12 Fun Things to Do in Newport with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

One of the most common stereotypes about Newport is that it is a summer retreat for the rich and famous, with all the luxurious ships and mansions that can be found there.

And yet, the town is ideal for a vacation with the kids.

Newport has many great family-friendly activities, including accessible beaches, educational tours, and popular sites.

Read our Newport, Rhode Island guide if you want to take your family on a memorable trip.

  1. International Tennis Hall of Fame

This unique museum has been open to the public since 1954 and is located inside the original Newport Casino.

Why We Recommend, This Kid-Friendly Activity

Teenagers and energetic young children will have a blast at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

This destination offers a wide variety of tennis courts and amenities, guaranteeing that you and your group will have a great time.

Trophies, artwork, and photographs are just some of the tennis-related treasures on display in the museum.

Recommended Ages

Visiting the International Tennis Hall of Fame for kids over six is an informative and entertaining diversion.

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  1. Newport Trolley

Every day, you may catch a ride to Newport’s southernmost point on a trolley that leaves the tourist center.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This weekend, take your kids on a historic trolley ride around town for an inexpensive day out.

You can get an excellent feel for Newport for a low cost and a convenient way to get around town.

Any child under four can ride for free.

You can also take a guided trolley tour of Newport for a fee if you want to learn more about the city.

Recommended Ages

All ages can ride the Newport Trolley in comfort and safety.

We suggest going this route if you want to get around town with a baby.

  1. The Breakers

This sumptuous mansion, designed in the Renaissance style and constructed by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1893, is well-known for its lavish amenities.

Why We Recommend, This Kid-Friendly Activity

Are you looking for indoor activities in Newport for your children when it’s too chilly or rainy to go outside?

If you’re looking for a spot to take the kids in Newport, make this house your first stop.

Despite first impressions, there is a kid-friendly audio tour available.

Furthermore, did you know that?

Listening to the accounts of former young residents brings the mansion to life.

Recommended Ages

For the best experience, we suggest that tourists be at least six years old before taking this trip and visiting this mansion.

  1. The Elms

This stately palace from the Classical Revival style was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Among Newport’s many magnificent houses, The Elms is one of the most popular with families.

Families may learn about the history of the estate through exclusive tours that go behind the scenes.

In addition, there are lawns and gardens for outdoor recreation.

Recommended Ages

Children above nine will probably find the mansion’s extravagant furnishings and enormous dimensions fascinating.

To be fair, this mansion might not be all that exciting for the little ones.

Positively, children under nine will still find the garden a lot of fun.

  1. Rough Point

In 2000, the estate was renovated and reopened as a museum to showcase Doris Duke’s artifacts and other collections.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity.

Kids under 12 are permitted into the mansion for free.

Better still, the tour is informative and entertaining, perfect for anyone curious about Doris Duke’s background.

What’s more, Duke’s collection of artwork is breathtaking in its exquisiteness.

Recommended Ages

Anyone above the age of nine can enjoy Rough Point.

  1. Museum of Newport History

The Newport Historical Society maintains this museum in a building from 1762 that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Among the most remarkable things to do in Newport today with kids is a visit to this museum.

The museum perfectly chronicles Newport’s 300-year history through various hands-on displays, making it an excellent choice for families.

Recommended Ages

The Newport History Museum offers engaging events and exhibits for kids aged six and above.

  1. Redwood Library

A US National Historic Landmark from its inception in 1747, this museum and library date back to the American Revolution.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This library is a one-stop shop for families looking for more fun things to do in Newport.

The library offers free programs for children and their parents that will be a hit.

Recommended Ages

The Story Time program is a lot of fun for kids under three.

The library also has a Toddler Open Play program for kids between 18 and 4 years old.

As a parent, I consider it an absolute must if you’re in Newport with kids of any age.

  1. The Newport Cliff Walk

With its enthralling vistas of the town’s wealthy houses and the seashore, this 3.5-mile walkway is a hit with families.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Bring some hyperactive youngsters on your trip.

Let off steam by walking a stretch of the Cliff Walk.

Furthermore, did you know that?

The spectacular ocean views are sure to be a hit with the parents.

And it’s one of our top picks for fun things to do with the kids that don’t cost a dime.

Recommended Ages

The stroller-friendly path is excellent for kids of all ages.

  1. Exploration Center and Aquarium

This museum features many displays and interactive touch tanks with over 40 different aquatic animals.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity.

This aquarium is a great place to take the kids if you’re looking for things to do in the area.

The aquarium provides numerous chances to get up close and personal with animals, including lobsters, dogfish, sharks, and skates, thanks to its many hands-on exhibits and touch tanks.

In addition, there are themed activities, such as scientific experiments and scavenger hunts, available at the aquarium.

Recommended Ages

Adults, teenagers, and kids over three will be blown away by the exhibits at the Exploration Center and Aquarium.

  1. Fort Adams State Park

The park opened in 1965, spans 200 acres of Newport, Rhode Island, and is home to some of the city’s most exciting kid-friendly attractions.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

This state park has many activities suitable for visitors of all ages.

This state park is open all year and features the most famous stronghold in North America.

Also, it provides sledding in the winter, beautiful sunsets, and excursions year-round.

Recommended Ages

Adventurers of all ages can enjoy Fort Adams State Park.

  1. Ocean Drive

This historic district, which spans over 1,509 acres, was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

There are a lot of breathtaking seaside vistas along Ocean Drive.

There are also many rest stops where you and your family can take in the scenery and eat some refreshments.

In addition, it’s a great path to take your buddies for a bike ride.

Recommended Ages

All kids will have a great time on the quick drive along Ocean Drive’s beautiful scenery.

  1. Thames Street

This busy thoroughfare has been the heart and soul of Downtown Newport since the turn of the last century.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

One of the best family activities in Newport is simply taking a stroll through town.

This delightful stretch of stores and booths is the best spot to pick up reasonably priced yet high-quality souvenirs for your vacation.

Historic colonial buildings from the 18th century coexist with various delicious eateries.

Recommended Ages

The shops, cafés, and attractions along Thames Street are geared toward young people aged 6 to 18.

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