13 Cute Clock Activities

Clocks have always been fascinating objects and the perfect object to help kids learn how to tell time. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fun and interactive ways to teach kids about this concept, or a parent looking to make learning more enjoyable for your child, these cute clock activities will help your child learn to tell the time in no time!

1. Clock Face Matching: Create a set of clock faces and a set of digital times with matching cards as a fun and interactive way to teach your child how to tell time.

2. Time Bingo: Create a bingo game with numbers that represent a specific time of day, and have kids match the numbers on their bingo cards to the times on the clock.

3. Time Hopscotch: Draw a large hopscotch board and write different times on each square. Have kids jump from square to square, calling out the time they land on.

4. Time Capsules: Have kids create time capsules that represent different times of the day or specific events. For example, they can create a morning time capsule with a toothbrush, a favorite breakfast item, and a picture of the sunrise.

5. Paper Plate Clocks: Create paper plate clocks with a split pin for the hands so kids can move the hands around to represent different times.

6. Time of Day Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where kids have to find items that are associated with different times of the day. For example, they can search for a coffee mug for the morning or a book for bedtime.

7. Clock Drawing: Have kids practice drawing analog clocks with different times on them. They can then have a friend try to guess the time represented.

8. Time Relay Races: Set up a relay race where kids have to run to a designated clock, read the time, and then run back to their team to report it.

9. Time Telling Tag: Play a game of tag where the person who is “it” has to yell out a specific time before tagging other players.

10. Time Traveler Roleplay: Have kids dress up as their favorite historical figures and act out what they would have been doing at different times of the day.

11. Time-Themed Puzzles: Create puzzles that represent different times of the day or specific events, like sunrise or dinner time.

12. Time-Stamped Photo Books: Have kids take photos throughout the day and stamp them with the time to create a fun photo book.

13. Time-Based Crafts: Create crafts that represent different times of day, like a paper plate sun for morning or a felt moon for bedtime.

These cute clock activities make learning how to tell time enjoyable and interactive for kids. With a variety of games and crafts to choose from, you can make telling time a fun experience that kids will love. So why not give it a shot today? 

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