12 Fun Things to Do in Georgia with Kids — Best Family-Friendly Attractions!

Georgia is the ideal location for an exciting new journey.

You’re sure to have a family-friendly vacation at one of these destinations, renowned for their delectable cuisine, beautiful scenery, alien terrains, and beautiful theme parks.

Your next chance vacation might be the perfect fit for this Peach State!

Trust me; you won’t be able to see everything this state offers in a single trip.

We gathered some of the locations with the most entertaining activities in Georgia with kids to help you plan your itinerary for your thrilling new vacation.

  1. First Squares Food Tour — Savannah

What You’ll Experience

Look no further if your family appreciates savoring the local cuisine of your travel destinations.

Six renowned eateries and grocery stores are visited during this 3-hour tour of Savannah’s picturesque environs.

Accompanied by a guide who gives you important details about the background of your travel paths.

Your stomach will thank you as you stroll around the neighborhoods of some of the greatest family hotels in Georgia.

Recommended Ages

This delightful short outing is advised for families ages seven and older.

  1. Providence Canyon State Park — Lumpkin

What You’ll Experience

One of the most captivating landscapes you will ever see is in Providence Canyon State Park.

Here, a park guide will accompany you while you stroll through the park’s pathways and impart all of their knowledge of this magnificent setting.

And if you get the chance to go in July or August, you can see the Plumleaf Azalea, a rare bloom that only grows in this area.

One might bloom right in front of your eyes!

Recommended Ages

This hiking excursion through Providence Canyon State Park is fantastic for kids ages five and above.

  1. Stone Mountain Park — Stone Mountain

What You’ll Experience

You’re lucky if you want to have one of the best family vacations in Georgia.

Families worldwide frequent Stone Mountain Park, one of Georgia’s most popular tourist destinations.

With over 3200 acres of land, there is bound to be an activity that will appeal to the interests of your entire family. Take a cable car ride, check out the mountain stone carvings, or just take the scenery.

This park is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Georgia, thanks to the variety of interactive paths, historical markers, and even educational performances you may see while exploring.

Recommended Ages

We suggest that young children ages three and up visit this park.

  1. Georgia Aquarium — Atlanta

What You’ll Experience

The Georgia Aquarium, one of the best Georgia attractions for families, must be included on any list about this state.

You’re sure to like each presentation, which features regal performances with various animals.

This aquarium is on your list of Georgia activities for toddlers thanks to its extra fun and engaging shows.

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the country. It will provide an underwater experience unlike any other. Its numerous galleries are home to thousands of animals and different species.

Recommended Ages

Children 3 and older must try this watery activity.

  1. Tybee Beach Pier — Tybee Island

What You’ll Experience

Tybee Island, one of Georgia’s top family beaches, should unquestionably be on your vacation bucket list.

This inexpensive adventure is a beautiful spot to unwind.

With a sizable amount of sand for beach volleyball and other free kid-friendly activities, all look out into a sizable body of water where dolphin sightings are possible.

The Tybee Beach Pier is ideal for fishing and catching breathtaking dawn.

So be sure to read your fishing rods and cameras to enjoy the most breathtaking fishing trip you’ll ever experience.

Recommended Ages

The Tybee Beach Pier is suited for all kids.

  1. Six Flags Over Georgia — Austell

What You’ll Experience

This famous park is unquestionably one of the greatest places for families and is Six Flags Over Georgia.

This park offers something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping attractions like the Goliath, Acrophobia, and Superman: Ultimate Fight to more sedate rides and destinations like the DC SUPER VILLAINS Swing and Gold Town Racers.

The Tsunami Surge is unquestionably the ride that steals the pie for us.

It’s a necessity if you desire an exciting feeling of being weightless!

Recommended Ages

Six Flags Over Georgia is a fun trip for three and older kids.

  1. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia — Athens

What You’ll Experience

Families that appreciate instructive walks along pathways lined with various plants and flowers would love the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.

It’s unquestionably one of the kid-friendly spots to visit nearby whenever you’re in the Athens area.

You’re guaranteed to leave this garden after a brief visit with a fresh appreciation for the natural world.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages will enjoy visiting the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.

  1. Old Town Trolley Tours — Savannah

What You’ll Experience

Take a relaxed trolley ride along Savannah’s intriguing infrastructure for an authentic and unique experience.

With the help of professional local tour guides who will accompany you to more than 100 interesting locations in Savannah, you can have fun while learning everything there is to know about this wonderful city.

Recommended Ages

This odd little outing is unquestionably recommended for families with children ages three and up.

  1. Rock City Gardens — Lookout Mountain

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for beautiful rock formations and a breathtaking view of nature’s architecture?

The Rock City Gardens will then undoubtedly stop you in your tracks.

These gardens in the sky, which include more than 400 native plant species, will mesmerize you.

Recommended Ages

Teenagers are the target audience for this fantastic adventure in the Rock City Gardens, even though the trail and journey are suitable for children of all ages.

  1. Augusta Riverwalk — Augusta

What You’ll Experience

The Augusta Riverwalk’s family resort-like atmosphere gives you the impression that you are in paradise as you stroll down its vibrant and peaceful sidewalk.

There are various events, booths, museums, and occasionally even concerts along the path.

The kids will be entertained during the journey thanks to the abundance of playgrounds and fountains.

Recommended Ages

Children three years old and up will love the Augusta Riverwalk.

  1. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games — Marietta

What You’ll Experience

If your tribe appreciates using virtual reality to submerge itself in a new environment completely, then you should not miss Marietta!

It has one of the most realistic race simulators in the world as you race across circuits and win arcade games.

The Andretti Inside Karting and Games is one of the activities you should add to a list of things to do with kids while it’s raining and still enjoy because of its many indoor facilities, games, and attractions.

Recommended Ages

This virtual experience is a fantastic opportunity and activity for kids ages seven and older.

  1. Zoo Atlanta — Atlanta

What You’ll Experience

The Zoo Atlanta is a sanctuary for animal enthusiasts, with more than 200 species and 1000 animals.

The young will be happy and entertained at this Zoo because of its extensive selection of immersive attractions.

Visit the various creatures up close and personal in their habitats.

One of the best family-friendly activities in Georgia is visiting Zoo Atlanta, which offers food trucks, animal feeding opportunities, and even rides with a theme.

Recommended Ages

This is undoubtedly among the greatest activities in Georgia for children ages three and up.

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