14 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Amarillo with Kids

In the middle of the Texas plains and on Route 66 is the fascinating city of Amarillo.

In the middle of the state, between the sandy deserts and the grassy plains, you’ll find the ideal combination of cutting-edge amenities and traditional Southern hospitality.

This charming neighborhood is well-known for its delicious steak, fascinating museums, and space centers.

Is your family interested in visiting interesting landmarks like canyons and museums?

Are you prepared to experience the full breadth of Texas’ many cultural riches?

You may have found your next destination for a family vacation if that’s the case.

Well done!

Are you pumped up yet?

Explore the best family-friendly activities in Amarillo below to start planning your next trip.

  1. Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West

The idea for Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West originated with Phyllis Golden and gave an avenue to show visitors from all over the world the authentic side of life in the American West.

The group takes great pride in their prosperous lands, which they say have a history as colorful as their cuisine, cattle, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Why Your Family Should Go

For families visiting Amarillo, a ride on a horse is a must-do.

You can ride along the edge of Palo Duro Canyon with real cowboys and cowgirls.

Indulge in the western and Texas Panhandle customs as a family while trotting along.

What to Do with Kids

Kids visiting Texas should make time for a horseback ride.

Get acquainted with some American Quarter Horses while learning about the past.

At the magnificent Los Cedros Ranch, you and your family can enjoy a day of free-range horseback riding.

After the ride, stop to watch the sun go down over the canyons while munching on some snacks.

Recommended Ages

Preschool and elementary school-aged kids would enjoy this place.

No children under the age of 3 are permitted on the rides.

Younger children (ages 3 to 6) can ride on a buddy’s back.

A child must be at least seven years old to ride alone.

  1. Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum

Jack Sisemore founded the Traveland RV Museum after he began amassing and restoring vintage recreational vehicles.

He opened the museum to the public for free in 2012.

In addition to providing a feel of yesteryear, it also serves as a learning opportunity for those interested in the automobiles of yesteryear.

It contains the very first motorhome that Itasca ever made. RV also manufactured a bus called the Flxible Bus, built on the same design.

Why Your Family Should Go

Does your household include any auto enthusiasts?

If you said yes, then they’d probably enjoy themselves here.

Don’t miss the RV Museum if you’re looking for a free, family-friendly activity in Amarillo.

It would be fascinating for the younger generation to see how caravans were constructed in the past and how they differ from modern recreational vehicles.

What to Do with Kids

Your family can take in the history of trailers, beginning in the 1930s, and see how far they’ve come.

Take as many photographs as you’d like with each model.

Recommended Ages

This could be a fantastic option if you travel with a young child. This museum is highly recommended for families with small children and adolescents.

  1. The American Quarter Horse Foundation’s Hall of Fame & Museum

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum is the world’s largest horse breed registry and membership organization.

In addition to the cinema showing a video about the origins of American Quarter Horses, horse-themed exhibitions are also available.

Why Your Family Should Go

Looking for more family-friendly activities in Amarillo?

Bring the kids for a leisurely and informative day excursion to learn about the horse’s pivotal role in shaping the American story.

The adults can check out the Hall of Fame and the Grand Hall while the kids learn about the proper management of equestrian species at the Kid’s Hall.

What to Do with Kids

The Dr. Joni J. Hegel Education Gallery provided children with a hands-on opportunity to learn about horse ownership.

They will take pleasure in studying the factors contributing to a healthy horse and the equipment necessary to keep one that way.

Inquire about Reading Room privileges after touring the galleries and halls.

Relax in the comfort of a classy library stocked with books about horses to further your education.

Recommended Ages

Everyone, from babies to grandparents, may enjoy a visit to the museum.

  1. Cadillac Ranch

What would happen if Stanley Marsh, 3, a billionaire, met with the counterculture artists he despises?

The end effect was a line of 10 Cadillacs on Route 66 with their noses sunk halfway into the Earth and covered in graffiti.

The display set up is to amuse visitors and pay homage to the creation of the Cadillac tail fin.

Why Your Family Should Go

You may visit the Cadillac Ranch without spending a dime.

So, bring the kids here for some low-priced entertainment.

What to Do with Kids

It’s been over 50 years since the debut of this tourist hotspot.

Get out the spray paint and let the whole family make their mark on this piece of history.

Make sure to take a photo of your finished product before it disappears forever.

Countless people come and make their mark on the Cadis daily.

Recommended Ages

Teenagers will have a great time at this attraction.

Parents of newborns and toddlers should probably stay away because of the strong odor of spray paint.

  1. Amarillo Botanical Gardens

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens can be found hidden away inside the stunning Medi-Park.


