13 Best Kid-Friendly Family Beaches in South Carolina

At the top family beaches in South Carolina, every day is beach weather day!

The ideal way to spend your spare time with your kids is to bask in the sun, play in the clear water, and relax on soft, fine sand.

You and the family will love many things, from fantastic nature paths where you can ride bikes or horses to salt marshes for paddle boarding and kayaking.

Make beautiful memories with the whole family by swimming in some of the most transparent and bluest waters of Palmetto State!

  1. Sullivan’s Island – Sullivan’s Island Beach

Some of the state’s most breathtaking and non-commercial beaches are on Sullivan’s Island, a town island near Charleston.

Families with children may relax on long miles of serene shoreline or visit the many indoor children’s playgrounds.

You can go sailing, kiteboarding, and kayaking with your kids.

You can take your kids to Little Palm’s Play Garden for arts and crafts activities and games, including planting trees, or to Monkey Joe’s for indoor rides on a Viking ship.

On the beach, there are no age limitations.

However, the children’s play areas are only for toddlers and younger.

  1. Myrtle Beach State Park – Myrtle Beach

The most famous Grand Strand coastline runs along Myrtle Beach, a 60-acre stretch of sand connecting to the spectacular Atlantic Ocean.

This state park offers many kid-friendly nature paths and camping areas along with its beautiful clear-water beach.

Enjoy surfing in average-sized waves in Myrtle Beach with your kids.

You can also go to the fishing pier at the state park and catch trout, flounder, and mackerel on your own.

After that, walk the park’s nature trails to see birds.

Myrtle Beach State Park is open to guests of all ages.

  1. Burkes Beach – Hilton Head

Burkes Beach is family-friendly, with a lovely shoreline and several boardwalks with flat surfaces for you and your kids to ride bikes.

Apart from this, the Chaplin Community Park has extensive green picnic areas and additional paved walkways.

Besides riding bikes in the beach area, you can also go horseback, depending on the shore.

If this is your first time riding a horse, do not worry.

Along the way, a horse guide will be with you.

Also, the park has outdoor courts where you can play basketball, tennis, etc.

Anyone ages 0 and up can set foot on Burks Beach in Hilton Head.

  1. Folly Beach County Park – Folly Beach

Folly Beach County Park, located just south of Charleston, is one of the south beaches of the state that is considered the most serene since it is uncommercialized.

The Folly Beach Pier is a fantastic location for touring and taking photos of the breathtaking panoramic sea views.

When you take an eco-tour through the park estuaries and wetlands, approximately 70,000 species of animals can be seen, which is why this beach is well known for its peaceful atmosphere.

After that, your family may ride a boat and see dolphins swimming beside you!

Everyone of all ages may enjoy the family beach at this county park in South Carolina.

  1. Hilton Head Island

Step onto one of the most expansive beaches in South Carolina, rated as one of the top tourist attractions in the world!

Numerous luxury resorts and golf courses directly on the beachfront make it a resort town. It is an excellent location for taking your kids to enjoy nature and visit museums.

Visit the Sandbox Children’s Museum, where a magnetic aquarium display will teach them about sea life.

The next stop on your list should be Adventure Cove for some mini-golf.

After that, arrange a tour of the Sea Pines Forest Preserve to get a close-up look at rare flora and animals.

There is an open invitation to Hilton Head Island.

Age is not an issue at all.

  1. Isle Of Palms County Park – Isle Of Palms

The pristine and calm boardwalks at the Isle Of Palms County Park make it one of South Carolina’s top beaches and ideal for strolls along the shore.

Along its shores, there are also places for picnics, games, and grilling that are perfect for families.

You may take your family on an eco-tour of this barrier island, where you can go or do crab fishing. Then take a boat trip to explore the local marine life around the island.

At County Park, the family may enjoy a volleyball game on the sand while the little ones can swing and climb about on the playground.

Visitors of all ages are welcome at this County Park.

