14 Best Christmas Vacations for Families

Christmas always comes once every year. It is a time when Christians all over the globe celebrate with their loved ones. It is always a day full of joy because the end of the year is always a week away; therefore, everyone celebrating has every reason to be happy for having come that far. For lovers of going out and enjoying themselves with families, you will always get a place to hang out and have lots of experiences with family and friends. If you have never gone on a vacation, this is your time. Don’t be someone who always spends Christmas indoors because you miss many things. You need to get out and enjoy while you are still alive. You are lucky because you will know the best places you can visit for Christmas vacation so you will not have to think about it so much. Just prepare yourself with a good amount of cash, and you will have a break of its kind. Going to the places you are about to see is even worth taking a loan, so do not hesitate if you can. Do not let happiness be far away from you. Your kids must indeed be waiting for that great occasion. It would help if you never missed the following highly recommended destinations for Christmas vacation.

  1. New York City, NY

Being one of the major cities not only in the USA but the entire world, New York City will most probably give you what you have been missing as far as celebrating Christmas is concerned. With various Christmas films being a reminder of New York City’s elegance, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit for a Christmas vacation. Being a significant holiday destination, you will meet many people who will also grab the best this city offers. As Christmas is slowly approaching, you should already plan how you will find yourself in New York City enjoying yourself with your family.

  1. Branson, MO

You’re mistaken if you thought New York City was the only place you could get excited during Christmas. Branson, Missouri, is yet another place that can offer you a spectacular experience as far as Christmas vacation is concerned. There are several places within Branson that you can visit with family and have the best feeling during Christmas. One such place is the Ozark Mountains. Here you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Christmas Tree Trail right in town will catch your kids’ attention, and they will be more than amazed to see it. You will also not fail to catch a glimpse of Silver Dollar City, which offers a Christmas festival of its kind.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

For those in Europe, you have no reason to worry about where you will take kids and other family members for vacation during Christmas. Copenhagen, Denmark, is here to ensure that your Christmas is the best. This city generally has a pleasing environment that everyone needs for Christmas celebrations. Tivoli Gardens is a perfect example of where you should be when you visit Copenhagen, Denmark. You will experience more than you expect. When it comes to food and drinks, you will not have any problem because they are plenty here in Copenhagen. Rides and thrills will also be at your disposal; therefore, children will have more than enough to make them remember that Christmas vacation for the rest of their lives. Do not deny them the chance to experience this. When Christmas knocks, pack your bags and head to Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. Leavenworth, WA

Suppose you are wondering how you can be inside and outside Europe simultaneously. That can happen if you decide to enjoy your Christmas in Leavenworth, Washington. This city is one of its kind because it will offer you that German Christmas you have been lacking for as long as you have lived. You will indeed have a European experience while you are outside Europe. There are more than 500,000 lights that usually take center stage in this town during essential days such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day Weekend. Therefore, Christmas is not an exception, and this calls for someone like you to come and experience it with your own eyes. Live music and special concerts for Christmas will carry the day as far as making you excited about Christmas is concerned. You should consider visiting Leavenworth so that you don’t miss this kind of celebration.

  1. Seneca Falls, NY

Seneca Falls, New York, will also offer you what you have been looking for as far as celebrating Christmas with loved ones is concerned. Being a parent who wants to make their kids feel excited, you cannot afford to miss coming to Seneca Falls because this is where you will have it all, and your kids will always thank you. If you are a fan of the “It’s a Wonderful Life” film, you will kill two birds with one stone. While here you will get to enjoy a four-day long “It’s a Wonderful Life” festival which is always made available to the fans of this film. There are light displays that will make kids enjoy frolicking.

Another thing that you will not miss is live concerts. Live concerts are the order of the day here for enjoying essential days like Christmas. Finally, the classic Christmas fantasy film will make you appreciate coming to Seneca Falls, New York. You will realize an experience like no other. Why let your kids miss such an opportunity? Please do not allow that to happen because Seneca Falls, New York, is the best place to be.

  1. Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole is another place you can visit during Christmas and enjoy it to the fullest. One thing you need to do before going to Jackson Hole is to book your space early enough. It would help if you did so because many usually make their bookings early enough, probably in the early months of the year. A white Christmas will undoubtedly be at your disposal if you visit Jackson Hole, and if you have never experienced such, then the opportunity is right here. You will get the chance to ski on the incredible slopes. Because of the snow, you will also have the chance to enjoy various winter sports such as snowmobiling, sledding, and sleigh rides. This great town is always ready for the occasion. Roasted marshmallows with chocolate will be there to take good care of your appetite, so no worries about what you will put inside your stomach. All you have to do is spare some coins and come to Jackson Hole. It is worth every cash of yours, and you will not regret it.

