12 Fun Things to Do in Carlsbad with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Carlsbad, in the North County of San Diego, is well-known for its culinary scene, beach community, and abundance of world-class flower gardens.

Seven miles of beaches are popular with tourists in the summer for various water activities like surfing, swimming, and paddle boarding.

The coming of spring in San Diego is traditionally marked by the blossoming of the Tecolote Ranunculus flowers on the hills beginning in early March.

Do you want to spend your next holiday with your loved ones here?

Well done!

There are plenty of kid-friendly activities in Carlsbad, and with LEGOLAND on the itinerary, you won’t have to look far.

Have I managed to pique your interest?

Keep reading to learn about all the exciting things waiting for you in Carlsbad.

  1. Museum of Making Music

The Museum of Making Music was founded in 1998 to celebrate the many achievements of the music industry since 1900.

When it opened to the public in March of 2000, the museum’s original goal was to celebrate the contributions of musicians and instrument makers from all over the globe.

Why Your Family Should Go

You want to have fun in Carlsbad, California, but you have no idea where to go.

The Museum of Making Music offers fascinating tours that delve into the past and present of musical creation.

In this section, your kids can learn about the people behind the scenes in the music industry and creating musical instruments.

What to Do with Kids

Explore the museum’s exhibitions and learn about the various displays.

The exhibitions rotate, so that repeat visitors always have something new to see.

Recommended Ages

Everyone, regardless of age, should check out the Museum of Making Music.

  1. Alga Norte SkatePark

The Alga Norte Community Park spans 32 acres and is located at the epicenter of Carlsbad’s action sports sector on Alicante Road.

Designed to reflect the predominance of Spanish-style architecture in the region, the skate park’s color scheme and transition arch were both inspired by the shape of Carlsbad’s historic mission when it first opened in January 2014.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you have a skate-loving child in the house?

Taking them to the skate park can make their time in Carlsbad more enjoyable.

Take your skateboarders to a well-lit skate park where they may show off their skills.

What to Do with Kids

The skate park in Alga Norte Community Park is a great place to let your older children burn off some energy while the rest of the family goes on an adventure.

If you’re looking for fun in Carlsbad with kids, head to the Community Park to enjoy the ball fields and playground equipment.

Picnicking and swimming in the park’s pools are two more ways to spend a day with the family.

Recommended Ages

The Alga Norte SkatePark is excellent for kids who are at least in elementary school.

  1. K1 Speed Go Kart Track

K1 Speed was established in 2003 and offered indoor karting services with custom-built tracks, cutting-edge safety features, private event spaces, arcades, and a full-service restaurant.

Together with Susan Danglard, American race car driver Boris Said started the company that operates over 40 outlets around the globe.

Why Your Family Should Go

This spot has everything a group of teenagers needs for a good time.

You can race with your kids and keep the adrenaline flowing at K1 Speed while having a great time and strengthening bonds through a shared love of go-karts.

What to Do with Kids

Try the thrilling “Arrive and Drive” mode, where drivers compete against loved ones and strangers for the fastest lap time.

After each competition, participants will receive a race result sheet on which they may check their standing and individual lap times.

Recommended Ages

Young adults should be at least 48 inches tall, and adults should be at least 58 inches tall to participate in go-kart racing at K1 Speed.

  1. Leo Carillo Historic Ranch

Carlsbad City owns the 27-acre historic Spanish-style hacienda in a valley in the city’s southeastern corner.

The National Register of Historic Places recognizes “Carlsbad’s Sleeping Beauty,” which was discovered in 1985 as a Historic Landmark.

Why Your Family Should Go

Don’t let your family vacation in Carlsbad pass without seeing this charming hacienda and learning about its fascinating past.

The former home of Leo Carillo, better known as “Pancho,” is now a popular tourist attraction and operating ranch and retreat.

In addition to being a great destination to visit with family, the ranch is rich in American history and culture.

What to Do with Kids

If you’re looking for free, family-friendly activities in Carlsbad, this historic ranch has you covered.

