14 Best Beaches Near San Jose, CA

On your vacation to the hub of Silicon Valley, would you prefer to unwind on a sandy beach?

San Jose has no beaches, although some of the state’s most beautiful waterfronts are nearby.

You can locate a beach near San Jose that will sate your wanderlust whether you’re a tech-savvy local or an adventurous traveler.

Do yourself a favor and look over our list of the top beaches near San Jose, California.

  1. Santa Cruz Main Beach

One of the best family beach getaways from San Jose is this free-admission strip, which has many activities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This coastline is appropriately referred to as Boardwalk Beach.

This beachfront paradise has been enticing tourists for years with its bustling promenade and thrilling amusement park rides.

Additionally, because of its calm waves and on-duty lifeguards, it is the closest beach to San Jose, which is the safest for children.

Expert Tip

San Francisco’s popularity is high at Main Beach, especially in the summer.

So get there early to secure a good place on the sand.

  1. Natural Bridges State Beach

This 65-acre state beach in Santa Cruz is well-known for its stunning natural bridge.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you looking for a beautiful beach close to San Jose?

Don’t forget to add this secret location to your list of fast beach escapes from San Jose that you must visit.

You’ll love taking pictures on this beach with its stunning sunsets and impressive rock formation.

Expert Tip

Visit the tidal pools to witness the countless hermit crabs, starfish, and sea anemones.

You may also use the grills on the lovely beach for a picnic.

  1. Capitola Beach

This urban retreat is the center of activities in Capitola and is located on the northern shore of Monterey Bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

California’s Capitola Beach offers a glimpse of the Mediterranean.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most Instagrammable weekend beach vacations from San Jose with its pastel-colored buildings.

Additionally, it provides lots of opportunities for surfing and holds numerous beach activities all year.

Expert Tip

A free concert series is held every Wednesday summer at the beach, where guests can dance and listen to live music.

  1. Pescadero State Beach

This state beach across State Route 1 includes mile-long shorelines with picnic areas and sandy coves.

Why We Recommend This Beach

You’ll be mesmerized by Pescadero’s stunning dunes, tide pools, and rugged cliffs.

It’s even better because it has a peaceful, remote feel, making it a wonderful getaway for anyone yearning for alone.

Expert Tip

Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, visit the Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve.

You can see a variety of species while exploring this preserve, such as weasels, foxes, raccoons, deers, and blue herons.

  1. Cull Canyon

This oasis is the closest beach to San Jose, 37.5 miles away.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Cull Canyon is fantastic if you’re looking for local lake beaches.

This refuge is a great day excursion for families because it has a white sand beach and many amenities.

It is the most excellent beach for swimming. Close to San Jose because of the lifeguards on duty and the calm surf.

Expert Tip

There is a designated deck where experienced swimmers can dive and jump into the ocean.

You must pass the park’s swimming test to use this beautiful deck.

  1. Carmel City Beach

This hotspot is one of the most excellent beaches on the California Central Coast, renowned for its expansive and lengthy expanse of white sand.

Why We Recommend This Beach

You may get sea vitamins at this waterfront, which offers exciting activities and magnificent scenery.

Plus, there are lots of options for surfing, and it’s dog-friendly.

Expert Tip

Hiking the Scenic Bluff Walkway’s paved path can liven up your beach vacation. This walk is full of breathtaking scenery, from rocky coasts to groomed gardens.

  1. San Gregorio State Beach

This beach, located halfway between Half Moon Bay and Ao Nuevo State Park, is a true gem of the ocean.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The view of San Gregorio is unparalleled.

There is a lovely sight on this beach around every corner, from magnificent cliffs to driftwood.

Various vibrant birds can also be seen throughout this coastal location.

It’s ideal for anyone looking for beautiful beaches, I assure you.

Expert Tip

Visit San Gregorio General Store to experience its unique atmosphere.

At this shop, there is also incredible live music and delicious refreshments.

  1. Monterey Municipal Beach

This waterfront hub, close to the center of Monterey, is very well-liked and entertaining.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This beach is a great site to launch your SUP or kayak due to the calm waves.

And if you don’t have one, you may rent a kayak on the property.

In addition, the beach had a direct connection to Fisherman’s Wharf, a charming location for whale watching, shopping, and dining.

Expert Tip

If you cannot locate parking close to the beach, there are spaces accessible along Del Monte Boulevard.

  1. Rio Del Mar State Beach

This popular and easily accessible bayfront section of Aptos is close to Seacliff State Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

It’s hardly surprising that this beach has many tourists annually, given the free parking and straightforward access.

You may make a beach excursion unique by including fire pits and other features.

Expert Tip

Do you love animals?

Sitting on the shore allows you to see a variety of creatures, including birds, sea lions, dolphins, and whales.

  1. Davenport Landing Beach

You can locate this little stretch of oceanfront property on Davenport’s northern edge. You can identify this little stretch of oceanfront property.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Davenport Landing Beach is the ideal remedy for your frantic way of life.

The beach surprisingly seems pretty relaxing, despite not being in an isolated area.

You could spend all day here just enjoying the scenery and listening to the waves.

Expert Tip

Visit the beach around sunset and take a picnic meal for a fun experience.

  1. Scott Creek Beach

On Highway 1, Scott Creek Beach is located in Davenport’s northern region.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This beach’s strong currents make it not the ideal location for swimming.

For fans of kitesurfing and windsurfing, it is heaven.

Additionally, the cove draws both seabirds and waterfowl in great numbers.

Expert Tip

Visit the beach’s intriguing tide pools on the north side during low tide.

  1. Marina State Beach

This 170-acre state beach, open since 1977, invites exploration.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The action at Marina State Beach is intense.

This beach, which boasts some of the highest dunes in the area, is sure to satisfy thrill seekers.

This coastal location will satiate your need for action, whether you enjoy surfing or hang gliding.

Expert Tip

By hiking the Dune Nature Trail, you learn more about the region’s natural beauties.

  1. Twin Lakes State Beach

This state beach, perched on Monterey Bay, features a mile-long shoreline great for swimming and picnicking.

Why We Recommend This Beach

At Santa Cruz Main Beach, do you want to avoid crowds?

Instead, why not explore Twin Lakes?

Not only is it less crowded, but it’s also a lovely spot for picnicking and surfing.

The Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse is beautifully seen from there, which is the best feature.

Expert Tip

There isn’t a lot of parking, and getting a good place on the weekends can be challenging.

Therefore, arrive early to secure a good parking spot.

  1. New Brighton State Beach

One of the best family-friendly beaches close to San Jose, California, is this 93-acre park on the northern shore of Monterey Bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Kids will love splashing around on this beach.

This coastal location is safe for tiny swimmers because there are lifeguards on duty and a covered swimming area.

Parents will also appreciate the beach’s north side’s beautiful rocky shore and sheer cliffs.

Expert Tip

Spend the night at the authorized beach camping to revive your weary spirit.

This experience might be somewhat therapeutic due to its refreshing breeze and relaxing atmosphere.

Additionally, the campground has space for tents, trailers, and RVs.

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