The “Oasis on the Plains” garden features four and a half acres of stunning flora and fauna.


Why Your Family Should Go.


This garden has all you need for a successful educational outing with the kids.


It teaches students about plants, insects, and other creatures that call them home.


You shouldn’t overlook this location because of how lovely the plants and flowers are.


What to Do with Kids


Gather some friends for a garden tour and learn about its exciting history and the unique flora that now thrive there.


Keep an eye out for fun activities that the garden may be hosting while you’re there.


During the fall season, the kids would blast shooting pictures in front of the pumpkin patch scenes.


Recommended Ages


Visits to the botanical garden are great for families with kids of all ages.

Kids under five get in for free on Sundays at the garden.


  1. Texas Air & Space Museum

More than half of the museum’s 20 acres are devoted to indoor exhibit space.

There are both civilian and military planes and artifacts on display.

The museum has encouraged young people to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and aviation for the past 29 years.

Why Your Family Should Go

This museum in Amarillo, Texas, hosts several exciting and educational events for children that are perfect for parents looking for things to do with their children.

If your children enjoy bedtime reading, they will love hearing stories about famous aviators and the aircraft they flew.

You can give your future pilots a taste of what flying is like by letting them sit in an actual plane.

What to Do with Kids

Do you have anything exciting planned for this weekend?

Visit the hangar and play with the planes in person!

Visitors can explore and interact with the space (by touching and entering, turning knobs, and switching things on and off) is a significant plus.

Recommended Ages

Preschoolers, elementary schoolers, and high schoolers would all enjoy this attraction.

  1. Amarillo Zoo

Since its inception in 1955, the Amarillo Zoo has introduced countless people to the wonders of the animal kingdom.

The Thompson Park Zoo is home to over 120 animals of 70 different species.

Why Your Family Should Go

The zoo is an excellent activity for families in Amarillo with young children. The native “Exotic” animals of the High Plains are the focus of conservation efforts at the Amarillo Zoo.

The zoo’s 20-acre range is home to the mustang, bison, Texas longhorns, mountain lions, snakes, and spider monkeys; bring the kids to see them!

What to Do with Kids

Have you considered taking your children on a wildlife safari?

Amarillo Zoo is home to three African lions named Solomon, Sarai, and Sheba.

The kids will also have a great time at this zoo and learn a lot!

Animals from the zoo’s collection will be presented in the open-air theater during the Safari Show.

Keepers will discuss the animal’s diet, housing, and other aspects of its care.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of any age are welcome at the Amarillo Zoo.

Babies and toddlers (those under the age of two) get in free.

  1. Palo Duro Zip Line

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like ziplining, bouldering, and camping at the Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park, easily accessible from the 1110 State Highway.

The Tower Zip is a popular activity because it allows visitors to soar more than 800 feet above the canyon floor.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you want to take a risk?

Take a family trip to the zipline and see who can overcome their fears the fastest.

The breathtaking vistas above the canyon are another compelling reason to give it a go.

What to Do with Kids

Just dive in and do it! Pick out a zip line that is age-appropriate for your youngster.

However, your loved ones can also try bouldering if you decide that this activity isn’t for you.

You can even rent an RV and pitch a tent in the park for a more immersive experience.

Recommended Ages

Kids, teens, and adults over ten should try ziplining.

Even the tiniest of children and newborns can have fun camping.

  1. Don Harrington Discovery Center

In Amarillo, Texas, you can visit the Don Harrington Discovery Center, a science museum and planetarium that entirely operates on a volunteer basis.

For over 40 years, it has served as a go-to for students and their families.

Its 8,000 square feet of exhibit space and space center are open to the public.

Why Your Family Should Go

You have fun combining an interactive science center with a space exhibit designed for families.

Take the kids to the full-dome planetarium and watch as the wonders of the cosmos blow their minds.

In the Space Theater, you will feel the excitement of traveling to the stars.

What to Do with Kids

In Amarillo, Texas, you can visit the Don Harrington Discovery Center, a science museum and planetarium that entirely operates on a volunteer basis.

For over 40 years, it has served as a go-to for students and their families.

Its 8,000 square feet of exhibit space and space center are open to the public.

You have fun combining an interactive science center with a space exhibit designed for families.

Take the kids to the full-dome planetarium and watch as the wonders of the cosmos blow their minds.

In the Space Theater, you will feel the excitement of traveling to the stars.

Activities for Children

The Discovery Center is an excellent option when seeking kid-friendly activities in Amarillo.

Explore the various displays with your kids to learn about land, sea, and air transport.

After that, you can learn about the weather on Earth and the other planets in the solar system at a space gallery and experiment with scientific principles in a hands-on outdoor science park.

