15 Best Beaches Near Charlotte, NC

A day well spent on the beach is one of the best and most convenient ways to get away from all hustle and fatigue from a typical routine. There are plenty of options when looking for a beach near Charlotte, NC. We’ve rounded up the best beaches in and around the city so that you can find just the suitable spot ideal for your next vacation!

  1. Lake Norman — Cornelius

Lake Norman is an artificial lake in North Carolina. It’s the largest inland lake in North Carolina and can be found just south of Charlotte, NC. The lake is located on Lake Wylie (a separate body of water) and connects to Concord Pond via a 30-mile canal system built between 1934 and 1941 by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers. Lake Norman is also home to many golf courses and significant hotels, including Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charlotte/Concord Area hotel accommodations near this popular vacation destination!

Lake Norman is a popular vacation destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The lake is home to many golf courses, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers, making it easy for visitors to enjoy all of the amenities this beautiful body of water offers.

  1. Lake Wylie — Rock Hill

Lake Wylie is a reservoir on the Catawba River in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, United States. It is the largest lake in this locality and one of the largest manufactured reservoirs in the world. The lake was created by damming Catawba Creek and is fed by groundwater from nearby streams. The dams also raise water levels throughout much of eastern North Carolina’s Piedmont region, serving as an essential water source for communities such as Charlotte, Rock Hill, and Gastonia.

Lake Wylie has been home to many species over time, including American alligators (Alligator Mississippian). These alligators have been successfully introduced into several areas around its shores, including nearby Warren County, which borders Mecklenburg County just south of Charlotte along Interstate 77. However, these creatures are being hunted down by humans due to their large size, making them easy targets for hunters wanting something more extensive than what they usually get at other locations across America!

  1. Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is a small town on the coast of North Carolina with 3 miles of beach and boardwalk. Located in New Hanover County, it’s one of the most popular beaches in all of North Carolina. The area around Wrightsville Beach is known as Wilmington Island. It offers numerous attractions, including several parks and historical sites that can be visited during your trip to this area.

The town of Wrightsville Beach is a popular vacation destination for many people because it offers plenty of activities for visitors. One of the most popular attractions in this area is the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, which features more than 100 shops and restaurants spread out along three miles of beachfront property. The boardwalk also has several rides that both adults and children can enjoy.

  1. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a small town in Carteret County, North Carolina, United States. It is part of the Crystal Coast region of North Carolina’s Outer Banks islands.

This beach has one of North Carolina’s oldest amusement parks, “Atlantic Beach Amusement Park.” This park has been open since 1946 and has been operating for more than 75 years now! Several other attractions, such as restaurants, shops, and hotels, cater specifically to tourists who visit this area during their summer vacations (or at any time).

Atlantic Beach is also home to the famous “Fort Macon State Park,” a popular tourist destination for people living in North Carolina and visitors alike. This park has been operating since 1935, one of the most visited parks in North Carolina.

  1. Topsail Beach

Topsail Beach is a beach town in the U.S. state of North Carolina, located on Bogue Banks along the Atlantic Ocean, between the cities of Fort Macon State Park and Carolina Beach. The Outerbanks or Outer Banks is a series of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

They are known for wide beaches, wild horses, and shipwrecks — all of which make them an excellent tourist destination year-round with beautiful weather and views that are different from anywhere else in America! Fun activities include swimming at Topsail Beach Park or just relaxing by one of many public parks on this coastline; there’s plenty for families to do here too!

  1. Outer Banks

This place is a chain of barrier islands along the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. It’s located just south of Cape Hatteras and stretches for 30 miles (48 km) in length. The area has been famous among tourists since colonial times—its sandy beaches and clear waters attracted the first European settlers. Today it’s also home to several towns (including Kill Devil Hills), many restaurants and bars, wineries, a few golf courses, and much more!

Besides its stunning natural beauty (nature preserves protect it), it also provides excellent adventure opportunities for those who want more than relaxing on an isolated beach site with nothing else around them but water all day long!

  1. Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is a small town in Carteret County, North Carolina, United States. It is part of the New Bern Metropolitan Statistical Area and the closest city to Fort Macon State Park, a popular destination for camping and water recreation.

The town of Cape Carteret is on a peninsula on the north side of Core Sound, a large sound that separates Carteret County from Pamlico County. It has been called “the little town by the sea” because it is surrounded by water on three sides.

