13 Best Paying Jobs in Technology (Entry Level & Career)

Jobs in technology are expanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2018 and 2028, employment in the highest-paying IT positions will increase by around 12%. Even more increase, up to 32%, will be seen in a few particular technological occupations.

A career in technology offers a bright future if you appreciate technology and have a good aptitude for networks and computer operations.

Learn about some of the highest-paid technology professions available as we explore this intriguing and always-evolving professional sector.

Technology Careers: A Summary

Why Should You Work in a Technology Field?

There are several benefits to working in the technology sector. It’s not only one of the most dynamic and developing sectors on the globe; it also provides a high standard of living and exhibits rapid expansion. To put it another way, you’ll have a rewarding job with an excellent income that won’t go anytime soon.

First and foremost, technology is now at the top of the globe regarding research, development, and original ideas. While conventional fields like engineering and medicine undoubtedly contribute to innovation, no other profession appears to provide you the chance—or even the slightest encouragement—to come up with anything original. For many individuals, the possibility is quite thrilling.

Would You be Successful in a Technology Career?

How do you tell whether one of the many exciting tech careers is the appropriate fit for you? It requires a great deal of effort and commitment. But some traits contribute to a successful (and content!) career in technology.

Although technological occupations need much scientific reasoning and quantitative data, having a creative, right-brained mindset is advantageous.

You ought to take pleasure in solving problems. The term “issue solving” will be used at least once in each job or career ad for information technology. You probably meet the profile for a tech job if you’re the kind of person who attempts to repair their bike, television, or wifi connection without assistance from a professional.

In particular, you must have a strong drive to learn to obtain one of the highest-paid IT jobs in the field. You must be devoted to ongoing training via courses, certificates, seminars, and industry knowledge since systems, software, and equipment are growing faster than ever.

While not all technology jobs are desk jobs, there will undoubtedly be much screen time. A job in technology may not be for you if spending hours, and even whole workweeks, in front of a computer makes you sick.

Entry-Level Best-Paying Jobs in Technology

Consider entry-level employment initially if you’re hoping for a career in technology of the highest caliber. These three positions often rank near the top of lists of the highest-paying positions in information technology. In addition to offering a secure career with exceptional income, they are frequently open to those with little or no schooling just starting in the field.

#1 Computer Program

Entry Level Salary: $48,790

Median Salary: $84,280

Top 10% Earn: $134,630

Computer programs take concepts, often developed by developers and software engineers, and transform them into functional programs by writing and testing code for computers and software applications. Knowing computer languages like C++, Java, and others is necessary for becoming a programmer. But there is one drawback to this lucrative position in technology. The BLS projects that between 2018 and 2028, the employment outlook for computer programs will deteriorate by 7%. It may still be a fantastic entry-level profession with over 250,000 positions, but there could be fewer chances in the next ten years. 74% of current professionals, who work in computer science or related fields, have a bachelor’s degree or above, according to CareerOneStop.

#2 Web Developer

Entry Level Salary: $37,930

Median Salary: $69,430

Top 10% Earn: $124,480

Web development is one of the greatest careers in the technology and information industry due to its high median Salary. Your main duty as a web developer will be designing and building websites. You are in charge of the technical components of the site, as well as its overall appearance and aesthetic appeal, as well as its usability, layout, and general performance. One of the most sought-after technological occupations in the nation, demand for web developers, is anticipated to increase by 13% between 2018 and 2028. An associate’s degree is the typical entry-level education so that you may enter the field soon! But because a bachelor’s degree might help you stand out from the competition, you might wish to invest in one.

