12 Fun Things to Do in Providence with Kids — Family Friendly Activities!

Also known as The Creative Capital, Providence city was established in 1636 by Roger Williams to pay respect to God for His mercies.

Being founded a couple of centuries ago makes Providence among the oldest cities in the U.S. Also, the city is the capital of Rhode Island.

Providence is known for its culture, stunning art sceneries, and dynamic nature because it hosts performances such as Trinity Repertory Company, Providence Black Repertory, and award-winning groups.

The city also has other historical landmarks, such as the Rhodes Island State House.

There are various reasons why Providence is known to lure tourists and many families frequently. This glorious city has a lot to offer your family, so if you’re planning a trip, Providence should be on the list of places you want to visit.

Here’s a summarized list of things you and the kids can find exciting while enjoying your stay in the city.

  1. Roger Williams Park Zoo

Founded in 1872, the park is among the top 3 oldest zoos in the country.

This 40-acre forested park is a habitat for over 160 animals, including giraffes, red pandas, and more!

Why Your Family Should Go

Kids have been known to enjoy seeing wild animals; this zoo allows them to get close to them.

This outing is not for the youngster only; the older family members will have an excellent time interconnecting with animals and learning more about them.

Don’t leave the toddlers behind; the park has rented-out strollers that make the strolls around the park much easier and enjoyable for the entire family.

What to Do with Kids

Roger Williams Zoo is undoubtfully the picture-perfect spot for your family.

This is a great learning experience for your kids. They will enjoy learning about the animals and how they adapt to their environment.

Even more exciting is that you are allowed to feed some animals, such as red pandas, giraffes, and cheetahs. This can be an excellent moment to take pictures of your kids feeding the animals.

Recommended Ages

When it comes to feeding the animals, it depends on the kids’ age. For example, those aged two and above can feed the red pandas, while the kids must be five years and above to feed the giraffes and cheetahs.

  1. Waterfire

Among the exciting events in Providence during summer, the Waterfire demonstrates a thrilling fire sculpture of 100 bonfires in this fascinating tourist destination.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re searching for an outstanding and electrifying experience in Providence, head to Waterfire park.

This award-winning event has left many in awe of how it comes to life and its excitement. It is amazing!

What to Do with Kids

Look at the fire sculptures light up the entire place with thousands of tourist cheering and excited.

Your kids will live to remember how the Waterfire took their breath away and the mixture of emotions they had, fearful but also excited.

Recommended Ages

The Waterfire is open to locals and tourists of all ages.

  1. Providence Children’s Museum

The museum has been entertaining and educating children since 1977.

This museum is a perfect spot for families with kids.

Why Your Family Should Go

The museum has a lot to offer. It keeps your kids’ minds engaged, they can acquire new skills when engaging in hands-on activities, and they’ll have fun.

The experience is not only for the kiddos but also for the adults. The parents can also enjoy the museum exhibitions as they assist the kids in their activities.

Who knows_ the lovebirds might get something too!

What to Do with Kids

With a variety of exhibitions that your kids can engage in, they’ll be occupied for hours.

The museum gives your kids the chance to be industrious. They can use the materials and tools available and put their creativity to work.

Recommended Ages

The museum is accessible to visitors of all ages. But, some exhibits have age restriction rules; for example, in the Thinkspace and Innovation Lab, the kids should be at least four years while the Littlewoods is best suited for those aged 0 to 4.

  1. RISD Museum

Founded in 1877, the museum holds about 100,000 outstanding ornamental artworks from centuries ago.

The museum’s exhibitions include sculptures, paintings, and more awe-inspiring art pieces.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you are a fan of creative works, you’ll find the RISD museum an exciting place to be. And if you love discovering different cultures, this museum has exhibits from various cultures of the Egyptians, Asians, Americans, and Greeks. So there’s a lot to admire and learn from.

What to Do with Kids

Let your kids explore their talents by trying to come up with artwork of their own. This is an excellent learning experience, especially the art enthusiasts.

As a parent, take advantage of this place and bond with your kids. Work with them on their little projects; they’ll live to remember this day.

Recommended Ages

The doors to the RISD museum are open to guests of all ages.

  1. Crescent Park Looff Carousel

The Crescent Park Looff Carousel has been standing since 1985 and is among Charles I. D. Looff’s innovative projects.

Having been listed in NRHP in 1987 for its wonders, this hand-carved mini-paradise features one camel, two double chariots, 61 horses, and two single coaches.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you plan on staying in Providence for a couple of days, the carousel should be among the destinations you wish to visit with your children.

Get to see the architecture and design behind this attractive park. But, of course, don’t forget the joyful horse rides!

What to Do with Kids

When a carousel is mentioned, the kiddos can’t help but jump out of excitement. They love it!

At Crescent Park, they get to experience the same kind of excitement. Considering its size and the number of horses it has, the carousel can accommodate a large number of families.

