14 Ways to Help Your Struggling Learner Strengthen Their Auditory Memory

Are you looking for strategies that help your students improve their auditory memory? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner’s hearing reviewed if it has not been recently reviewed.

2. Draw the learner’s attention to crucial aspects of auditory communications as they happen (e.g., repeat essential points, call the learner by name, tell the learner that information is particularly essential, etc.).

3. Assess the appropriateness of the task to ascertain (a) if the task is too complicated (e.g., too much information to remember) or (b) if the duration of time required for the learner to remember the information is too long (i.e., time lapse between the presentation of content and request for recall is too long).

4. Give the learner more than one source of directions, explanations, instructions, etc., before requiring them to remember information.

5. Give the learner auditory signals when they are required to recall information to help them remember the information previously presented (e.g., say, “Remember yesterday when I said . . ., ” etc.).

6. Give information visually to support information the learner receives auditorily.

7. Teach the student to learn lists of information in small parts (e.g., phone numbers are learned as 123, then 874, then 1710, etc.).

8. Slowly have the learner follow one-, two-, and three-step oral instructions.

9. Give the learner oral instructions, rules, lists, etc. Praise the learner for being able to recall information that is presented in oral form.

10. Give stories, instructions, etc., in a printed format so the learner may read along as they listen.

11. Inform the learner what to listen for before delivering auditory information.

12. Have the learner deliver oral messages to other teachers in the school building.

13. Show auditory information slowly enough for the learner to comprehend the information being presented.

14. Consider using an education app to help the student enhance their auditory memory. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

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