  1. Kure Beach

Kure Beach is a small beach town located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. It’s about 15 miles north of Wilmington and has a population of about 1,200 people.

Kure Beach was named for an old Native American settlement on the same spot where today’s small community sits. The beach is known for its white-sand beaches and clear blue waters (you’ll see why once you get there). You’ll find several places to rent equipment if you’re feeling adventurous enough to go tubing down the river or surfing with your friends!

The town is also home to several restaurants and shops that you can visit while you’re there. You’ll find great places to eat, including The Fish House, Water Man’s Crab Company, and Cafe Del Sol. All these restaurants offer fresh seafood dishes and specialty drinks, so stop by one or two while you’re in town!

  1. Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach is a beach town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. It’s a popular vacation destination for families, retirees, and those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located on the mainland just south of Holden Beach, NC, Ocean Isle offers visitors many activities to enjoy at its beaches, including surfing (surfing lessons available), boating/ocean sailing trips, or even swimming in warm waters!

There are several shops, restaurants, and bars for visitors to enjoy!

Ocean Isle Beach is a must-visit place for those looking for a relaxing break from the hustle & bustle of hectic daily life or just wanting to enjoy some time at the beach. It offers many activities both on land and in the water!

  1. Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach, North Carolina, is a barrier island off the coast of Wilmington, NC. It’s one of the closest beaches to Charlotte and is home to numerous hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Coastal Living magazine named the beach one of America’s best beaches in 2018. The 14-mile-long beach has plenty of sand but also offers exciting features like jellyfish stings or sharks!

The beach is also famous for its excellent surfing and fishing. The beaches are not only beautiful but also very safe and clean, with lifeguards on duty all day long.

  1. Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a beautiful destination that offers many attractions to its visitors. The island is in South Carolina, and it’s known for its beaches, golf courses, and shopping. It’s also home to many celebrities who enjoy spending their time there.

The Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort offers accommodations for guests looking for an unforgettable experience at one of America’s best beaches!

The Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort offers accommodations for guests looking for an unforgettable experience at one of America’s best beaches! The resort is near Sea Pines Plantation on a beautiful stretch of beach.

  1. Myrtle Beach

The beaches in Myrtle Beach are a great choice if you want to get away from the city and relax. Over 15 miles of beaches along the Grand Strand make it possible to explore all of them during your stay. You can find something for everyone at each beach, including sand smooth enough for kids and umbrellas that fit any budget!

Myrtle Beach’s attractions include amusement parks like Kennywood Park & Splashwater Kingdom and water parks like Cool Spray Waterpark & Amusement Park. These options give guests plenty of entertainment options while they enjoy the sun on their beach vacation. Visitors also have access to other activities such as golfing at Royal Links Golf Club or shopping at Village Green Mall & Shops (both located close enough, so they don’t need transportation).

  1. Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a beautiful barrier island that is part of Charleston County, South Carolina. It is home to the Folly Field Air Force Station, active from 1942 until 1947. The station was used as an anti-aircraft artillery training site. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1962, Folly Beach was the filming location for “The Birds,” Alfred Hitchcock’s movie about killer birds terrorizing isolated coastal communities worldwide.

  1. Bald Head Island

Bald Head is a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of North Carolina. It’s part of Brunswick County, in Coastal North Carolina, and home to some other superb beaches like Wrightsville Beach and Oak Island.

Bald Head Island has been called “the most beautiful island in America” by National Geographic. The island features beaches that are perfect for swimming or going on camping trips with family members or friends! You can also visit one of its lighthouse towers (like we did). If you’re looking for something different than your typical beach day at Myrtle Beach—where families go during summertime—this might be just what you need!

  1. Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s island is a barrier island located off the coast of South Carolina. It is a popular tourist destination for locals, known for its beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and shops.

This beach is one of the best beachfront areas on this list because it offers some incredibly mesmerizing views of all of North Carolina! If you want to hike on trails and enjoy nature at its finest, this should be your next stop after visiting the nearby Outer Banks.

Sullivan’s island is a popular vacation destination, especially during the peak summer. If you plan on visiting meantime, then make sure to book your accommodations well. There are plenty of great options and places to stay on Sullivan’s Island, including hotels and condos for rent.

We hope you enjoyed and learned much from our list of the best beaches near Charlotte, NC! If this is your dream vacation spot, we wish you all the best on your next trip.

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