So, on your day in this historical city, don’t forget to take your kids for a ride at the Crescent Park Looff Carousel.

Recommended Age

This amusement park is open to visitors across all age groups.

  1. India Point Park

Sitting on 18 acres and still standing since 1976, this park is a perfect hanging-out spot for tourists and locals. Yearly, the park receives over 75,000 people.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you are looking forward to chilling out this weekend, check out India Point Park. It is a perfect spot for a family day out.

If you’re planning a lunch or dinner picnic, you can bring your food or buy from the food trucks around the park.

Appreciate the picturesque view of the green-covered land while enjoying your mouthwatering meal.

What to Do with Kids

The park has a playground where your kids can run around and play football or volleyball as you unwind from your daily routines.

Visiting this park is indisputably among the best places in Providence. You can experience delicious food, a relaxing atmosphere, and lovely bay views.

Recommended Ages

Local and guests of all ages across the country have a blast at India Point Park.

  1. East Bay Bike Path

The Bike Path is among the most loved spots in Providence by avid bikers. This 14.5-mile rail trail begins at Providence, heading to India Point Park.

The park is estimated to be receiving millions of people who come to stroll and bike along the stretch.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re considering an activity that will not run your pockets dry, take your kids to the East Bay Bike Path. As you cycle from one stop to the other, you’ll enjoy the beautiful views of the waters.

Moreover, you get to burn some calories in your biking adventure.

What to Do with Kids

This path is only meant for biking, so bring your bicycles and teach your kids how to ride a bike. This can be a good time for kid-parent bonding.

There are no time limits here; you get to bike all day without rushing.

Recommended Ages

All are welcome to exercise, bike, and stroll at the East Bay Bike Path.

  1. Historic Federal Hill

Known as Providence heart, this historical part of the city is acknowledged for its collection of shops, restaurants, and more!

Also, it features the blending of the American-Italian culture.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you have just arrived at Providence and have not yet laid a plan for the day, head to the Historic Federal Hill. Here you’ll get quality family time as you enjoy your meal; you can opt to go out shopping or listen to live music.

This destination is best for family bonding moments.

What to Do with Kids

We all love mouthwatering pizzas, and since the place is known to comprise an Italian culture, you can take the kids to one of the Italian restaurants, such as Roma Ristorante, where you can try out several dishes.

Recommended Ages

All guests will enjoy their stay at the Historic Federal Hill, whether old or young.

  1. Rhode Island State House

In 1970, the State house was included in the National Register of Historic Places and is known to serve as the state legislature.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you want to learn the in-depth history of Rhodes Island, visit the Rhode Island State House.

Apart from the actualities of the state, you can stroll around and appreciate the state house architecture.

What to Do with Kids

The facility offers well-guided tours where your kids can learn more about the state and how the government implements laws.

Recommended Ages

If you want to understand the state better, the doors to the State House are open to the public.

  1. Waterplace Park

Have you ever heard of the WaterFire? Well, they occur at Waterplace Park. This park is a trendy tourist attraction that highlights various restaurants, shops, and Venice-styled pedestrian bridges.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you want a perfect glimpse of what the city beholds, visit the Venice-styled bridges at Waterplace Park. There’s a lot of sightseeing here, the idyllic city’s tall buildings, surrounding waters, and trees.

Do you want to add something captivating to your social media posts? Here at Waterplace, you can take snaps to mark that did set foot in this fascinating city.

What to Do with Kids

Get to the bridges and get a grasp of the city, and if you find the gondolas operating, don’t hesitate to sightsee the waters underneath the bridges.

Recommended Ages

Members of the State and tourists of all ages are welcome at Waterplace Park.

  1. The Providence Rink at the Alex and Ani City Center

Known to be fit for kids in all seasons, Alex and Ani City Center is a recreational area that poses various fun activities such as ice skating, ice bumper cars, and roller skating.

Why Your Family Should Go

Despite the season, you can never run out of things to do at this center. This spot is perfect for the entire family to enjoy themselves while skating.

What to Do with Kids

Teach the kiddos the at the Alex and Ani City Center

The center is an excellent practice area for those who want to hone their skating skills.

Recommended Ages

Those aged 12 and below must be accompanied by their parents or older siblings for safety precautions.

  1. Muse Paintbar

The Muse Paintbar was opened to the public in 2014. It allowed art enthusiasts to show their creative abilities while enjoying other people’s work.

There are workshops where those interested in learning the ways of the pros in painting can try their hand.

Why Your Family Should Go

Well, you need not be a painter to enjoy the exhibits of the Muse Paintbar. Here, you are given a chance to go beyond your limits.

What to Do with Kids

Taking your kids to this place can help them unleash their hidden talents through painting, or they can also express their emotions in their work. In addition, this can be a great learning experience for your kids.

Recommended Ages

The Muse Paintbar is open to all who wish to try their hands at painting.

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