14 Snow Day Memes That Prove Teachers’ Love-Hate Relationship With Winter


Snow days are a double-edged sword in the world of education. While they provide an unexpected day off and a chance to enjoy the snowy weather, they can also throw a wrench in lesson plans and mess with teachers’ schedules. The internet has captured this love-hate relationship with winter perfectly through snow day memes. Here are 14 hilarious memes that showcase the paradoxical emotions teachers go through when faced with snow days.

1. The “Unexpected Day Off” Meme: A picture of a teacher joyfully celebrating the seemingly miraculous arrival of a snow day, with caption “When you wake up to a text saying school is canceled.”

2. The “Lesson Plan Ruined” Meme: An image of a teacher’s exasperated face as they think about how their carefully planned lessons will have to be rescheduled due to an unplanned snow day.

3. The “No School…But Grading” Meme: A gif of a teacher realizing that while school may be canceled, they still have plenty of essays and tests to grade at home on their unexpected day off.

4. The “Can’t Shut Off Teaching Mode” Meme: A snapshot of a teacher explaining the science behind how snow forms to neighborhood kids building a snowman.

5. The “Praying for a Snow Day” Meme: A photo of teachers gathered around, holding hands and praying in unison for the sweet relief of this impromptu day off.

6. The “Child Care Panic” Meme: When both parents are teachers and realize that they now have to find last-minute child care because their kids also have the day off.

7. The “Sled Over Lesson Plans” Meme: An image featuring teachers sledding on snow-covered lesson plans while gleefully enjoying the winter wonderland outside.

8. The “Snow Day = Chore Day” Meme: A depiction of a teacher using their snow day to catch up on household chores and errands that were procrastinated upon during the busy school week.

9. The “Secretly Checking Weather Apps” Meme: Showing a furtive glance at a weather app during class time in hopes of seeing anticipated snowfall for an early dismissal or school cancellation.

10. The “Teacher Cold Weather Fashion” Meme: Capturing the essence of teachers dressing in layers and snow-proof outfits, complete with awkward winter boots when heavy snow is anticipated.

11. The “Snowed-In Grading Marathon” Meme: An exhausted teacher drowning in papers, essays, and projects to grade during an extended snow day weekend.

12. The “Still Teaching Through Remote Learning” Meme: A teacher reluctantly setting up their remote classroom from home, even though it’s a snow day, because there’s no rest for the weary teacher!

13. The “Teacher Snow Day Olympics” Meme: A series of playful images of teachers enjoying their own snow-based competitions like shovel racing, speed-snowman building, and coffee chug contests.

14. The “Back to Reality” Meme: Upon realizing that they now have to rearrange their entire lesson plan due to the snow day, the joyful mood evaporates and measures must be taken to ensure the school year stays on track.


These 14 snow day memes capture the love-hate relationship many teachers have with winter. Not only are they relatable for educators who routinely deal with these scenarios, but they also showcase the lighter side of teaching that often gets overlooked in the stressed world of academia.

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