12 Fun Things to Do in Virginia with Kids — Best Family-Friendly Attractions!

Virginia’s wealthy traditional culture and amazing natural characteristics make for some perfect family holiday trips.

Along with so many places that are suitable for families to visit, it can be complicated business choosing the perfect travel destination.

To assist you to narrow your search, we’ve made a list of our much-loved cool activities to do in Virginia with children.

  1. Busch Gardens & Water Country — Williamsburg

What You’ll Experience

Williamsburg is the origin of many of the most wonderful family-friendly hotels in Virginia, so there’s an opportunity for you’ll come here.

If you do, we extremely suggest going on an exceptional trip to Busch Gardens where family excitement comes in shovels.

Here, there are many thrilling rides, a ton of tasty food, and a compilation of unique and interesting zoo animals.

If you’re going with kids, then you’ll discover that this is one of the most wonderful child-friendly spots to go near you.

Recommended Ages

So much fun here for every member of the family of all ages.

And their child-friendly hotspots are particularly pitched for kids from the age of 9 and younger.

  1. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center — Virginia Beach

What You’ll Experience

On this water journey, you and your team will see over 300 types of incredible sea animals from all over the planet.

They additionally offer several practical activities and thrilling boat trips.

Studying their indoor exhibitions is as enjoyable as it is informative, and it’s one of our much-loved activities to do with children when it’s rainy.

Recommended Ages

Major sections and activities of the aquarium are appropriate for kids of all ages.

  1. Military Aviation Museum — Virginia Beach

What You’ll Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a family of aviation buffs or not, a journey to this remarkable museum won’t make you frustrated.

They claim the biggest compilation of old WWI and WWII aircraft in the state, all of them in flawless condition.

What else?

For real extraordinary enjoyment, you can take aircraft with one of their expert pilots and see Virginia from the sky.

In our point of view, the most wonderful family holidays in Virginia are unfinished without going to this amazing spot.

Recommended Ages

There aren’t age limitations for entry into the museum.

But you may desire to call ahead for suggested ages for their flight trips.

  1. Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure — Richmond

What You’ll Experience

Richmond is known for a lot of the most wonderful Virginia spots for families.

So explore this capital city in the silliest way ever: a scavenger hunt!

This adventure keeps the children thrilled and involved as you explore some of the most wonderful spots in Richmond.

All you should bring is a cell phone and a nice pair of shoes as you and your crew crack hints and finish challenges.

Recommended Ages

The scavenger hunt is entertaining for every member of the family of all ages, including younger kids and teenagers.

  1. Virginia Beach Oceanfront — Virginia Beach

What You’ll Experience

If you’re searching for the most wonderful family shores in Virginia, check out the Oceanfront region of Virginia Beach.

Here, open entry to white sandy shores isn’t complicated and there’s a lot to explore and do once you’re done swimming around.

The excitement in the sun’s rays at Oceanfront includes a 3-mile path, live entertainment, open-air eateries, and a diversity of free-of-charge children’s activities.

Recommended Ages

There’s no age limit here. Simply don’t forget to bring additional sunblock for the small kids!

  1. Luray Caverns — Luray

What You’ll Experience

As one of the biggest and most spectacular caves in the easterly United States, tourists who come here are normally left in amazement.

The concreted, effortless paths guide you through cathedral-sized caves with 10-story tall ceilings.

That natural wonder is just difficult to define for anyone who hasn’t gone there.

This is one of the most extraordinarily exciting spots for children in Virginia.

Recommended Ages

Children and grown-ups can all marvel at these remarkable caves.

  1. Roanoke Pinball Museum — Roanoke

What You’ll Experience

For low-priced, lovely fun for the whole family, sway by the Roanoke Pinball Museum and spend the afternoon experiencing this exciting compilation of pinball machines.

There is not just a lot of fun to be had; however, this museum also provides great information on the history and knowledge of the game.

Remarkably, several machines in this compilation date back to the 30s.

Recommended Ages

We suggest this place for families with children who are sufficiently tall to play pinball.

And it is an exciting place for teens, too.

  1. Jamestown & American Revolution Museum — Williamsburg

What You’ll Experience

Those two premier existing history museums travel you back in time to the early years of the American colonies.

See captivating reforms of day-to-day life in the Jamestown Colony and track the incidents of the American Revolution clarify before your eyes.

The overwhelming enjoyment is completed by great-quality exhibits that transport visitors to the 17th-century colonial era.

And their engaging screens are common with interested children.

Recommended Ages

From 3 and up, love this interactive alternative to the regular museum experience.

  1. Massanutten Waterpark — McGaheysville

What You’ll Experience

Massanutten Waterpark includes simultaneously indoor and open-air activities and slides, making this one of the most wonderful cool spots for children in Virginia.

Not just that!

The park additionally shows off a state-of-the-art arcade center.

We consider the water park a part of one of our much-loved family resorts in Virginia.

So, if you remain searching for a spot to visit, this could be perfect.

Recommended Ages

The gates welcome kids of all ages, with something to do for small children, their families, and everybody in the middle.

  1. Great Falls Park — McLean

What You’ll Experience

This 800-acre park is only 15 miles from Richmond and is a stunning view to see.

Here, you’ll watch where the Potomac River forms speed and crashes down the sharp boulders of Mather Gorge.

There are many outstanding entertaining things in the park that your children will love, involving fishing, hiking, riding bikes, and also horse-riding.

Recommended Ages

All families with children of all ages are welcome to visit and enjoy Great Falls Park.

  1. Dinosaur Land — White Post

What You’ll Experience

If you’re searching for activities to do in Virginia with kids, then we extremely recommend visiting Dinosaur Land for a one-of-kind and thrilling experience.

At Dinosaur Land, children love the chance to see this huge group of dinosaur statues.

Families have been coming with their kids here for years, and a good cause!

The picture opportunities here are difficult to beat.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages enjoy this place, particularly children sufficiently old to love the feeling of walking between dinosaurs.

  1. Electric Bike Rental — Alexandria

What You’ll Experience

Get a ride through the historic paths of Old Town Alexandria via electric bikes.

This brilliant trip brings you past all the most wonderful sites of Alexandria before leading you to a beautiful road up to Mount Vernon.

Travelers get the best bikes for their shape along with a helmet, wide-ranging map, and safety guidelines.

Recommended Ages

Bicycles can be equipped with carriages, carrier bikes, or baby seats so that kids of all ages aren’t excluded, making it one of our much-loved cool activities to do in Virginia with children.

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