There are plenty of options for babies and toddlers at the Kinderstudio.

There’s a creative area for them to tumble and climb, some playthings, and a short performance.

Recommended Ages

There are many fantastic locations to take children to Amarillo, but the Don Harrington Discovery Center is among the best.

Everybody can take part in the exciting events.

  1. Wonderland Park

Paul and Althea Roads, a married couple, opened Kiddie Land, later renamed Wonderland Park, in 1951 after years of planning.

More than 200 thousand people visit the park annually, and it continues to welcome families worldwide.

Why Your Family Should Go

Kids can enjoy various rides and shows at Wonderland Park, including the Himalayas, Sky Ride, and The Rainbow.

Your teens would be foolish not to take a spin on the Texas Tornado if given a chance.

This amusement park may be home to the best steel roller coaster in the country.

What to Do with Kids

Join your children on the ride of their choosing. When taking the kids to the amusement park, ride some classics like the Bumper Cars, Fiesta Swings, and the Scrambler.

Mini golf is a fun, low-key family pastime if that’s more your speed.

In addition to the many rides and shows, the park also features arcades.

Put your competitive skills to the test and see who can rack up the most points.

Recommended Ages

Any age group would enjoy a visit to Wonderland Park.

Adults, too, will have a fantastic time here.

  1. Globe-News Center

Amarillo’s Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts and the Amarillo Civic Center are both components of the Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

Spectacular performances can be seen in the Carol Bush Emeny Performance Hall in the Globe-News Center.

It has become an Amarillo icon, unique in design and with a capacity for 1,300 people.

Why Your Family Should Go

A trip here is ideal if you or your children enjoy going to theater performances.

This could be a fun way to spend time together as a family while sharing a common interest in the arts.

What to Do with Kids

Get your teenagers interested in viewing a program with you.

Conventions like Teen Universe Texas and the Texas Knife and Gun Show are held at the Globe-News Center.

Performances like the HERPS Exotic Reptile and Pet Show may appeal to younger audiences.

Recommended Ages

Teens and preteens would benefit most from a visit to the Globe-News Center.

Young children may have trouble staying captivated during the entire performance.

  1. Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

The PPHM encompasses around 26,000 square miles, making it the largest museum in Texas.

The history of the Panhandle and Plains areas is presented through several displays.

The exciting element is that the exhibits rotate every six months to a year.

Why Your Family Should Go

Can’t stop thinking of things to do with the kids in your area?

It would be best if you took your kids on a guided tour of the museum so they could learn about the region’s history while appreciating the museum’s collection of ancient and contemporary works.

What to Do with Kids

Are your kid’s dinosaur aficionados?

The PPHM hosts a variety of activities throughout the year, some of which have a prehistoric bent.

A dash through the museum with the winner receiving a medal at its conclusion.

Kids will enjoy getting involved and discovering fascinating facts about these long-since-extinct animals.

Additionally, young children will have the opportunity to meet Buddy the Dinosaur, who will serve as a guide to the world of fossils.

Recommended Ages

The museum is an excellent place for families of all ages to spend a day in Amarillo.

  1. The Big Texan

Big Texan opened in 1960 and quickly became a popular tourist destination in Amarillo. They own their brewery, making eleven varieties of beer extremely popular among Texans.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Big Texan is the place to eat if your brood enjoys a good meal of unexpected difficulty.

They became famous as a result of their 72-ounce steak challenge.

More than a hundred thousand people around the country have taken this challenge at least once. You’d miss this place if you were in Amarillo, TX.

What to Do with Kids

If you’ve spent the day showing your kids around Amarillo’s best attractions, consider ending the day with a family dinner at the Big Texan.

Make your children feel like they’re participating in the steak challenge by ordering the Little Texan, a 5-ounce steak with sides.

Recommended Ages

The Big Texan has fun activities for kids and adults alike, so everyone can keep coming back for more.

  1. Amarillo Little Theatre, Inc.

It’s one of the nation’s oldest continuously running theaters, opening in 1927.

Aside from being a charitable group, they also run an acting academy.

Why Your Family Should Go

You may satisfy your craving for Broadway and all things theatrical here in Amarillo.

The play’s vibrant sets and compelling characters never fail to captivate audiences.

Plays and dramas are suitable for all ages and demographics.

It’s a good destination for families in Amarillo.

It’s like going to the movies with family, except better!

What to Do with Kids

Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the show as the adventure unfolds before your own eyes.

Take part in the singing and the watching with the outstanding cast members on that enthralling stage.

Best of all, following the event, your children can take pictures with their favorite performers.

Recommended Ages

All ages will enjoy the theater’s narratives and concepts.


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