15 Best Beaches Near Pigeon Forge, TN — Closest Lake & Ocean Beach Spots

A popular resort town and popular holiday destination are Pigeon Forge, which is perched on a picturesque mountaintop.

This dynamic city offers a wide range of soothing and exciting activities and warmly welcomes visitors from across the nation.

Spend some time unwinding and cooling down at the stunning beaches along the road before continuing to Pigeon Forge.

Check out some of the top beaches close to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, that I hand-picked to assist you in making travel arrangements.

  1. The Pines Recreation Area Beach — Cullowhee

On the banks of Lake Glenville is the Pines Recreation Area Beach.

It has a swimming area that is roped off and includes snow-white sand.

Reason for Recommendation

This small, quaint beach boasts quiet, shallow waters ideal for swimming as well as a sandy coastline where you may enjoy sunbathing and building sandcastles.

Spend the day having fun with your travel partners by having a picnic on the beach, teaching your kids how to fish, going paddle boarding across the roped-off area, kayaking through the sea, and much more.

A Pro Tip

The Pines Recreation Area Beach provides free life vest rentals if you aren’t the best swimmer or are traveling with little children.

  1. Melton Hill Park Beach — Knoxville

Beautiful and picturesque, Melton Hill Park Beach is located on the shores of Melton Hill Lake.

There is a sandy coastline, a lawn space, lots of amenities close by, and lovely views of the outdoors.

Reason for Recommendation

Visit Melton Hill Park Beach on your next-day trip with your loved ones, family, or friends.


You may unwind and enjoy spending time with your partner amid nature at this tranquil beach.

You may lounge on the sand and soak up the sun, go swimming and relax in the cool sea, play a game of volleyball, take the children to a local playground, or spend some quality time with your significant other by the pier.

A Pro Tip

Visit the surroundings of Melton Hill Park to get the most out of your nature escape.

There are smooth bike roads, accessible hiking trails, and a meadow brimming with lovely wildflowers.

  1. Douglas Dam Campgrounds Beach — Sevierville

A lovely beach with a sandy beachfront and glistening turquoise sea is located near Douglas Dam Campgrounds Beach.

Reasons for Recommendation

If you’re looking for a quick beach break from Pigeon Forge, Douglas Dam Campgrounds Beach is a great choice.

Here, you can relax by the water and soak up the sun, or you can spend quality time with your children by assisting them in creating sand sculptures.

On hot summer days, the clear water is ideal for swimming and cooling off.

Additionally, you have the option of kayaking, fishing, and boating by the pier.

This beach offers picnic tables so you can enjoy your meals in comfort and showers so you can rinse off after a good day.

A Pro Tip

Near the beach, there are pavilions with electricity outlets, barbecues, and private facilities.

For huge gatherings, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions, these are perfect.

To reserve the pavilions, make a call in advance.

  1. Cherokee Dam Campground Beach — Jefferson City

Cherokee Dam Campground Beach is a little beach with pure emerald water and white sand shorelines.

Reasons for Recommendation

Are you trying to find the closest beach to Pigeon Forge so you and your traveling companions can take a quick excursion there? If so, proceed to the beach at Cherokee Dam Campground.

Here, you can spend a great time with your friends while enjoying a relaxing beach day.

You can sunbathe on the beach while unwinding, assist your children in creating sand sculptures, enjoy a beachside picnic, go swimming in the refreshing ocean, and more.

You can engage in other sports like kayaking, boating, and watersports once you pass the roped-off area.

Pro Tip

Near the Cherokee Dam If you opt to bring a boat, you can launch it from the pier at Campground Beach.

  1. New Boone Beach — Kingsport

A narrow stretch of fine, white sand beach is found at New Boone Beach.  There is plenty of parking, a grassy area, and a swimming area that is cordoned off.

Reason for Recommendation

Due to its small size, New Boone Beach is ideal for daytime relaxation.

Lay out a towel and focus on your tan while reading or listening to music.

Swimming and playing in the shallow, calm water are perfect for your children.

