13 Best Beaches Near Fresno, CA

Who says Fresno cannot be the setting for a bright, salty, sandy adventure?

Yes, Fresno does not have any lovely beaches.

But this Central Valley community is only a short drive from endless golden swaths and glistening waters.

Therefore, start organizing your getaway to the water by looking over our selection of the top beaches nearby Fresno, California.

  1. Santa Cruz Main Beach

Boardwalk Beach is a vibrant and attractive oceanfront area that is always free to visit.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Do you need a family-friendly beach close to Fresno?

Why not visit Santa Cruz Main Beach for a day trip or a weekend getaway?

It is the safest beach for kids close to the city, with calm waves and lifeguards on duty.

It also has many amenities, such as rides from an amusement park.

Its clean and warm seas make it the best beach for swimming close to the city on top of everything else.

Expert Tip

Going to the beach in the summer?

I advise you to be there early in the day to secure a prime location because the sand gets crowded rapidly.

Alternatively, you can leave your car in any street space behind the beachside resorts.

  1. Seacliff State Beach

One of the best beach getaways near Fresno is this sandy area that borders Monterey Bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Seacliff State Beach has everything you require for a beautiful beachfront getaway available at State Beach.

In addition to being the best beach for swimming, it also provides shady picnic spaces and an RV campsite right on the coast.

The legendary USS Palo Alto is there on a fishing pier.

Expert Tip

Spend your time looking into the visitor center’s intriguing displays, such as its aquarium and tidal pool tank.

  1. Palm Beach

This open, spacious, three-mile shoreline is an attractive day-use location near Watsonville.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This beachside hangout is perfect if you are looking for lovely beaches for pet friends.

You can explore some parts of this beach with your pets, as long as they are on a leash.

Even better, it provides many amenities like picnic tables and barbecues.

Expert Tip

On this undervalued beach, try boogie boarding or surfing for a rush of adrenaline.

  1. Marina State Beach

This state park, established in 1977, offers 170 acres of thrilling beachfront activity.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Adventuresome vacationers will find bliss at Marina State Beach.

This beach is an excellent location for paragliding, hang gliding, and kite flying due to its optimal launch and wind conditions.

The beach also offers breathtaking views of the sun setting.

Expert Tip

Learn more about the creatures and habitats of the dunes by taking a hike along the 0.6-mile Dune Nature Trail.

  1. Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area

This five-mile-long state park ensures you will have an unforgettable beach vacation.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The only state park in California where authorized off-road vehicles can freely traverse the sand is the Oceano Dunes. Motorbikes, four-wheel drives, and dune buggies can run wild on this beach.

Additionally, beach camping is allowed, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Expert Tip

Technically, cars are allowed on this sandy beach.

Still, to avoid becoming stranded in the park’s sands, we advise 4WD vehicles with sizable tires.

  1. Bass Lake

This 2.49-square-mile reservoir is the closest beach and fifty-three miles distant from Fresno.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you looking for nearby lake beaches that are refreshing?

Then, surely add this lake to your list of the best getaways for a fast trip to the beach from Fresno.

Along with enjoying the area’s white sand beaches, you may engage in several water sports like boat rentals and water skiing.

Expert Tip

Book a room at the Pines Resort for a relaxing and cozy weekend.

This resort offers a rejuvenating vacation thanks to its spacious chalets and lakefront views.

Additionally, it offers quick access to the region’s most beautiful beaches.

  1. Pismo Beach Pier Beach

This beach, which has a prestigious 1,370-foot pier, is must-see in California.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A moment is never dull on this beautiful seashore beauty.

On this beach, you can spend the entire day shelling, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

A sand court for beach volleyball is on the pier’s northern side.

Expert Tip

Watch the color changes of the sky exquisitely as the sun sets while staying on the pier.

The pier is also the best spot to view the Fourth of July fireworks.

Wear your layers and pack a jacket to cope with the region’s sporadically high winds.

  1. Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge

This expansive 367-acre preserve is home to many endearing creatures.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Anyone yearning for a beach holiday might find Salinas River NWR an odd choice.

Guess what, though?

The sanctuary has a deserted expanse and is suitable for individuals searching for peace and isolation.

Expert Tip

Hiking the 1.6-mile Beach Trail will spice up your beach vacation.

Alternatively, you could walk the 1.2-mile River Loop Trail and see lots of birds on the way.

  1. Avila Beach City Beach

This stunning area, which takes up the whole Avila Beach oceanfront, is ideal for sunbathers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This public beach is appropriate for families due to its protected waters and relaxed atmosphere.

The beach also has a boardwalk encircled by tons of fantastic family-friendly attractions.

Expert Tip

For more family-friendly attractions, go to the northernmost portion of the shoreline.

On this side of Avila Beach are an aquarium, grassy areas, and a playground with a pirate motif.

  1. Morro Rock Beach

This beach in Morro Bay is renowned for its dunes and rocky ocean scenery and is a photographer’s paradise.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The 580-foot-tall Morro Rock, the beach’s most recognizable feature, is something you will adore.

This State Historic Landmark, formed more than twenty million years ago, will captivate you with its breathtaking forms.

Expert Tip

Nearby Morro Strand State Beach is a lovely and practical campground if you want to stay for a night.

  1. Montana De Oro State Park

This state park, which spans 8,000 acres and includes a 7-mile shoreline, can satiate your desire for the beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

For nature lovers, Montana de Oro State Park is a paradise.

This state park has been enticing tourists with astounding rock formations, caves, tide pools, and pebbly beaches for years.

Expert Tip

A 4.5-mile hike up Valencia Peak will reward you with stunning views from the summit’s 1,275-foot elevation.

  1. Moss Landing City Beach

This largest oceanfront property in Moss Landing, perched at the end of Sandholdt Road, will enthral you in several ways.

Why We Recommend This Beach

There are tons of fun things to do at Moss Landing City Beach.

For those seeking adventures, it’s actually among the best weekend beach vacations from Fresno.

It is a fantastic location for windsurfing and surfing with constant first-rate waves and good wind conditions.

Expert Tip

To have a horseback riding excursion along the beautiful shore, visit Monterey Bay Equestrian Center.

  1. Cayucos State Beach

This 16-acre state beach, opened in 1940, overflows with coastal entertainment.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Without this oceanfront gem, rankings of the top beaches close to Fresno, California, are incomplete.

You will have several options to go kayaking, surfing, diving, and swimming while staying at this beach.

Additionally, you can relax on the sandy dunes and paddle along Cayucos Creek.

Did we mention picnic tables, barbecues, and a children’s play area at this beach? Yes, it has!

Expert Tip

Visit the historic fishing pier to take in the views of the town, the surrounding hills, and the coastline.

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