  1. Disney World, FL

Disney World, Florida, will surely bring the best of the world to you as far as enjoying Christmas is concerned. A Disney Christmas will come your way if you choose to celebrate your Christmas together with kids in Disney World, Florida. Do not go elsewhere because you have already found the right place for vacation. Remember that bookings here are always made early enough, so do not be that person who waits for the last-minute rush because you will be disappointed. This city is a central Christmas vacation point not just in the United States but around the entire globe. When with kids here, you are sure they will like it. Kids will also get the opportunity of enjoying lighting displays in parks. With Cinderella’s Castle having seen a transformation into a fantastic Frozen-themed ice palace, you have every reason to come to Disney World because it will be the best vacation in your life. Waste no time but start preparing for your trip to Disney World. End the year with your kids in a very grand style.

  1. Stowe, VT

Stowe, Vermont, should not miss your list of places to visit for Christmas vacation. Have you heard of the Trap Family Lodge and wondered how you would get the chance to see it? The opportunity is now presenting itself to you, and you will only make good use of it if you visit Stowe, Vermont, especially this coming Christmas. If you are a fan of The Sound of Music, your next destination should be Stowe, Vermont. You will enjoy lots of music at the Trapp Family Lodge. If you like music so much, then you are sorted. You will also have the chance to enjoy exciting films. Rock climbing and skiing will automatically be possible because the lodge is close to slopes. You will walk for about 15 minutes, and you will be there. A chance of seeing the von Trapp Family will not escape from you. If it’s to sing with them, you will gladly get the chance to do it. Don’t make the mistake of letting this fantastic opportunity slip off your fingers.

  1. Oahu, HI

Oahu, Hawaii, will serve you the tropical Christmas you wish to experience. The beach experience will be here waiting for you if you decide to make good use of this opportunity. Just imagine you and the kids playing with sand at the beach. Of course, this is something you do not want to miss. Good weather will await you, especially if you come from a freezing place. You will also be able to enjoy things like hot chocolate, not forgetting opening presents under an amazingly decorated tree. If you need to skate in artificial snow, you will also get the opportunity to do that. Nothing beats a vacation at the beach. You can make your Christmas vacation the talk of the town by just visiting Oahu, Hawaii, with your kids and letting everything fall in place. Time is running fast, so you better start funds in place so you can enjoy it the most way possible.

  1. Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois, is yet another fantastic destination for your Christmas. Chicago will give you the best feeling for a Christmas vacation as a windy city. If you do not feel like going to New York City because of the crowds or anything else, then Chicago is here to sort you out. This city also has a giant Christmas tree, which attracts those eager to have the best Christmas of their lives. Remember there are fireworks and the parade which you should also see when you visit. Chicago has everything you can ask for when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Bring your kids and let them enjoy what Chicago has to offer.

  1. Lake Louise, Canada

Being in Banff National Park, Lake Louise in Canada is simply a destination that can offer you something spectacular when celebrating Christmas. Found in the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise will most probably give you the best environment to take pictures together with family. These pictures will remind you of your experience visiting Lake Louise during Christmas. After visiting Lake Louise, you will not miss something to post on your social accounts. If you are a fan of ice skating, Lake Louise will offer you the chance to do it as often as you want.

Another thing that you will not miss is hot beverages at the Ice Bar. Who doesn’t want to enjoy some hot beverages while enjoying Christmas vacation? If beverages are your thing, you have something to spice up your vacation. Space is here for you if you love board games at Lake Louise. Several board games will not leave you bored. You can play all day if you wish.

  1. National Harbor, MD

National Harbor, Maryland, is here to make you and your family experience a lovely Christmas holiday. With the Gaylord National Resort being here, you are sure that you will have a Christmas vacation that anyone can ever wish to experience. The various life-sized ice sculptures here will give you the feeling that you are celebrating something important. There are also multi-story ice slides, which will excite the kids even more. Especially their first time experiencing such, they live to remember that, and they will always want to share it more and more.

Another thing that will catch the kids’ attention is the Cirque du Soleil show. There is more than enough here at National Harbor as far as vacations are concerned. One more thing that you should know is that the harborfront will always be there to give you the warmth you need while here. If you want to have a Christmas vacation that you and your kids will live to remember, try National Harbor, Maryland.

  1. Bahamas

Being a country in the Lucayan Archipelago in the Atlantic, The Bahamas could be a perfect destination for a Christmas vacation. If you need to experience hot and fantastic weather in December, you should come to The Bahamas. Here, Melia Nassau Beach will eagerly be waiting for you to experience the warmth of the beach. Boat rides will be at your disposal, and you will surely get to have an experience of its kind. The Bahamas is always ready for people like you who want to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. There are pretty affordable hotels here that will host you with your family. Start making arrangements early enough so that this coming Christmas, you enjoy the very best in The Bahamas.

  1. Venice, Italy

Have you ever thought of going to Italy? If yes, then this coming Christmas holiday should be the best time for you to do so. You will not go to any place but Venice. This city is where you will have it all because there is much in store for you regarding celebrating Christmas. The Island of Murano is among the things that will make you attracted to come to Venice. It will give you the best experience you need during Christmas. When you set foot in this city, you will probably want to stay longer and witness the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Let your family have the best in this beautiful city during Christmas.


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