15 Anime Activities For Middle School


Anime, the unique and colorful style of animation originating from Japan, has become incredibly popular among middle school students worldwide. It’s a fantastic way to introduce young minds to a new culture and engage their creativity. If you’re looking for some exciting anime activities to engage middle school students, look no further! We have compiled a list of 15 amazing anime-related activities they’ll love.

1. Anime Drawing Club:

Organize an anime drawing club where students can learn basic anime drawing techniques andcharacter design elements. Encourage members to share tips and collaborate on group projects.

2. Origami Workshop:

Teach your students the traditional Japanese art of paper folding with an anime twist. Createorigami models of their favorite anime characters or items from the shows.

3. Cosplay Day:

Host a cosplay day where students can dress up as their favorite anime characters and participatein themed events like costume contests and photo booths.

4. Screen An Anime Movie:

Arrange a screening of a popular, age-appropriate anime film for students to enjoy after school orduring a special event.

5. Design Your Own Manga:

Encourage students to create their own manga stories using specialized computer software ortraditional pen and paper techniques, incorporating original characters and storylines.

6. Japanese Language Club:

Introduce your students to the fundamentals of the Japanese language through an anime-themedlanguage club, making use of familiar phrases and words from popular shows.

7. Anime Debate Club:

Establish an anime debate club where students can research, discuss, and analyze various aspectsand themes present in their favorite shows.

8. Anime Karaoke Night:

Organize a fun-filled karaoke night with popular anime theme songs for students to sing along to.

9. Create Your Own Anime Music Video (AMV):

Teach your students how to edit video clips from various anime series along with music tracks to create their very own anime music videos.

10. Japanese Snack Tasting Event:

Introduce your students to the world of Japanese snacks with an anime-themed snack tasting event, featuring popular treats like Pocky and Ramune.

11. Anime Trivia Night:

Put your students’ knowledge of anime to the test with an exciting trivia night, including questions related to popular series, characters, studios, and creators.

12. Anime Themed Crafts:

Provide materials and instructions for students to create anime-themed crafts like keychains, plushies, or phone cases.

13. Learn About Japanese Culture:

Include a lesson on various aspects of Japanese culture relevant to anime, such as traditions, customs, and locations featured in popular shows.

14. Host A Panel Discussion:

Invite local anime experts or older students with a deep knowledge of the subject to participate in a panel discussion about the impact of anime on pop culture.

15. Plan An Anime Field Trip:

Organize a trip for your class or club to visit a nearby anime convention, exhibit, or store where they can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite shows and characters.


Anime offers numerous opportunities for engaging and educational activities suitable for middle school students. With the 15 ideas listed above, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration for incorporating this exciting form of entertainment into your curriculum or extracurricular programs.

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