14 Valentine’s Day Facts for Kids

Looking for Valentine’s day facts for kids. Learn more about these Valentine’s Day facts and more with this list that is perfect for sharing with your students.

The first Valentine’s Day celebration happened in Paris.

Saint Valentine’s Day first occurred in Paris on February 14, 1400.

145 million greeting cards are traded every year for Valentine’s Day.

In the U.S. alone,! According to this video from Homeschool Prep, over one billion valentines are sent worldwide.

Nearly 20 percent of pet owners give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.

Dogs, cats, and more!

Candy hearts were first medical lozenges.

In 1847, a pharmacist Oliver Chase invented the machine to simplify the process of making lozenges. 

8 billion conversation hearts are produced each year.

Some romantic sayings include L.E.T. S READ, LIVE N LOVE, DREAM BIG, BEST DAY, and BE HAPPY.

Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is bought for Valentine’s Day.

Again, just in the U.S. alone!

The heart shape wasn’t always a passionate symbol.

We used to believe that the heart was the human center of memory.

The chocolate box has been going on for more than 150 years.

Around 1850, Cadbury took advantage of falling import costs and created the first box of chocolates. 

Lovebirds are actual birds.

The term “lovebirds” is often used to illustrate a couple in love, but it’s also the generic name for the Agapornis bird.

The original valentine was sent in the 15th century.

The first valentine was a poem written by a medieval French duke named Charles to his wife in 1415.

Every year, thousands of people send valentine’s letters to Juliet.

The letters are forwarded to Verona to Juliet from the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. 

Teachers are the number one recipient of Valentine’s.

We couldn’t agree more that teachers deserve the most!

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