12 Fun Things to Do in Ventura with Kids — Family Friendly activities!

Famously known as a City of Good Fortune, Ventura is the heart of Ventura County and is situated amid Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Formally, the city is known as San Buenaventura. However, most people know it by a shortened version of its name, Ventura.

The Bella Maggiore Inn, City Hall, and Olivas Adobe are some of the most famous places believed to be inhabited by disembodied spirits. Such supernatural activities are greatly loved by those who live within and those visiting.

For timid people, there is room for enjoyment as they visit the city annually to have fun at the shores and enjoy other leisure activities that stimulate them.

If you are considering a place where your family can take a stretch of leisure time, check out the following list of entertaining activities.

  1. Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Island National Park, launched on 5th March 1980, has five uncommon and rare islands. This is a leading destination for tourists and locals to discover the best of nature.

Why Your Family Should Go

The stunning views the Channel Island National Park offers can be best appreciated by experiencing them yourself.

You may go island hopping, surfing, kayaking, and whale viewing if you enjoy water sports.

What to Do with Kids

There are 27 species of whales that the kids can enjoy watching from the water surrounding the Channel Island National Park.

This is a great learning experience not only for the children but some of the adults too. This acquaints them with marine life and is one of the top family activities.

Recommended Ages

People of all ages are free to enjoy the serene beauty the Channel Island National Park, and its water environs provide.

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  1. Ventura Harbor Village

The Ventura Harbor Village, considerably the central part of Ventura, is a place you can not afford not to visit if you are a tourist in the city.

Various restaurants, beaches, and fun activities such as boating, biking, and many more are some features of popular hangout places.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you are in a dilemma and can’t decide what to venture into with your kids, go to Ventura Harbor Village and check out the fantastic offers of the city.

Within the location, there are restaurants such as the old-fashioned themed restaurant – The Busy Bee Café, where you can start by having some lunch.

After savoring the cuisine, the beautiful waves offered by Harbor Cove Beach will provide a haven for you and your clan to relax under the sun.

What to Do with Kids

There is a play area at the beach where the kids can enjoy as the adults busk in the sun.

The most incredible thing is that the beach is shielded from strong waves, so the parents do not have to worry about their children.

Recommended Ages

Anyone in the general public can easily access the Ventura Harbor Village.

  1. Ventura Boat Rentals

Tourists and locals who prefer water sports for fun, such as kayaking, pedal boating, and paddle boarding, have the Ventura Boat Rentals, which has been operational since 1982, where they can go and hire whatever they need.

Why Your Family Should Go

Ventura Boat Rentals offers a variety of boats. These include single-kayas, double-kayas, electric boats, pedal boats, and more. You can drop by and enjoy one or two hours of fun-filled boating activities.

What to Do with Kids

One of the energizing ways to stay active is by paddling around Ventura Boat Rentals waters with your kids.

Recommended Ages

Visitors can enjoy the smooth boat ride and have a fantastic time at Ventura Boat Rentals. The only rule for riding a boat is to weigh less than 50 pounds, regardless of whether you are old or young.

  1. Brophy Bros

The Brophy Bros is the restaurant you want to go to if you wish to have a dining experience you will live to remember. The restaurant has been offering delightful and delicious food since it was opened in 1986.

Why Your Family Should Go

The clam chowder has been the best dish since becoming the fan favorite. You will love it too!

Also, you can catch the breathtaking sight of the beach while enjoying the distinctive sensation of your food.

What to Do with Kids

The Brophy Bros has a special menu for the kids. For example, you can order some chicken tenders and a plate of grilled cheese for the kids, and they will fall in love with it.

Recommended Ages

All customers are welcome to Brophy Bros, regardless of age.

  1. Coastal Cone

If you want to be served one of America’s favorite desserts in a very creative way, the Coastal Cone is the place to be.

Since 1983, the Coastal Cone has had a wide and out-of-the-ordinary flavor selection. Examples are Coconut Pineapple, Cherry Vanilla, Birthday Cake, and many more.

Why Your Family Should Go

There is no finer way to top off your meal at Brophy Bros than to drop by for dessert at the Coastal Cone.

If you are there for the first time, you must try their fish cone as it is one of their best sellers.

The vegans, too, shall not be left behind. The Coastal Cone also serves non-dairy flavors.

What to Do with Kids

For the children, a visit to the Coastal Cone is like a visit to heaven.

The kids are bound to find a favorite with all the mouthwatering and thrilling flavors at the ice cream store. Enjoying this together is, beyond doubt, the best activity to do with kids in Ventura.

Recommended Ages

Coastal Cone is more than excited to accommodate any customer that walks into the ice cream shop. There is something for everyone.

  1. Village Carousel and Arcade

Skeeball, pinball, and more are just a few classic features of the Village Carousel and Arcade. In this establishment, locals and tourists visit to get that bittersweet yearning for the things of the past.

