14 Strategies to Help Students Who Reverse Letters and Numbers While Writing

Are you looking for strategies to help students who reverse letters and numbers while writing? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner’s vision reviewed if it has not been recently reviewed.

2. Utilize board learning activities (e.g., drawing lines, circles, etc.) to teach the learner proper directionality for each letter or number.

3. Guide the learner’s hand, providing the feeling of directionality.

4. Put letters on transparencies and project them on the smartboard or paper. Get the learner to trace the letters.

5. Get the learner to trace letters and numbers in magazines, newspapers, etc., that they typically reverse when writing.

6. On occasions where correcting papers with reversed letters, use direction arrows to remind the learner of correct directionality.

7. Find the letters and numbers the learner reverses and have them practice making one or more of the letters correctly each day.

8. Teach the learner to recognize the correct form of the letters and numbers when they see them (e.g., b, d, 2, 5, etc.).

9. Teach the learner to check all work for those letters and numbers they typically reverse. Praise the learner for correcting any reversed letters and numbers.

10. Give the learner visual signals to aid in making letters and numbers (e.g., arrows indicating strokes).

11. Give the learner large letters and numbers to trace that they typically reverse.

12. Make sure that the learner’s formation of letters is appropriate and continuously correct.

13. Provided with letters and numbers on separate cards, have the learner match the letters and numbers that are the same.

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