Participate in one free guided tour of Leo Carillo’s Historic Ranch and then have a picnic with the peacock and other avian residents.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome at the ranch.

  1. Green Dragon Tavern & Museum

Opening its doors in 2014, the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is dedicated to sharing the stories of America’s forefathers and celebrating their contributions.

The museum and restaurant is a popular destination in Carlsbad due to their focus on local history and their display of original artifacts.

Why Your Family Should Go

At the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum, grown-ups may learn about the past while relaxing with a wine or a locally brewed beer.

In this setting, parents are encouraged to make their family dinner an educational adventure for their kids.

Family and friends may enjoy delicious home cuisine at a reasonable price while kicking back in a setting reminiscent of classic America and a friendly neighborhood pub.

What to Do with Kids

Stop by the museum for a free tour and a bite to eat at the Green Dragon Tavern afterward.

Adults may enjoy delicious options like the Famous North End Parmesan and the Maine Lobster Roll, while kids can pick from a wide variety of kid-friendly options like Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Dragon Fingers.

Recommended Ages

Kids of all ages are welcome at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum.

  1. Magee House

Samuel Church Smith, an early investor in the Carlsbad Land and Water Company, built the lovely Magee House in the craft style in 1887.

The house, which sits next to Old Highway 101, serves as a museum documenting the history of Carlsbad and the greater San Diego region.

Why Your Family Should Go

The rose garden at Magee House is a notable aspect of the property.

There are more than 225 bushes here from 15 different rose families, so prepare to be impressed.

What to Do with Kids

You and your family are looking for local kid-friendly activities.

Visit the Magee House for a wide variety of family-friendly activities.

With a view of the Pacific Ocean, you and your family can enjoy a picnic as the kids play in the horseshoe and shuffleboard courts.

Recommended Ages

Everyone, regardless of age, should visit the Magee House.

  1. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

Fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers bloom each spring at The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, a popular tourist attraction in North San Diego County.

In the 1920s, a settler called Luther Gage introduced Ranunculus seeds to the soil of Southern California by planting them in a section of South Oceanside.

Why Your Family Should Go

How about daydreaming about running across a meadow of blossoms?

If seeing a sea of brilliant Tecolote Ranunculus blooms at The Flower Fields has been on your list, now is the time to cross it off your list.

Don’t let this fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones and capture that perfect family portrait pass you by.

What to Do with Kids

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California, has more to offer than simply some gorgeous flowers for Mom to admire.

Take your kids exploring at Santa’s Playground, with its elegant playhouses and enormous mushrooms, and along the twisting paths of the Sweet Pea Maze.

Recommended Ages

Anyone of any age is welcome to visit the Flower Fields.

There is no charge for children less than two.

  1. LEGOLAND California

The world-famous LEGOLAND California is only an hour’s drive south of Anaheim and half an hour’s drive north of San Diego.

The complex features an aquatic center, an aquarium, and two distinct hotel options.

Why Your Family Should Go

Whenever Carlsbad is brought up, the subject of LEGOLAND immediately follows.

It’s a must-see attraction for visitors, especially those with children searching for things to do in Carlsbad.

More than 60 kid-friendly shows and activities based on LEGOs will be available, making this a child’s paradise.

The world’s first water park is located there, making it an ideal summer vacation spot for families.

Don’t miss out on the BUILD-A-RAFT RIVER, a section of the lazy river where you can construct your raft out of giant LEGOs.

What to Do with Kids

Treat your kids to a night at the hotel’s luxurious suites.

You may gawk at more than 3,500 LEGO models in this three-story LEGO exhibit.

Choose from four exciting kid-friendly themes: pirates, kingdoms, adventures, and friends.

There’s also the Castle Hotel if you want.

There are suites dedicated to princesses, wizards, knights, and dragons.

Spending the night in one of these five-star hotels is one of the most remarkable things to do in Carlsbad with kids.

Recommended Ages

Families with kids in the 2-12 age range are encouraged to visit the theme park.

  1. Carlsbad Strawberry Company

In business since 1950 and spanning four generations, Carlsbad Strawberry Company is known for its fresh strawberries and other delectable fruits and vegetables.