Why Your Family Should Go

If many kids surround you, the Village Carousel and Arcade is the place to go. They will have plenty of fun playing arcade games, and you will do too.

What to Do with Kids

At the Village Carousal and Arcade, the carousel is one of the main things kids are attracted to inside. Besides, there are loads of prizes at the redemption booth as long as they have collected enough tickets from the arcade games.

Recommended Ages

The games at the Village Carousel and Arcade offer a variety of choices to people of all ages.

  1. Downtown Ventura

Downtown Ventura is the place to go for lovers of History and Art. The area is rich in history and culture. The infamous Mission San Buenaventura home also features galleries and museums.

Why Your Family Should Go

Downtown Ventura is a location you should explore if you enjoy learning history and appreciating art.

Aside from the town’s rampant history and culture, you can also spend time shopping and eating.

What to Do with Kids

A museum within Downtown Ventura provides a serene environment for the kids to discover the city’s history and enjoy themselves.

This is a chance for them to view the fine art pieces produced by skilled artists.

The town’s diversity makes it one of Ventura’s best kids’ activities.

Recommended Ages

It does not matter how old you are; you are invited to try out the town.

  1. Zander’s Game House

For those who prefer indoor activities, Zander’s Game House has been a perfect place for families who have liked to hang out indoors since it opened up in 2016.

There are over 900 games that those who visit can play.

Why Your Family Should Go

At this establishment, playing board games is an example of a favorite family fun activity. But, aside from that, there are other options like Charades, Catan, or Family Feud.

With the extreme range of game selections, there will be no dull moments at the hangout spot. On the plus side, visiting Zander’s Game House is cheap family fun.

What to Do with Kids

Kids can test their thinking capabilities and sportsmanship by playing some games suitable for them. Such games include Snakes and Ladders, Uno, Monopoly, and more.

Recommended Ages

There is no age limit for fun!

  1. Wheel Fun Rentals

Situated at the Ventura Pier, Wheel Fun Rentals is an excellent place for locals and tourists to hire bikes and spend a day at the pier.

Customers can choose from 10 bike types in the facility, such as kid bikes, surreys, tandem bikes, and more.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit the Wheel Fun Rentals and unleash the double surrey if you want to move leisurely around the Ventura Pier. Especially if you are with a baby, this is the better option. It provides a multi-person capacity that makes the experience fun and memorable.

What to Do with Kids

A lot can be done by the kids too. For example, Wheel Fun Rentals also offers kid bikes so children can move about the pier freely.

Recommended Ages

All are welcome.

  1. Ventura Marina Park Peninsula

One of the most regularly visited tourist sites in Ventura today is the Ventura Marina Park Peninsula, located at the south end of Pierpont Boulevard.

This place will explain why it is such a hit. Not only does it have a divine beach, but it also has fun recreational activities.

Why Your Family Should Go

The most enjoyable activities are kayaking, picnics, boat-watching, and swimming. Visiting Ventura Marina Park Peninsula is one of the best decisions ever.

What to Do with Kids

There is a play area within the premises for kids. There is also an antique sailing ship replica which kids love.

Devoting a day to the Ventura Marina Park Peninsula is an excellent choice of free kid-friendly things to do in the city.

Recommended Ages

The Ventura Marina Park Peninsula is an incredible place for people of all ages to chill and unwind.

  1. Ventura Pier and Promenade

The Ventura Pier and Promenade was founded in 1872. It is a trendy gathering place. Biking and swimming are some enjoyable things you can do at the pier.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Ventura Pier and Promenade is a breathtaking beauty for lovers of nature and outdoor recreation.

The quaint views at this spot are way unfathomable. However, an observatory stroll along the pier will sweep you off your feet.

What to Do with Kids

There is a playground for your kids to enjoy if they prefer to stay dry. Otherwise, you’re advised to carry a swimsuit for them. The sandy beaches and the ocean is out of this world.

Recommended Ages

The Ventura Pier and Promenade is accessible to locals and tourists of all ages.

  1. Serra Cross Park

The name of the Serra Cross Park originated from the Serra Cross, which it houses. The cross was built in 1782.

It is a famous place that tourists add to their guidebooks and is a must-visit historical landmark.

Why Your Family Should Go

The best view of Ventura is made possible at Serra Cross Park. By just dropping by, you get your breath blown away by the beauty of the beach and the city.

The atmosphere makes you closely acquainted with the environment; you get an instance of reflection and enjoyment.


What to Do with Kids

Such a beautiful place and moment should not just be captured in your memories. It should also be in your photo albums. The massive cross in the middle of the site will woo you and the kids.

Spending a day relaxing at Serra Cross Park is a very satisfying thing to do in Ventura.

Recommended Ages

It is essential to keep your children around you or at an easily observable distance to avoid inconveniences of any kind.

The Serra Cross Park is open to all.

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