family this weekend by staying at Quiet Waters Park.

Besides playing games in their typical areas of interest, you can go kayaking or even ice skating! The best part about it? It’s all done in an idyllic setting that is perfect for relaxing after hours and exploring Annapolis’ city life.

What to Do with Kids

If you are looking for an excellent place to take your children, look no further than Quiet Waters Park. The playground is perfect and will keep them happy while away from home! Set up a picnic feast on one of their lovely grills, then watch over them while sitting far away enough that you can still keep an eye out in case anything goes wrong!

Recommended Ages

Quiet Waters Park is the place to take your family for quality time outdoors.

  1. Maryland State House

The Maryland State House has a rich history, being both the oldest state house in continuous use and serving twice for legislative purposes. It is now part of America’s Historicregister, making it an important site to witness at this time when our country was becoming independent from England!

Why Your Family Should Go

Taking the kids out of school and into Annapolis is a great idea. There is so much history here that they will love learning about! For example, you can see George Washington’s resignation from his position as commander-in-chief or learn more about how this state got its name.

The Maryland State House has some exciting features, such as an exhibit dedicated to him – including some pretty incredible paintings.

What to Do with Kids

You can’t go wrong with a tour of the Maryland State House. With its impressive architecture and rich history, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for all! The children will learn about some interesting facts while seeing how this building has shaped our state over time.

Recommended Ages

Maryland is a fantastic place to visit for history buffs. However, you must come with an I.D. if you plan to explore all its sites and attractions!

  1. William Paca Garden

The William Paca Garden is a 2-acre park that features natural beauty within its walls. The historic garden is surrounded by beautiful nature, and it’s easy for visitors to get lost in this wonderland-like space.

Why Your Family Should Go

The William Paca Garden has something for everyone! You can enjoy a tour of this historic landmark, stunning views, and period furnishings.

What to Do with Kids

The garden is a beautiful place for children to explore and enjoy. There are so many plants, flowers, and rocks – everything your little ones would need in their day-to-day lives!

Recommended Ages

The William Paca Garden is a place for everyone. Whether you are young or old, it does not matter because this garden has something that will interest every age group!

  1. Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market

The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market is a well-loved farmer’s market in Annapolis, MD. With over 40 different vendors and artists selling their goods to the public for an entire day of shopping for local produce or handmade items you won’t find anywhere else – this event has something special!

Why Your Family Should Go

The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market has a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, and ready-to-eat meals that you can enjoy on-site or while traveling. This market is perfect for those passing through the city before reaching their final destination!

What to Do with Kids

kids will love to stop by the Stoltzfus Soft Pretzels & Ice Cream found within this market. Get a cone of hand-dipped ice cream or shakes with different flavors, like ultra Concord (a mix of orange and cherry). You can’t miss it if you’re looking for something delicious while browsing Annapolis’ Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market!

Recommended Ages

Join us for some good old-fashioned fun at the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market! Drop by with your family to meet new friends, and enjoy fresh produce and handmade products from local artisans.

  1. Annapolis Maritime Museum

Come to the Annapolis Maritime Museum for education on Maryland’s rich maritime history and beautiful environment!

Established in 1990, this museum has showcased exhibits highlighting one of America’s greatest assets: its coastline. From boats that were once used by pirates or those seeking adventure at sea-to displays about the wildlife found along our aquatic highways (I mean rivers), you’ll be able to gain insight into what life was like back when these creators roamed free over land.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Changing Waterfront Tour from the Annapolis Maritime Museum will be a unique way to experience Annapolis si’s maritime history. So you get on your board and hear stories about skipjack Wilma Lee and traditional Bay workboats while paddleboarding!

This activity is perfect for teens or adults who want some fresh air with their education – it doesn’t matter if they’re beginners at this sport because there are tour guides available throughout each journey so that everyone can learn how easy these activities are.

What to Do with Kids

The kids can enjoy the exhibits, such as an aquarium with 850 gallons of water, or go behind the scenes at McNasby seafood packing company.

Recommended Ages

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is a great place to visit for families and members of all ages.

  1. Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre is a must-see for theatre lovers visiting Annapolis. This professional theatre company produces high-quality shows in an outdoor setting, making the most of Annapolis’ beautiful summer evenings.

The Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre has been presenting professional live theater in Annapolis for over 40 years and is one of the longest-running outdoor theaters in the country.

Why Your Family Should Go

The kid-friendly plays are equally funny and touching, providing something for everyone in the family to enjoy. The theater is also conveniently located in downtown Annapolis, making it easy.

What to Do with Kids

What’s better than one show? Two. The Summer Garden Theatre has something special planned for kids this year- more plays and less waiting around! So bring your little ones to see the latest productions from their famous theatre company that will keep them entertained all afternoon long, with creativity featured prominently throughout each performance.

Recommended Ages

Visit the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre to experience a wonderful day with your children. Admission is free, and all ages can attend, considering that they show rated G shows throughout their operating hours!

  1. Miss Shirley’s

In 2005, the first branch of Miss Shirley’s opened in Baltimore. Now with three successful locations to date- Annapolis included!

Why Your Family Should Go

Miss Shirley’s is a great place to go if you are looking for good old-fashioned American cuisine that caters to kids and adults. With their diverse menu, there isn’t anything they can’t make!

What to Do with Kids

Miss Shirley’s kid-friendly menu is also a fun activity sheet that contains games and puzzles for the little ones to work on while they wait patiently. A meal at Miss Shirley’s will be an excellent conclusion to this list!

Recommended Ages

Each family member can enjoy Miss Shirley’s delicacies.

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