They may be found along Cannon Road in Carlsbad, and their luscious strawberry fields provide a splash of color along Interstate 5.

Why Your Family Should Go

Need ideas for family-friendly activities in Carlsbad?

Have them pick some strawberries.

Take pleasure in the forty acres of strawberry fields.

The berries are easy to gather, and the whole family may enjoy them later.

What to Do with Kids

Even if you can’t make it to the park between September and November, you can still take your kids to the pumpkin patch display.

In addition, the Corn Maze’s 1.5-mile trail will provide you and your kids with a solid 30 minutes of walking exercise.

Recommended Ages

The fields are accessible to people of all ages. However, remember that strollers and wheelchairs may have trouble getting through the close spacing of the strawberry plants.

  1. Carlsbad Lagoon

The Agua Hedionda Lagoon is a body of water in Carlsbad, California, and it can be found along Harrison Street.

Carlsbad Lagoon is 1.7 miles long and up to half a mile wide; it is located 1.7 miles inland.

Why Your Family Should Go

Is your family interested in participating in water sports while visiting Carlsbad?

You’re making progress if that’s the case.

When you want to enjoy boating, kayaking, or paddle boarding, there’s no better spot than Carlsbad Lagoon. The lagoon offers both motorized and non-powered watercraft for rent so that you may enjoy a day on the lake in the sun.

What to Do with Kids

Riding the Swan Pedal Boat on a watercourse with the kids is fun for the whole family.

The Aqua Cycles are great, but they are also great for teenagers.

Visitors may see the big-wheeled water tricycles plying the lagoon from the highway.

Recommended Ages

Younger children may not be able to participate safely in the water sports offered in Carlsbad Lagoon.

Be sure to research which boat rental suits your children’s age group, as some have a minimum age requirement of 21 for drivers and passengers.

  1. Carlsbad Village Farmers’ Market

The original Carlsbad Village Farmers’ Market was established in a Roosevelt Street parking lot in 1994 by a collection of farmers, artisans, and food vendors from the surrounding area.

Every Wednesday now, the sidewalks of downtown Carlsbad are lined with vendors selling anything from organic fruit and locally produced foods to homemade crafts and live music.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re tired of store-bought food, head to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh, local fare.

You’ll get a taste of the area and give back to the community simultaneously.

Isn’t that great?

Behrman and Gaytan Farms are great places to get nutritious food for your family.

Fresh berries and Carlsbad Cookie Company’s handcrafted shortbread biscuits will be a hit with your kids.

What to Do with Kids

Take your hungry children to Goldie Pops’ stand for delicious gourmet popcorn. Pick from a wide variety of tastes like Original, White Cheddar, Cinnamon Roll, and more.

During your stop at Juice Jerky, pick up some tasty dried fruit snacks for the kids to enjoy during the trip.

Recommended Ages

If you have no weekend plans, the State Street Farmer’s Market is a fun place to take the kids.

Anyone of any age is welcome to visit the outdoor market.

It’s also an excellent option for busy parents on the go.

  1. Carlsbad Premium Outlets

Carlsbad Premium Outlets, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Carlsbad, is situated along Paseo Del Norte.

The Simon Outlet Center has roughly 88 outlet stores, so it can quickly satisfy a family’s shopping, dining, and entertainment demands.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you still have some energy after a day at LEGOLAND or The Flower Fields, why not cap it off with a quick trip to the outlet mall?

Don’t ignore the possibility of saving money by visiting your favorite retailers.

After a long day of sightseeing, visiting the outlet mall for a meal or a snack is a great option.

What to Do with Kids

Trying to find some kid-friendly activities in Carlsbad?

Buy them some new clothes and a toy at a discount by taking them shopping at outlet malls.

Your young children need not suffer from boredom.

Get the energy back up after running from store to store with a loop on the animal train ride in front of BCBGMAXAZRIA.

Recommended Ages

It doesn’t matter how old you are, and you’re always welcome at Carlsbad Premium Outlets.


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