  1. Kiawah Beachwalker Park – Kiawah Island

Some most stunning beaches and barrier islands are just south of Charleston.

These include the Kiawah Beachwalker Park.

The moderate waves of the sea are safe for your tiny ones to swim through.

Plus, you can stroll along its 11-mile beachfront, meandering through a variety of oak trees, yucca plants, and palm trees.

You may rent a bike and explore the rest of the island if you and the kids want to spend some time inland and away from the water.

There is also the option to hire chariots.

How about fishing at the entrance with professional equipment from Lil Darlin Fishing Charters?

For a delicious meal, head to any of the FreshfieldsVillage restaurants.

Age restrictions?

In Kiawah Beachwalker Park, there is not any at all.

  1. Seabrook Island

A barrier town called Seabrook Island is a larger area, mainly residential.

Because of this, most beaches are not overcrowded, allowing you and your tribe to swim peacefully in the ocean.

The sand is ideal for making sandcastles with your kids!

After completing your sandcastle creations, take the kids on a boat trip with the Pirates of Charleston. Here, they may dress up like pirates, have faces painted, and learn about the island’s history.

Later, try kayaking and paddleboarding in the salt marshes of the island.

You are welcome to bring your entire family, including your infants, to Seabrook Island.

  1. Murrells Inlet – Georgetown County

Murrells Inlet, a charming attraction that was once a well-known fishing village, is most frequently visited for its beautiful wetlands.

In addition to this, you can enjoy a short drive to see marine life at the freshwater lake in Huntington State Park and the colorful flowers at Brook Green Gardens.

You can paddle a steamboat or kayak through the marshes, go deep sea fishing, or take an exciting banana boat trip.

Moreover, you can visit the Vereen Memorial Gardens, where the boardwalks and pathways surround by greenery and, occasionally, wildlife.

Murrells Inlet is suitable for visitors aged 0 and up.

  1. Pelican Beach –

Seabrook Island

Pelican Beach is also known as Sunset Beach. It is one of South Carolina’s beaches with some top golf courses with beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

The gentle waves and slow currents make it an excellent place for toddlers to swim.

Families can go to the Equestrian Center and have a guided horseback ride together.

After that, you can go kayaking along the river or swamps or visit the tennis courts to play family tennis.

This beach does not have any age restrictions.

  1. Hunting Island State Park – Beaufort County

The entire 5,000-acre hunting island is a natural habitat for wildlife.

You can encounter loggerhead turtles and various marine life.

Deers and a wide variety of exotic birds may also locate on its dry land.

Visit the Nature Center Aquarium to learn more about the many local marine life, and use the fishing pier to go fishing or crabbing.

Dolphin watching is a popular family activity if you decide to go on a boat trip.

Everyone in the family is welcome in this state park, from babies to adults.

  1. Surfside Beach – Horry County

Surfside Beach is a very famous family beach in the state.

Its nickname is The Family Beach!

You and your kids will have fun at its theme parks and stunning nature trails for family-friendly, wholesome, kid-safe activities.

Spend some time splashing about at Wild Water & Wheels, where attractions like a 950-foot lazy river, cascading waterfalls, a bumper-boat pool, and raindrop fountains are a must-see.

You can enjoy thrilling rides at the Family Kingdom, like water slides and roller coasters.

There are no age limits for families in theme parks and the beach.

For the latter, however, some rides have height limitations.

But do not despair!

More minor children can enjoy a variety of attractions as long as their parents are with them.

  1. Edisto Beach –

Colleton County

Due to the convergence of essential waterways, including the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers, with the Atlantic Ocean at Edisto Beach in Colleton County, one of the top beaches in South Carolina.

Beach walks are exceptionally famous because these bodies of water offer such breathtaking views.

Families can reserve a tour of the natural eco-trails around the beach.

After that, go on a plantation tour in Botany Bay, where you may watch wildlife up close while sitting comfortably in your vehicle.

Great for families with children of all ages and stages.

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