13 Educational Pop-Up Books to Surprise Students

While reading aloud books are usually enjoyable, pop-up books for youngsters add an added element of oohing and ahhing to the activity. Almost everyone enjoys turning the page to reveal those 3-D delights. Here is a selection of some of our favorite pop-up books for kids that you may check out if your book collection could use a little of the extra flair and sparkle that pop-up books bring.

  1. The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner (Pre-K to 1)

This is a tried-and-true classic. In this beloved children’s pop-up book, the frog opens his enormous mouth and never fails to amaze a class of young students.

  1. The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings by Anna Llenas (Pre-K to 1)

It’s important to teach kids how to recognize their emotions, so why not enlist the aid of these beautiful pop-up monsters? We can envision some incredible student artwork that was influenced by this book.

  1. The Pop-Up Guide: Space by Sophie Dussaussois (Pre-K to 2)

Children are constantly fascinated by space and the job of astronauts. Here’s an “out of this world” technique to assist students in gaining background information in 3-D on these subjects!

  1. Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book by Yoojin Kim and Nicole Yen (Pre-K to 2)

The 4 Seasons of Pop-Up series is one you should get if you enjoy giving children’s seasonal pop-up books. Each title is a delight, with vibrant and reliable pop-up elements on every page. These are titles that won’t require continual maintenance. These make excellent read-aloud and independent reading materials for children.

  1. Welcome to the Neighborwood by Shawn Sheehy (Pre-K to 2)

A different woodland animal appears in a 3-D pop-up on each page, emphasizing how they coexist peacefully. This complex book will require some assistance from small hands, but it would be a blast to share if you study animal habitats or behavior.

  1. Believe: A Pop-Up Book of Possibilities by Robert Sabuda (Pre-K to 5)

Every library should have at least one work by the celebrated paper engineer and creator of pop-up books Robert Sabuda. (For more, keep reading!) This cute short tale is suitable for people of all ages. Each page presents a “possibility,” and the subsequent pop-up displays the outcome—an egg hatches into a swarm of birds, and an acorn develops into a tree. Lovely to read during a celebration or farewell to the class.

  1. Under the Ocean by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud (K-3)

This children’s ocean pop-up book adopts a novel strategy by making the underwater world 3D. Children will find it “awesome” to go around the world’s significant waters. A companion title in the Forest will be available in September 2021.

  1. Bugs: A Stunning Pop-up Look at Insects, Spiders, and Other Creepy-Crawlies by George McGavin (1-5)

Although a giant pop-up cockroach might not be your cup of tea, this book is a treasure trove for pupils who enjoy bugs. Children can view bug bodies, homes, and more using pop-ups.

  1. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart (1-5)

An essential pop-up book for kids who love dinosaurs. A new surprise and elaborately created pop-out spread are shown with each page flip. The material includes humor, science, historical information, and more. Check out the authors’ other book, Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters.

  1. Birds in a Book by Rachel Grant and Lesley Earle (1-5)

This pop-up bird book for youngsters should be displayed if you study birds during your course. A bird pop-up on each page provides details about a different species, which then “flies” up to a branch to join the other birds.

  1. Pop-Up Volcano! by Fleur Daugey (1-5)

There aren’t many more fantastic pop-up scenes than a volcano erupting. Each spread examines a different topic, such as the formation of volcanoes, their varieties, and significant eruptions.

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-Up Adaptation by Robert Sabuda (1-5)

Thanks to the imaginative pop-up pages, kids can visualize all the notable moments from this timeless tale. You should look over the selection of Robert Sabuda’s Pop-Up Classics whether you teach a fairy tale unit or have a favorite story you love to share.

  1. Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts by Matthew Reinhart (2-8)

Children who adore the Harry Potter books and films will love browsing this in-depth pop-up look at the locations featured in the story, from Hogsmede to the Quidditch field. You might also check out Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy by the same creators if your class has more Star Wars fans than Potterheads.

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