#3 Computer Support Specialist

Entry Level Salary: $38,270

Median Salary: $62,770

Top 10% Earn: $105,770

Computer support professionals facilitate computer usage for those lacking computer skills and experience by offering assistance and guidance on networks and systems. They might examine and test current networks, carry out routine upkeep, and troubleshoot network systems. A computer support professional will often listen to a user’s problems and provide troubleshooting and repair guidance to resolve the issue. Computer design companies will employ a large number of computer support professionals. Others will work for educational institutions, including local colleges and schools. It easily makes our list of the highest-paid jobs in technology because of the predicted 10% employment growth, which makes it a stable career choice in technology. You may also become a support specialist with an associate’s degree, but depending on the organization, you could be more competitive with a bachelor’s.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Technology

We researched the highest-paid positions in the technology industry so you can be sure you’ll be looking at a successful and fulfilling career after graduation. The 10 technology jobs with the highest median salaries are shown below. You might make far more money with more education and on-the-job training than the given median wages. For entry-level jobs, almost all need a bachelor’s degree.

#1 Computer & Information Systems Manager

Median Salary: $142,530

Job Growth: 11%

Number of Jobs: 414,400

Computer and information systems managers, often known as IT project managers, are skilled and knowledgeable individuals who establish information technology objectives and develop organizing strategies to achieve them. Like many managers, they approach their work holistically, creating long-term objectives, assigning tasks, and planning different aspects of an organization. They will also need to assess their people requirements, both immediate and long-term, and hire workers appropriately. You will effectively oversee all computer-related activity as a manager of computer and information systems and decide how to improve network and software systems. A bachelor’s degree is the recommended entry-level education for this technical field.

#2 Computer & Information Research Scientist

Median Salary: $118,370

Job Growth: 16%

Number of Jobs: 31,700

Computer and information research scientists are at the cutting edge of technological vocations, developing and designing novel applications for computing technology. They investigate methods and provide fresh ideas for computer and software programs. By solving challenging challenges, research scientists develop novel technological techniques for various businesses, including the economic, medical, and scientific disciplines. Computer and information research scientists mostly (28%) work for the federal government. However, many work in the engineering, information, and computer systems industries. Approximately 11% of people work for colleges and universities. This vocation earns the second position on our list of the highest-paid careers in technology because of the diversity of the work.

#3 Computer Hardware Engineer

Median Salary: $114,600

Job Growth: 6%

Number of Jobs: 64,400

These experts work directly with the hardware that goes into computers, such as processors, circuit boards, memory chips, and routers. They may be entrusted with developing new hardware that is more effective or efficient since they are engineers and deal with the physical aspects of technology. Although computer hardware engineers may not often work directly with code and software development, they test finished versions of their products, sometimes utilizing pre-existing software or programs to make the new hardware work. To fulfill the sophisticated requirements of developing software, they may also upgrade present hardware.

#4 Software Systems Developer

Median Salary: $110,000

Job Growth: 10%

Number of Jobs: 421,300

Working with systems is what the other kind of software developers do. These IT professionals carry out research and develop systems-level software. They may find employment in a broad range of interesting disciplines, such as the medical, military, industrial, and scientific ones. If you pursue this job, you will establish operational needs and write software. Working with the fundamentals of computer science and engineering and quantitative analytics can help you succeed as a software developer. If you’re seeking the best-paying chances in this technology field, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey are the best places to look.

#5 Computer Network Architect

Median Salary: $109,020

Job Growth: 5%

Number of Jobs: 159,300

These specialists develop and construct data communication networks, ranging from “local area networks” (LANs) to “wide area networks,” or WANs. These professionals’ networks might link two workplaces in different locations or a complicated network of offices, satellite offices, and home offices. The initial design of a computer system is one of the duties of a computer network architect. A leadership or administrative board can need them to offer their ideas, and they might be required to increase security measures or look into cutting-edge technologies that might improve the firm’s network.

#6 Software Applications Developer

Median Salary: $103,620

Job Growth: 26%

Number of Jobs: 944,200

The BLS may divide software developers into two broad groups: system developers and application developers. A user’s demands must be identified via study and analysis before a computer program, or mobile application can be developed to suit those needs. Making an application for enterprises could put much emphasis on increasing productivity. Although many created applications will be useful in multiple fields, they are sometimes completely tailored to a particular company, organization, or sector. For instance, a developer may provide accounting software that works for almost all businesses in the nation.

