14 Best Book Bins For Classroom Libraries and Student Organizations

Do you want to know how to organize your classroom library? Do you need personal storage solutions for students with inadequate desk space? Book bins are the answer! These changeable containers can serve different purposes in any classroom. Here are our best picks.

  1. Good Stuff Rainbow Labels Book Bins (Set of 12)

Classroom organization can be best handled by Really Good Stuff, with the best book bins on the market. These series in various colors include blank labels on the front. 

  1. Good Stuff Non-Tip Book Bins (Set of 6)

Consider this set if you want sturdy bins that can stand independently. The stabilizer’s wings help them stand upright, magazines, heavy books, and binders. 

  1. Storex Large Book Bins (Case of 6)

With testimonies from thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, these bins come in various sizes and colors. Personal bins can be placed together on the sides to keep them orderly. 

  1. Good Stuff Large Book and Organizer Bins (Set of 4)

These bins are divided. They are exceptionally fitted for classroom libraries, especially those with many picture books. The dividers can be removed and firmly clicked in place when used. 

Get it: Good Stuff Large Book and Organizers Bins (Set of 4) / Amazon

  1. Teacher Created Resources Chalkboard Print Bins (Set of 3)

How lovely is the chalkboard print on these bins? Use chalk markers to write in the free label space on the front. 

  1. Creatology Assorted Book Bins (Set of 12)

These large bins can be best for larger books, folders, binders, and more. You get 12 assorted bins, although you don’t have a choice to make in the exact colors. 

  1. Teacher Created Resources Reclaimed Wood Print (Set of 3)

If you aren’t interested in bright basic colors or cutesy print, you might admire the look of this book. The Reclaimed Wood Designs include a write-on/wipe-off surface so that you get used to them over time for your needs. 

  1. Up &Up Book Storage Bin

These bins are individually solid and come in many colors, including green, red, purple, and yellow. You might decide to attach them on the side to join them. 

  1. Bullseyes Playground File Bins (Set of 7)

This bin of 7 containers from Target’s bargain department can be combined along the sides to form one unit or be used separately. Front and back handles make them less difficult to lift. 

  1. Lakeshore Learning Connect & Store Bins

Many teachers depend on Lakeshore Learning’s quality products. They are more pricey than other brands in the same range, but teachers know they have lasting effects and can carry lots of wear and tear in the classroom. You can buy these individually or in sets of 6. 

  1. Lakeshore Learning Heavy-Duty Bins

Should you need larger bins for heavy books or binders, check out these from Lakeshore Learning. Pick from half a dozen colors, or purchase a set of six with one of each hue. 

Each hue.

  1. Pen + Gear Book Bin With Label

This brand and their bins are less expensive and affordable for a couple of dollars each when you purchase a set of six. The fine label pocket on the front is an awesome touch also. 

  1. Teaching Tree Colorful Book Bins

When you’re low on budget, Dollar Tree is the best approach. Purchase them in-store for a buck each, or order a case of 24 online to have sufficient for the whole class. 

  1. The Container Store Clear Book Bin

If simplicity and neatness are your things, then see these clear and sturdy bins from the Container Store. They have handles on both sides to make them easy to lift and move, so they are well shaped to sit neatly side-by-side with no unnecessary spaces.

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