You can enjoy the outdoors by having a picnic and playing volleyball or throwing a frisbee around on the green lawn.

As you paddle a boat or go kayaking, you can also explore the waterways.

It has hygienic facilities where you may relieve yourself, grills for scrumptious barbecues, and an on-site parking place to make it simpler to unload your belongings.

Pro Tip

Arrive early in the day to ensure you have a location to park your car.

  1. Chickamauga Dam Day Use Area Beach — Chattanooga

A popular area for recreation is the beach at Chickamauga Dam Day Area.

Beachgoers can enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities in its dazzling cerulean ocean.

Reasons for Recommendation


Spend the day at the Chickamauga Dam Day Use Area Beach with your family or friends and have a great time.

By engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities, you can make new memories.

You may take a dip in the crystal-clear water, go swimming, kayaking, boating, or sunbathe on the shore. You can even try your hand at fishing from the pier.

A Pro Tip

You can arrange picnicking shelters by the beachfront if you are traveling in a big group.

It enables you and your traveling companions to have a more private area.

  1. Loyston Point Beach — Andersonville

Public swimming beaches can be available at Loyston Point Beach and Loyston Point Campgrounds.

It has jade waters and a short beach.

Reason for Recommendation

Do you wish to spend a day relaxing in clear waters while swimming? Explore Loyston Point Beach if you do.

This small beach is perfect for a tranquil afternoon dip in the cool ocean.

You can also relax by the water’s edge, under the cover of a tree, and enjoy a picnic or a nice book while admiring the lovely surroundings.

A Pro Tip

There are cottages adjacent to Loyston Point Beach that you may book for a price if you wish to stay the night but don’t like camping in tents.

  1. Mac Point Beach — Reliance

On Lake Ocoee, there is a nice beach park called Mac Point Beach.

It boasts a peaceful shoreline made of white sand.

Reason for Recommendation

At Mac Point Beach, you can enjoy the day outside with your friends or family while admiring nature’s splendor.

Tall trees that provide shading on hot, sunny days may be found at this lovely beach, along with barbecues, picnic tables, easily accessible bathrooms, and well-kept restrooms and changing facilities.

You may go boating, kayaking, fishing, and bird-watching to name a few of the things you can do here.

A Pro Tip

There are nearby campsites where you can set up a tent if you wish to stay longer to make the most of your nature escape.

  1. Chilhowee Recreation Area Beach — Benton

The beach in Chilhowee Recreation Area is picture-perfect. It has a sugary white beach, glistening water, and breathtaking natural backdrops that change hues with the seasons.

Reason for Recommendation

One of the most beautiful beaches close to Pigeon Forge is Chilhowee Recreation Area Beach.

The beach is a perfect location for you to get away from the routine of your daily life.

You can spend time along the water’s edge sunbathing, building sandcastles, or snapping photos of the breathtaking scenery.

On hot days, swimming and cooling down in the calm sea is ideal.

Paddling a boat, canoeing, kayaking, as well as other non-motorized water activities are additional enjoyable pastimes.

A Pro Tip

Don’t leave the Chilhowee Recreation Area without fully investigating it.

It includes numerous bike or hiking paths, lookout points where you can take in spectacular mountain views, a stunning waterfall you may explore, and much more.

  1. Dry Creek Beach — Winchester

On the beaches of Dry Creek, there is a family-friendly stretch of beachfront known as Dry Creek Beach. It has a lawn area, shallow water, and a soft, sandy shoreline.

Reason for Recommendation

Visit Dry Creek Beach if you’re seeking great beaches close to Pigeon Forge and wish to take your kids on an enjoyable vacation.

Due to its sandy bottom, mild slope, and clean, calm water devoid of high waves or currents, this sandy shoreline is the finest beach for children.

The deep water is indicated with a rope.

Here, you may relax knowing that your kids can safely play in crystal-clear water.

You can spend quality time with your children while they aren’t swimming by helping them build sandcastles and sculptures.

A Pro Tip

Make a pit stop in Winchester’s town Centre before or after going to the beach.

