15 Activities and Activities to Teach Kids About The Revolutionary War

Teaching about the American Revolution may be difficult, whether you’re doing it in a traditional classroom setting or online. The topics are intricate, the battles are brutal, and the background of the main characters themselves might be debatable. The following 15 resources and activities to teach youngsters about the Revolutionary War will assist you in bringing this significant chapter in American history to life.

  1. Scholastic’s Revolutionary War Teaching Tools

Use these tools to transport yourself back to the 1700s and give children the knowledge they need to understand the American Revolution.

  1. PBS Liberty! Teacher Guide

A Liberty! A teacher’s guide can help students fully participate in the six-part PBS series LIBERTY. AMERICA’S REVOLUTION

  1. American Revolution Lesson Plans & Activities

Using these lesson ideas and exercises, you can create a revolutionary learning environment in your classroom.

  1. Join the Revolution!

By engaging in various Revolutionary War activities, you may encourage your pupils to trace the development of the American Revolution from the first combat to the last surrender.

  1. Revolutionary War Activities

Your pupils will study and comprehend the cause-and-effect links of events in this time of history, thanks to the resource’s hands-on learning methods!

  1. Ansel and Clair Ride with Paul Revere

History lectures package their subjects with flair and interactive elements to assist students in relating to Paul Revere’s narrative.

  1. Revolutionary War Timeline Posters

For younger kids, timelines can be a complex idea to grasp, but this resource has 16 photo posters and timeline activities to help pupils understand and relate to the Revolutionary War’s events.

  1. American Revolution Institute Lesson Plans

Lesson plans from the American Revolution Institute examine the significance of different figures, occasions, and concepts from the American Revolution and are aligned with Common Core. It also highlights the need to study history via sources.

  1. American Revolution Battles in the North

Students learn about the Trenton victory in the American Revolution, the Battle of Saratoga, the effort to seize the American Capital, the Winter at Valley Forge, and France’s assistance in putting an end to the American Revolution via these practical exercises.

  1. American Revolution Battles in the South

Children may learn about the battles at Fort Moultrie, the invasion of Charleston, the Battle of Camden, the Rebellion in the South, the surrender at Yorktown, and the Treaty of Paris via these engaging activities.

  1. The American Revolution

Your studies on the Revolutionary War will come to life with the aid of these lecture notes, laboratories, and exercises.

  1. Role Playing the American Revolution

Students will learn about the concept of Taxation Without Representation and the reasons the American colonists objected to British tax regulations via this role-playing exercise.

  1. Revolutionary War: A Dear America Activity

Students will get a fascinating insight into how Americans lived during the Revolutionary War thanks to Scholastic’s thought-provoking exercise.

  1. Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution

The topics and incidents that led to the uprising in Britain’s American colonies are covered in Crash Course, along with the concepts that helped establish the new American democracy.

  1. American Revolution Bundle

The American Revolutionary War’s origins, battles, significant figures, and outcomes are highlighted in this collection. Contains a Google Classroom-compatible digital version as well.

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