#7 Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $98,350

Job Growth: 32%

Number of Jobs: 112,300

A computer network must be secured against hacker assaults and illegal entry. While many IT jobs have some connection to security, an information security analyst is entirely focused on the whole security of a computer network. They either develop and implement security measures, keep an eye out for security lapses, or look into any violations. The development of security software, such as firewalls and encryption programs, is one of the main jobs for security analysts. They could even deliberately try to get into a system to perform security audits to find vulnerabilities.

#8 Database Administrator

Median Salary: $90,070

Job Growth: 9%

Number of Jobs: 116,900

Database administrators employ specialized technology to store, manage, and utilize data but do not build software. One of their main responsibilities is ensuring data is accessible to those who need it, including CEOs, government officials, entry-level workers, and sales personnel. A database administrator often deals with consumer and financial records while working with data. For instance, a database administrator may work with and manage a database to guarantee that a sales representative can quickly refer to a customer’s prior orders, budget, and buying trends. A database administrator is in charge of providing structured and understandable access to this data for salespeople.

#9 Computer Systems Analyst

Median Salary: $88,740

Job Growth: 9%

Number of Jobs: 633,900

These highly qualified and skilled individuals are requested to evaluate an organization’s present computer system and provide suggestions for enhancing performance and efficiency. Computer systems analysts comprehend company requirements and modify computer systems to satisfy them by fusing IT expertise with business experience. They could seek advice from management, investigate emerging technology, suggest improvements, and even implement those suggestions. This position will likely see tremendous development, making it one of the greatest technology occupations in terms of Salary and job security.

#10 Network & Computer System Administrators

Median Salary: $82,050

Job Growth: 5%

Number of Jobs: 383,900

The ability to do business and achieve operational objectives requires a computer network in almost every firm and organization. They resort to network and computer systems administrators to build, manage, and fix these networks. Systems administrators deal directly with the actual computers, setting up network gear, preserving system security, and gathering information for system analysis and evaluation. Systems administrators often deal with issues relating to the software or hardware and may also be needed to instruct people on how to utilize the computer system properly. This IT employment is dependable and significant, earning it a place on our list of the highest-paid occupations in the field.

Finding a Job in Technology

Technology professions are available regardless of where you reside or your area of expertise since every sector of the economy, city, and firm needs information technology services. However, certain places are in high demand for IT employment.

Of course, one of the most well-known centers for technological innovation and development in the country is Silicon Valley in California. San Francisco and Seattle are among the best places on the west coast for finding IT employment. Glassdoor claims that east coast towns like Boston and Washington, D.C. are also great for finding high-paying IT employment. Midwestern locations like Minneapolis and St. Louis provide a wealth of chances for highly qualified computer experts.

So, how do you choose your profession in technology? It begins with education and study, like other jobs. While getting one of the highest-paid tech jobs without a degree is possible, you will find many more options if you have a bachelor’s degree. These careers often include computer science, programming, or software engineering in some capacity. Additionally, you may get certifications from tech-related organizations, which shows employers that you’re committed to being on the cutting edge of technology and enhances the appeal of your CV.

When applying for a job and during the interview, emphasize how your training and expertise will benefit that company. Cite prior endeavors and tasks that will aid you in overcoming the particular difficulties this industry faces, and describe in clear, detailed terms how you intend to assist the team. Technology may be a wide field with much technical jargon that hiring managers might need help understanding, so you must explain how your knowledge can benefit a business in easy terms.

Is Self-Employment an Option?

You may benefit from self-employment’s freedom and income possibilities if you have education, training, or experience in computer technology. This is certainly not an easy road, but it does give more flexibility and the possibility of being your boss. Organization, time management, bookkeeping, marketing, and all other company-related activities fall on your shoulders since you will be the business.

However, many IT specialists work as independent contractors or for small tech companies and provide information technology services to various companies. These services may involve hardware installation, software creation, network configuration, security analysis, and more.


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