There are several places to eat here and shops where you may shop.

  1. The Cove Beach — Knoxville

The Cove Beach is picturesque and serene and is located on Fort Loudoun Lake.

It offers sun-kissed sand, sparkling cerulean waters, and an emerald-green garden to beachgoers.

Reason for Recommendation

Travel to The Cove Beach near Pigeon Forge and enjoy one of the best beach holidays.

With your companion, family, or friends, you may have a great time here as you connect and make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

You may play catch on the green lawn, indulge in a fun game of sand volleyball, build tall sandcastles with your kids, have a seaside picnic, and do many other activities at the seashore.

Because of its crystal-clear, serene, and gentle waters, The Cove Beach is the greatest beach for swimming.

There aren’t any waves or rip currents that could hurt you or the people you love.

You can engage in activities like canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

A Pro Tip

Learn more about Concord Park’s remainder.

There are many additional activities you may enjoy nearby, including playing golf, going to the skate park, going on an exciting water adventure at the marina, and much more.

  1. Chester Frost Park Beach — Hixson

A terrific family-friendly beach, Chester Frost Park Beach is a local favorite for young children and their families.

Reason for Recommendation

Take your kids to Chester Frost Park Beach, which is a great location.

Your little ones can play in a sizable seaside playground or the cold water nearby.

Your kids can therefore have a wonderful time playing on slides, swings, a jungle gym, and other equipment while you unwind by the ocean and enjoy some alone time.

Making sandcastles is another great activity for the white sandy coastline.

In addition, you may go paddling, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and many other things.

A Pro Tip

Chester Frost Park sometimes hosts fishing tournaments in which you can participate if you enjoy fishing.

  1. Folly Beach County Park — Folly Beach

Popular Folly Beach County Park offers excellent, white sand and expansive sights of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Reason for Recommendation

Do you long for the sea? Do you intend to continue taking weekend beach visits from Pigeon Forge? In that case, proceed to Folly Beach County Park.

The finest area to go on a fantastic beach experience with buddies, family, or a special someone is along this lovely coastline.

You can engage in a variety of sports here, including boogie boarding, jet skiing, beach volleyball, parasailing, windsurfing, and much more.

There are attentive lifeguards on duty to ensure your safety and the safety of your companions, outdoor showers for washing up, picnic spots ideal for eating food away from the beach, and an on-site snack shop providing delectable treats.

A Pro Tip

If you want to hire beach loungers and canopies for a more pleasant experience, speak with a lifeguard or perhaps an officer.

  1. Isle of Palms Beach — Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms Beach is a beautiful beach with a broad shoreline and clear water.

Reason for Recommendation

Although Pigeon Forge doesn’t have any beaches, it is adjacent to a lot of freshwater beaches.

But Isle of Palms Beach is one of your greatest options if you want to explore an oceanfront beach.

Take a trip to Isle of Palms Beach with your buddies for a few days, and have a blast doing plenty of things there, like playing beach volleyball in competition, sailing, paddle boarding, and many other activities.

This beach offers a boardwalk that allows you to ride your bicycle, a playground ideal for families traveling with children, grills for seaside barbeques, and a variety of food vendors selling delicious snacks.

A Pro Tip

Isle of Palms Beach rents out specialized beach wheelchairs if you’re going with someone who is physically unable.

  1. Big Ridge State Park Beach — Maynardville

Big Ridge State Park Beach is a wonderful beach about an hour’s drive from Pigeon Forge.

Reason for Recommendation

Visit Big Ridge State Park Beach, one of the top beaches close to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, with your family or friends.

They can enjoy a wonderful day on the beach and in the green waters here.

You participate in activities like sand volleyball, assisting your children to build sandcastles, sunbathing, swimming, grilling, and so forth.

You can engage in a variety of activities past the roped-off area, including fishing, wave running, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and paddle boating.

Pro Tip

Big Ridge State Park provides enjoyable summertime activities that you can participate in with your family.

You have a ton of exciting things to choose from, like arts & crafts, outdoor activities, organized sports, movie evenings, and much more.

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