12 Fun Things to Do in Washington with Kids — Best Family-Friendly Attractions!

You are fortunate to be arranging a family vacation to Washington.

This state offers the most spectacular characteristics of the Pacific Northwest, from bustling urban centers to unspoiled nature.

Creating the ideal trip itinerary is difficult because there are many opportunities for memorable encounters.

We have compiled this list of kid-friendly activities in Washington to assist you.

  1. Urban Adventure Quest Team Scavenger Hunt — Seattle

What You’ll Experience

You will almost certainly spend at least one night in Seattle because it is home to some of the best family hotels in the state.

With it, you and your friends may have a hilarious adventure through the city on a scavenger hunt.

Visit some of Seattle’s most popular attractions while keeping the kids entertained with this activity.

Bottom of Form

You can see the Space Needle from Seattle Center, hop on the Monorail to get downtown, and more.

Recommended Ages

Families with young children, adolescents, and mature adults will enjoy the scavenger hunt.

  1. Boxx Berry Farm — Ferndale

What You’ll Experience

Visit this farm to sample some of the ripe, luscious berries grown by the family who owns the business.

Guests are welcome to purchase a crate of fresh fruit and vegetables or select their berries from the fields.

Picking your raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries is fun for kids.

When you’re done choosing, please stop by their indoor shop to pick up some delicious baked goods, preserves, and syrups.

Recommended Ages

For some inexpensive farm fun, all ages are welcome.

  1. Reindeer Farm — Leavenworth

What You’ll Experience

We visited the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm during one of the most excellent family vacations we’ve ever taken in Washington.

Visitors are greeted by miniature horses and then have the opportunity to feed and pet beautiful reindeer.

Other free kids’ activities are available, including the opportunity to engage with various other farm animals.

Recommended Ages

The farm welcomes visitors of all ages; however, children under the age of three must be accompanied at all times.

  1. Mountain Day Hike — Mount Rainier

What You’ll Experience

Take Mount Rainier’s beauty up close and personal by hiking the Three Burroughs Trail.

Hikers will also glimpse Glacier Peak and Mount Baker on their travels.

There’s also the chance of seeing a mountain goat.

Hiking doesn’t call for any technical climbing abilities.

Only a strong pair of boots and legs will do.

Recommended Ages

This mountain excursion is great for families with teens.

  1. Alki Beach — Seattle

What You’ll Experience

Even though it’s in the middle of the city, Seattle is home to one of the best beaches in Washington for families.

Taking a quick swim in the water with the kids after a long day of walking about the city in the heat is the best way to cool off.

This sandy area is essential in history.

It was there when the very first European explorers set foot on these shores.

The Seattle Indians came to their rescue as they struggled through a particularly severe winter.

Recommended Ages

This beach’s tranquil ambiance makes it ideal for children of all ages.

  1. True West Trail Rides — Spokane

What You’ll Experience

True West Trail Rides is one of the top kid-friendly activities in the area if you are staying at a family resort in the Spokane area.

These folks have been working with horses for almost four decades, so you know you’re getting the best equestrian experiences in the Pacific Northwest when you book with them.

Many different tours are available, and they’re all made for cyclists of varying skill levels.

Recommended Ages

We recommend that riders be at least seven years old.

Tour groups with more than a certain number of children under 14 must make reservations.

  1. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium — Tacoma

What You’ll Experience

This aquarium and zoo boast a wide variety of fascinating creatures.

For families on vacation, we highly suggest checking out Point Defiance.

One of the most enjoyable sites on our list for kids is the Kids’ Zone playground.

Your active children can run around and play on the playground equipment after seeing the animals.

Recommended Ages

No one in your family needs to worry about being too young or old to enjoy themselves here.

  1. Olympic National Park Small Group Tour

What You’ll Experience

If you want to explore everything that Olympic National Park offers but are short on time, we recommend this tour, where you can relax and let your knowledgeable guide do all the work.

You will see the best of what this spectacular Biosphere Reserve has to offer, rain or shine.

Then what?

If you’re staying in downtown Seattle, your hotel or the cruise terminal will provide a pick-up service.

You can also help yourself to complimentary snacks and regional wine.

Recommended Ages

All participants must be at least ten years old.

  1. Boeing Future of Flight — Mukilteo

What You’ll Experience

As the only commercial jet assembly plant tour in the United States, Boeing Future of Flight is a one-of-a-kind destination for families in Washington.

You and your team will see giant jets like the 747 and 787 Dreamliner while still in the building process.

Furthermore, there are many other exhibits to see, making this a great place to take kids on a rainy day.

Recommended Ages

No minimum age, but adventurers must be at least 4 feet in height to participate. Your younger children will need to remain in your arms throughout specific exhibits.

  1. Federal Way’s Wild Waves Water Park and Theme Park

What You’ll Experience

Wild Waves is an amusement park that manages to cram a lot of excitement into a little area.

Federal way park is one of the best places for families to spend a day traveling from wild ride to wild ride.

Reserve one of their exclusive cabanas for a moment of peace.

Due to the number of kiddie rides, it is an excellent alternative for families with children of all ages seeking activities in the Washington, D.C., region.

Recommended Ages

Everyone in the family, regardless of age, is welcome to enjoy themselves.

  1. Quinault Rainforest — Quinault

What You’ll Experience

The Quinault Rainforest is stunning and deserves at least a day of your time.

It’s an excellent place for a relaxing trip through the countryside and outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

The Quinault Rain Forest Ranger Station is the best place to begin your exploration of the area, with its wealth of educational displays and free literature.

We recommend the hike to the Kestner homestead if you want a simple, up-close look at this unspoiled area.

Recommended Ages

No minimum or maximum age requirement exists. Select the family-friendly exploration strategy that appeals to you most.

  1. Whale Watching Excursion — the San Juan Islands

What You’ll Experience

As a parent looking for exciting things to do in Washington with your kids, you can’t do better than this once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching adventure.

It’s a quick trip into the calm waters of the San Juan Islands.

You’ll get up and personal with four different whale species and other wildlife like bald eagles and sea lions, thanks to your guide’s expertise and experience.

Recommended Ages

Children under seven are not permitted on this excursion due to the rough boat ride.

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