12 Fun Things to Do in St. George, UT with Kids

Washington County, Utah, in the United States, has St. George as its county seat and largest city.

It is the capital of the St. George Metropolitan Statistical Area and is situated in the state’s southwest, close to the Arizona border.

The name “Dixie” was given to the city when it was established in 1861 as a cotton mission.

Despite the crop never being economically successful, the local population increased dramatically.

The St. George region is now well-known for its year-round outdoor leisure options and proximity to numerous state parks.

Discover why St. George, Utah is famous for its outdoor leisure activities by looking over our list of entertaining things to do with kids.

  1. Red Hills Desert Garden

Utah’s first desert conservation garden is called Red Hills Desert Garden.

The approximately 5-acre park includes 200 million-year-old dinosaur tracks, 5,000 water-efficient plants, a 1,150-foot stream supplied with native and endangered fish species, a miniature slot canyon, and 1,150 feet of native and endangered flora.

Virgin River Program, the City of St. George, and Washington County Water Conservancy District collaborated on the project.

Since the garden’s debut in the spring of 2015, thousands have come to visit.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Here are some low-cost family activities that everyone can enjoy.

It’s a lovely spot to stroll through or enjoy the plants and stunning blooms in a charming desert setting.

It’s ideal if you’re traveling with a baby and want something that won’t stress your family out too much.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome, and this park is free.

  1. Pioneer Park

Rock climbers worldwide can enjoy 52 acres of community park space at Pioneer Park.

There are numerous smaller picnic areas with tables, two metal trellis pavilions, a separate fire pit with an amphitheater, and a large trellis pavilion with two barbecues amenities available at this park.

Numerous hiking trails lead to a Boy Scout Cave, a historic pioneer cabin location, slot canyons, and a connection to the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Visit one of the most well-known family destinations in St. George to experience nature’s playground.

You’d want to take a family picture of the enormous “DIXIE” written on a red rock while having some barbecue, games, or other enjoyable things you may bring to this park.

Even children in your family will enjoy this park’s most accessible but beautiful routes.

It’s the ideal venue for young explorers curious and seeking an easy diversion.

Recommended Ages

This park is open to everyone without a fee.

  1. St. George Temple

There is a temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. George, Utah (LDS Church).

It was started by Joseph Smith and finished in 1877.

Truman O created the temple. Angeli resembles the Nauvoo Temple more than the later temples of the church.

The oldest temple still in use by the church is St. George Temple.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Here are some easy activities you may do nearby with kids. Visit St. George Temple for a lovely and tranquil experience.

Your family can stroll around the vibrant gardens framed by lovely tall trees, relax by the fountains, and take in the breathtaking vistas.

It’s one of the most tranquil, free family activities.

Recommended Ages

All people of all ages are welcome to visit and enjoy our temple for free.

  1. Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

On the northern edge of the Mojave Desert in southwest Utah, north of St. George sits the 44,724-acre (180.99km2) Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.

It was created due to the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. As a component of the National Landscape Conservation System, it is overseen by the Bureau of Land Management.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Here’s a hidden gem that’s regarded as one of the top family-friendly activities in St. George.

Take your group trek around the canyon to see lovely desert flowers and natural pop-ups.

You can even find ancient prints and streams.

Your children might stumble upon some rocks with Indian petroglyphs on them.

It doesn’t matter if you go hiking, camping, or rock climbing – this is an adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Recommended Ages

All ages will appreciate this place.

Activities’ age restrictions are according to parental discretion.

  1. Thunder Junction All Abilities Park

Thunder Junction All Abilities Park is a renowned seven-acre park in St. George.

This incredibly imaginative project cost $5.5 million to design and construct and took about three years to complete.

Dinosaurs in a Desert Oasis is the park’s theme, and it has a train.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

You may find the best toddler activities in St. George right here.

There are various kid-friendly attractions nearby that can let them expand all of their tremendous energy.

There is a lot of adventure to cover, and your toddlers and preteens will love it.

A small zip line, a miniature water park, a climbing wall, slides, spinning rides, and more are available.

Picnic pavilions are available, and you might even see some small animals.

Your youngsters wouldn’t want to miss this park with a dinosaur theme.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages are welcome in this park, which is free.

