15 Awesome Apple Science Activities


Fall is the ideal season for apple picking, and it’s the perfect time for apple science activities too! Learning through hands-on experiences is an effective way to engage children in understanding scientific concepts. Here are 15 awesome apple science activities for kids!

1. Apple Sink or Float Experiment

Teach kids about density by asking them to predict whether apples will float or sink in water. This simple experiment will surprise them when they find out apples float!

2. Apple Volcano Experiment

Create an apple volcano by carving out a small hole in an apple, adding baking soda and vinegar, then observing the chemical reaction between the two substances.

3. Apple Taste Test and Graphing Activity

Conduct a taste test with different varieties of apples, have children rate their preferences, and graph the results to teach them about data collection and representation.

4. Apple Decomposition Experiment

Observe the decomposition process of apples by placing slices in various environments (exposed to air, sealed in a bag, in a sunny spot). Kids can track the changes over time and learn about decomposition.

5. Apple DNA Extraction

Use simple household items to extract DNA from an apple, teaching kids about genetic material in living organisms.

6. Apple Seed Germination Project

Plant apple seeds and observe their growth over time, learning about germination and plant development.

7. Apple Lifecycle Study

Explore the lifecycle stages of apple trees using books, online resources, and field trips toorchards.

8. Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Experiment

Show kids how to make their own apple cider vinegar at home while teaching them aboutfermentation processes.

9. Exploring Apples with Microscopes

Examine various parts of apples under a microscope, such as seeds, skin, and flesh to observecellular structures and compare them with other fruits.

10. All About Steve Jobs – Biography Study

Introduce children to the life and work of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., and inspire thenext generation of innovators.

11. Apple Osmosis Experiment

Place apple slices in various solutions (water, salt water, sugar water) to observe how osmosisworks and what happens to the cells in each solution.

12. Apple Tree Gravity Investigation

Teach kids about gravity by exploring how apple trees manage to grow heavy fruit withoutbranches breaking under their weight.

13. Apple Solar System Model

Create a solar system model using apples as planets, teaching kids about space whileincorporating a fun apple theme.

14. Apple Dissection and Parts Identification

Dissect an apple to discover its various parts (core, seeds, flesh) and learn about their functions.

15. Comparing Apples to Oranges – Density Experiment

Compare the density of apples and oranges by conducting a simple ‘sink or float’ experiment with both fruits.


Apple science activities are a fantastic way to spark curiosity in children while teaching valuable scientific skills. These 15 awesome activities provide endless opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration during the beautiful autumn season. So grab some apples and get ready for some exciting science fun with your little ones!

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