12 Fun Things to Do in Kentucky with Kids — Best Family Friendly Attractions!

Kentucky is more than just its magnificent horses and the Bourbon Trail.

Kentucky offers a wealth of unforgettable family excursions thanks to its beautiful countryside and family-friendly attractions.

Did you know that it is, in fact, home to the largest and most unique cave system in the world?

Take advantage of these enjoyable activities in Kentucky for families to make your trip here unforgettable.

  1. Bluegrass Region Tour — Lexington

What You’ll Experience

Take a tour of Bluegrass Country near Lexington for a special family day in Kentucky.

It includes visits to renowned horse farms and allows you to experience Kentucky’s verdant countryside.

Additionally, it involves a visit to Keeneland Race Track, the site of the most costly horse auctions in the world.

This tour will undoubtedly provide invaluable insights into Kentucky’s rich equestrian history.

The best family hotels in Kentucky are among the noteworthy sights and attractions you’ll see along the road.

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Recommended Ages

Children ages six and older should be able to enjoy this Bluegrass Country trip.

  1. the Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay — Louisville

What You’ll Experience

Having trouble choosing between an amusement park and a water park?

What’s this?

A trip to the Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay will let you experience the finest of both worlds.

This attraction is jam-packed with family entertainment, including water slides, high-speed coasters, and carousels.

At Hurricane Bay and the Kentucky Kingdom, there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to cool off.

Your children can enjoy a variety of rides and attractions here as well.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to do in Kentucky with toddlers and younger kids, thanks to various amazing rides and attractions.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the thrilling and entertaining attractions at the Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay.

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park

What You’ll Experience

In Kentucky, the best family holidays frequently involve a trip to the renowned Mammoth Cave National Park.

This national treasure also referred to as the longest cave in the world, is a spectacular natural wonder that will astound anybody who sees it.

There are also family-friendly tours available that instruct young people about history, science, and geology.

For instance, the Mammoth Passage Tour will take you to the main areas of the cave and is a kid-friendly, safe experience.

Recommended Ages

Children ages six and older are the ideal candidates for Mammoth Cave National Park.

  1. National Corvette Museum — Bowling Green

What You’ll Experience

Looking for family-friendly activities in Kentucky while it’s rainy but still educational?

Go to the National Corvette Museum as a favor to yourself.

Although the museum gives the impression that it is intended only for car enthusiasts, it is quite family-friendly.

The KidZone at the museum is a special area where young children may design and construct play cars at a kid-sized service station.

There is also a racing simulator that the whole crew can enjoy.

Recommended Ages

The National Corvette Museum is a fantastic and thrilling excursion for children three and older.

  1. Barren River Lake

What You’ll Experience

In need of a beach vacation?

In Kentucky, are there any family resorts near the beach?

Kentucky doesn’t have any gulf coast or ocean beaches because it is a landlocked state.

However, it does contain eight state parks with swimming-friendly public beaches.

Barren River Lake is also among Kentucky’s top family beaches.

The lake provides many chances for inexpensive and uncostly kid activities, such as swimming and constructing sand castles, thanks to its sandy shoreline.

Additionally, the park has clean campgrounds, lodges, and cottages where you can spend the night with your gang.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a wide range of fantastic activities at Barren River Lake.

  1. Newport Aquarium — Newport

What You’ll Experience

Newport Aquarium is a must-have on any list of the top family-friendly attractions in Kentucky.

This underwater museum is packed with exciting displays, exotic animals, and information boards so kids can learn about them.

This aquarium will astound your family in numerous ways, from the biggest freshwater fish in the world to colorful coral reefs.

Recommended Ages

Children 3 and older will love touring Newport Aquarium.

  1. Land Between the Lakes — Golden Pond

What You’ll Experience

Every outdoor recreational activity you might imagine may be found in the Land Between the Lakes, brimming with kid-friendly attractions.

This 170,000-acre marvel, a National Recreation Area, has plenty of chances for lake tubing and boating.

Not to mention, there are more than 180 miles of trails for biking there.

The Golden Pond Visitor Center and Planetarium are just two of the many family-friendly activities in this area.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can enjoy a thrilling natural escape at The Land Between the Lakes.

  1. Frazier Kentucky History Museum — Louisville

What You’ll Experience

The Frazier, Kentucky History Museum, is a must-have on any list of Louisville’s top family-friendly attractions.

This museum explores Kentucky’s history, legacy, and culture, from its Civil War past to its world-class Bourbon.

This museum also has other interesting exhibits, such as the Big Stick of President Theodore Roosevelt and Geronimo’s bow and arrows.

Recommended Ages

For kids aged 6 to 12, the Frazier Kentucky History Museum provides a thought-provoking and enlightening experience.

  1. Dinosaur World — Cave City

What You’ll Experience

Dinosaur World is the only place like it in the state of Kentucky.

This outdoor theme park is ideal for kids who love dinosaurs and is filled with interactive games and life-size dinosaur replicas.

Visitors may spot the dino sculptures along a walking path that meanders across the woodland.

Additionally, each sculpture has a placard with interesting facts about the dinosaur.

The park has a playground with slides, swings, and children’s games designed after dinosaurs.

Recommended Ages

For children 12 and younger, Dinosaur World is an exciting and instructive pit stop.

  1. Froggetts Guntown Mountain — Cave City

What You’ll Experience

Would you like to embark on a wild west adventure?

Why not include Kentucky’s Froggetts Guntown Mountain on your list of family-friendly destinations nearby?

This family-friendly attraction transports visitors back in time to the Wild West thoughtfully and distinctively.

This attraction provides a flavor of the bygone Wild West era with its gunfight reenactments and can-can performances.

A mini golf course and a haunted house are just two family-friendly amenities that Guntown Mountain offers.

Recommended Ages

Ages 6 and up are appropriate for Froggett’s Guntown Mountain.

  1. Bluegrass Scenic Railroad and Museum — Versailles

What You’ll Experience

The history of Kentucky’s railroads is exhibited and preserved through Bluegrass Scenic Railroad.

This museum has been offering entertaining train tours for almost 20 years.

The state’s first railroad stone sills are among the outstanding outdoor exhibits that may be found here.

Suitable Ages

The Bluegrass Scenic Railroad and Museum is a fascinating and entertaining destination for kids ages six and older.

  1. Boone Creek Gorge Zipline Tour — Lexington

What You’ll Experience

Looking for a tonne of great family activities in Kentucky?

Take a thrilling zipline canopy tour in the storied Boone Creek Gorge for a jolt of adrenaline.

This tour is ideal for teenagers, older children, and adults, especially the adventurous ones, as it includes a rappel, suspended bridges, and six zip lines.

Additionally, this excursion gives you a distinctive viewpoint of the lush Kentucky hardwood forest.

Recommended Ages

Ages 9 and older are suitable for the safe Boone Creek Gorge zipline trip.

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