  1. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

By chance, the St. George Dinosaur Discover Site became a museum.

The museum was established in 2000 as local optometrist Dr. Sheldon Johnson was leveling a slope on his property.

After clearing many feet of earth, he discovered a thick sandstone layer.

This layer had the “paleontological jackpot”: dinosaur footprints.

In 2005, Dr. Johnson and his wife LaVerna decided to share the tracks with the rest of the world and open their land to the public.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Are there any dinosaur fans in your family?

Are you looking for kid-friendly activities in St. George, Utah, so that you can spend time together?

This museum is the ideal location.

Your tiny archeologists would spend hours fascinated by dinosaur exhibits and fossil prints.

With the practical exercises you’ll find here, they’d learn something besides having fun.

Recommended Ages

Teens who are seventeen years old or older must pay the regular admission price for adults.

Children between the ages of 4 and 16 can get discounts.

Three-year-olds and young toddlers are admitted for free.

  1. Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site

The National Register of Historic Places first listed the Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site in 1971 as a historic home and museum.

From 1870 to 1877, President Brigham Young spent the winters at St. George, Utah.

He and his family moved into what is now known as the Brigham Young Winter Home in 1872.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Take your group on a historical excursion to witness how an 18-century family lived.

In this museum, you’ll find some antiques that have been maintained, along with exciting information.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to enter for free.

  1. St. George Children’s Museum

The old Dixie Academy building at 86 South Main is currently home to the St. George Children’s Museum, which was incorporated in March 2011.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Your little children might drool over this location.

It is a child’s fantasy playground.

In this entertaining environment, they’ll discover many real-world buildings and shops that have been scaled down to fit them.

They will discover government buildings, grocery stores, prehistoric locations, mystical castles, music halls, and banks.

They can spend hours exploring the various chambers and having a blast.

Recommended Ages

Children under two are admitted free of charge.

  1. Paragon Adventures

Todd Goss established the outdoor recreation facility known as Paragon Adventures in 1994.

Since then, it has expanded to support more than nine programs.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Here’s something that teenagers would love.

Zip lining, canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, or discovering caves will be a blast.

At this facility, channel your inner Tomb Raider or explorer for a memorable family bonding time.

Recommended Ages

The minimum age requirement for the programs at this adventure park is five years old.

  1. Bloomington Petroglyph Park

A historical location with petroglyphs is called Bloomington Petroglyph Park.

This rustic park is half an acre and features large stones with petroglyphs.

The ancient people’s story is revealed through the figures carved into the rocks.

Numerous images have been carved to depict human and animal forms and what could be very early road maps.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

Bring your group to observe how people communicated stories before the development of books and technology.

You can see sculptures in this park that resemble people, animals, and unusual symbols; these are thought to be the work of the Anasazi Indians, the Navajo tribe’s ancestors.

The location is still suggested if you enjoy ancient history and want to see these sculptures for yourselves. The place is still recommended for a quick visit even though there isn’t a play area.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome in this park.

  1. Zion National Park

When Nephi Johnson arrived in what would eventually become Zion National Park in 1858, the canyon was inhabited by the Paiute Indians.

In 1861, Isaac Behunin established the first permanent European-American settlement in the canyon by erecting a one-room log cabin close to where Zion Lodge now stands.

One of the park’s most recognizable locations now is this house.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

You may find fun family activities near the well-known Zion National Park in St. George.

You’d have a ball this weekend whether you wanted to go on a hike, view Weeping Rock, stroll along Riverside Walk, admire the stunning Lower Emerald Pools, check out the Human History Museum, or do any number of other things.

Recommended Ages

This area includes activities for infants, toddlers, older children, teenagers, and adults.

  1. Silver Reef

When They found silver in sandstone, a geological rarity, Silver Reef saw a mining boom.

Today, the place is a Wild West ghost town in a stunning geological setting.

Why We Recommend This Kid-Friendly Activity

One of the most exciting and entertaining things to do with kids in St. George, Utah, is to explore a ghost town.

Your group would enjoy exploring the abandoned buildings of a former mining settlement while learning more about its background.

Recommended Ages

There is a general admission charge for the entire family.

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