13 Best Beaches in South Carolina

South Carolina, also called the Palmetto State, is a top vacation destination for the daring beach lover looking for a wonderfully cool retreat from the grind.

Prepare for a wonderful beach vacation this summer and cross something off your bucket list and get a tan!

South Carolina offers several gorgeous natural sights with the sweltering sun and calming waves along its 2,876 miles of tidal coastline.

What are you still holding out for?

Take a break, pack your bags, and explore South Carolina’s top beaches for an unforgettable experience unmatched anyplace else!

  1. Kiawah Island — Kiawah Island

Are you looking for beaches to visit in South Carolina?

10 miles of gorgeous beaches, white sand, green marshes, and marine woodland coexist together on Kiawah Island.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit Kiawah Island to experience South Carolina’s crystal-clear beaches and engaging recreational pursuits. Enjoy the Tidal Trails with kayak and SUP rentals, play golf at the resort, and satiate your appetite at the Bohicket Marina Market.

Expert Tip

Illegal dumping and carrying of any plastic materials is forbidden to protect marine life.

Bring your own garbage bag, please!Bottom of Form


  1. Hilton Head — Bluffton

Without a doubt, Hilton Head is one of South Carolina’s most picturesque beaches.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Take advantage of one of Bluffton’s stunning beaches and take part in some of the city’s well-known activities, like golfing, tennis, and a spa day unlike any other.

Enjoy sunset dinners and musical performances on the waterfront to unwind after a busy day.

Expert Tip

The best times to visit Hilton Head are in the spring and fall when there are fewer tourists and lodging costs while the weather is still suitable for the beach.

  1. Pawleys Island — Pawleys Island

The finest place to find zoos, sculptures, and gardens with native plants is Pawleys Island, which has pristine white, powdery sand.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This beach is known for having the cleanest shorelines and has calm seas that are ideal for activities like riding, boating, and kayaking for family, friends, and dear ones.

Expert Tip

Make sure to not overlook Pawleys Island on your journey if you want to see the picturesque view of the local creek!

Moreover, spend time with your loved ones at the beach while engaging in conversation and taking in the local food and nightlife scenes.

  1. Huntington Beach State Park — Murrells Inlet

One of South Carolina’s most recognizable landmarks is Huntington Beach State Park.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy sea-breeze camping on the East Coast’s more than 2500 acres of open space for exploration, along with rare birds, waves, and sunsets.

Expert Tip

Visitors who enjoy art and nature can see vegetation, endangered species, including loggerhead turtles, and the adjacent Atalaya Arts and Crafts.

  1. Folly Beach County Park — Folly Beach

Folly Beach, also called “the Edge of America,” is a tranquil location with a lot of surf locations.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy their refreshing drinks from bars positioned on the seafront while surfing or relaxing on the sand in the bright sun.

Bring your cameras to document the occasion and shoot pictures of your family as the sun sets over the ocean in Folly Beach County Park.

Expert Tip

If you can, arrive early to experience the calming beach ambiance and their famous and jaw-dropping sunrise.


  1. Edisto Beach — Edisto Island

One of the few places in South Carolina that has managed to maintain its status as a family-friendly, uncommercialized beach is Edisto Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

You will undoubtedly find this place to be quite intriguing as you explore the routes for hiking and biking in search of some adventures.

Experience the distinctive Edisto Beach tours and the Island’s historic seas, including Botany Bay.

Expert Tip

This beach may be the ideal location to book a ton of relaxing areas for an intimate summer vacation if you’re looking for a tranquil and uncrowded resort.

  1. Isle of Palms — Isle of Palms

The Isle of Palm is a little town with a single long beach that offers everyone an almost limitless amount of space for fun in the sun.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The Island’s renowned championship golf courses are a must-try whether you’re out with family or friends, and you should also attempt many exhilarating water sports, including windsurfing, fishing, and kayaking.

Expert Tip

Take notice that designated swimming areas do not permit the use of boats, surfboards, or other motorized watercraft.

  1. Myrtle Beach — Myrtle Beach

In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is, without a doubt, one of the top beach vacation spots, thanks to its prime location and magnificent attractions.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy its glistening sandy beaches while taking advantage of a number of family-friendly tourist destinations, beachfront hotels, and exciting entertainment options.

Experience some exhilarating adventures at the primary beachfront area, which features fun festivals and theme park-like attractions.

Expert Tip

The farther you venture from the main crowded attractions, the more tranquil and less stressful surroundings you’ll secure, thanks to this destination’s large and extensive territories.

  1. Coligny Beach Park — Hilton Head Island

Let the sea breeze in Coligny Beach carry all your worries and explore one of the popular beaches in South Carolina.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Spend time in the stunning public garden with excellent amenities, which has 12 miles of lavish beach places and a sandy shoreline.

Ensure that you are aware that the area is regarded as the safest beach for children due to the presence of active lifeguards.

Expert Tip

In the summer, the seaside could be overcrowded.

The Island has parking areas for your cars as well as a shuttle bus service if you’re unsure how to navigate the entire beach.

  1. Surfside Beach — Surfside Beach

After being united in 1964, Surfside Beach has long been regarded as the best beach in the Grand Stand for enjoyable family outings.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy the scenery while dining, shopping, and participating in exciting festivals as you stroll with your family along Surfside Beach’s famed 1.2-mile boardwalk.

If you have kids, constructing castles and flying kites could also be fantastic activities to do together.

Expert Tip

A number of beach locations include access ramps, bathrooms, and showers for those with impairments.

  1. Murrells Inlet — Murrells Inlet

Adventuresome visitors, artists, and adventure seekers will discover Murrells Inlet to be one of the most fascinating South Carolina beaches with its eateries, parks, and nightlife.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Consider your surroundings while admiring Murrells Inlet’s natural beauty and breathing in the fresh air.

There are several available eateries and gift shops to help you remember your time spent here.

Expert Tip

Holidays in Murrells Inlet provide a variety of interesting events that might enhance your vacation.

  1. Seabrook Island — Seabrook Island

Explore Seabrook Island’s uncrowded beaches and lovely marshlands at your leisure. This well-known location is regarded as South Carolina’s best swimming beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Discover the deep-water marina, beachside pools, aquatics-equipped fitness center, and trail rides in addition to the beach.

As you enjoy delicious food from their top-notch restaurants, bring your loved ones around you as well.

Expert Tip

Seabrook Island maintains the quiet and natural beauty of the Island despite being close to Charleston.

  1. Burkes Beach — Hilton Head

Burkes Beach is one of the top beaches in South Carolina, thanks to its expansive, serene stretch of sand dunes, structured metered parking area, and outdoor baths.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy a full day of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and even tennis and hoops on the playground while feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

After a long day, take some time to unwind and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the sunset on the shore.

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