15 Best Beaches Near Richmond, VA — Closest Lake & Ocean Beach Spots

Want to add some flavor to your urban getaway in Richmond?

Want to take a little break from the city’s historical landmarks and cultural wonders?

Then, add excitement to your trip by visiting one of our picks for the top beaches close to Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond has a few beaches and swimming holes, including Tredegar Street Beach.

However, these suggested coves are just amazing and even famous.

  1. Buckroe Beach

This 0.75-mile-long public beach, located 80 miles from Richmond, dazzles visitors with stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Compared to Virginia Beach, which is constantly crowded, Buckroe Beach is more tranquil and relaxed.

It’s also the safest beach for youngsters close to Richmond because of its mild surf, shallow water, and on-duty lifeguards.

Additionally, it’s a great location for observing marine life, sunsets, and ships.

Did we also mention that it offers many amenities like barbecue grills, picnic tables, and a playground?

Expert Tip

Going to the beach in the summer?

Throughout the summer, live, free concerts are held every Sunday.

Similarly, every Tuesday during the summer, the beach offers free outdoor movies for the whole family.

  1. Virginia Beach

Bottom of Form

This 35-mile length of the beach is the most well-known and prominent in the Richmond area.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the longest stretch of beach for recreational purposes on the planet.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This coastal city entices beachgoers of all types and ages with its excellent sandy beach and busy boardwalk.

This beach is colorful and diverse, offering a wide variety of cheap nighttime activities to please adults.

Families and children will delight in the sunny diversion and picturesque coastline views in the interim.

Additionally, this sandy, sunny coastal city boasts some of America’s most beautiful beaches.

Expert Tip

Remember to visit Atlantic Avenue.

This busy street offers everything, from mouthwatering eateries to stylish shopping malls.

Do you need hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, or aloe vera?

It’s possible to find it there as well as on Atlantic Avenue.

  1. Bear Creek Lake State Park

This 1938-founded state park in the middle of Virginia offers a wonderful swimming beach during the summer.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Looking for nearby lake beaches that are refreshing?

Why not visit Bear Creek Lake State Park for the day?

The park’s beach, which is only open during the summer, contains a bathhouse and a concession selling various drinks, snacks, and sandwiches.

It is also the closest beach location on our list, 56 miles from the city.

Expert Tip

The park’s 40-acre lake offers plenty of chances for fishing, boating, and picnics in addition to its bathing beach.

Even hydro bikes, paddle boats, rowboats, and canoes are available for rent.

  1. Ocean View Beach

This Norfolk beach’s calm waves and beautiful 7.5-mile expanse make it ideal for swimming and tanning.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of the best family beach getaways from Richmond is Ocean View.

It is even our top beach for swimming due to its shallow, calm, and transparent seas.

In addition, the beach offers various exciting leisure pursuits, including kayaking and paddleboarding.

Expert Tip

Refuel at Jessy’s Tienda and Taqueria, where you can savor delicious Mexican food after a day of nonstop beachgoing.

As an alternative, if you’re in the mood for some delicious fresh fish, visit Longboards or Captain Groovy’s.

  1. Colonial Beach

USA Today voted this 2.6 square mile community the Best Virginia Beach in 2018.

Reader’s Digest readers also chose Virginia’s Nicest Place in 2019.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Colonial Beach is the best option for low-key, undiscovered weekend beach getaways around Richmond.

Although less well-known than Virginia Beach, this hamlet draws tourists with its breathtaking river views, white beaches, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

It has ten marinas, a fishing pier, a beach promenade, and water sports.

Expert Tip

love creatures?

What’s this?

Colonial Beach is also a recognized bird sanctuary home to terns, herons, bald eagles, and osprey.

There are also many parks around where you may see wildlife and take pictures, such as Westmoreland State Park.

  1. Cape Charles Beach

On Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Cape Charles is the only public beach that doesn’t charge for parking or admission.

Why We Recommend This Beach

In my opinion, the best-kept secret in Virginia is Cape Charles Beach.

The beach is best for those who want to contend with powerful ocean waves due to its modest and quiet seas.

Additionally, there are lots of local outfitters in this area that rent kayaks and organize thrilling adventures.

Expert Tip

The restaurant in the community is still in its infancy.

Still, Mason Avenue, which serves as the neighborhood’s de facto main thoroughfare, has a few outstanding choices.

Expect to see a lot of oysters, shrimp, and tuna meal combos in this region because fishing is the town’s preferred pastime. The restaurant in the community is still in its infancy.

Still, Mason Avenue, which serves as the neighborhood’s de facto main thoroughfare, has a few outstanding choices.

Expect to see a lot of oysters, shrimp, and tuna meal combos in this region because fishing is the town’s preferred pastime.

  1. Sandbridge Beach

This five-mile beach in Virginia Beach is accessible to guests daily and is situated near the boardwalk.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Sandbridge offers a more serene and laid-back alternative to Virginia Beach.

This stretch draws surfers, swimmers, and families seeking more space because it has fewer people and miles of shoreline and dunes.

Expert Tip

Both locals and visitors primarily use this beach to unwind.

However, False Cape State Park is a protected region that is best explored by bike, on foot, or by kayak if you are in the mood for an adventure.

  1. Lake Arrowhead Beach

This secret location offers a taste of the Caribbean in the Shenandoah Valley, complete with white sand and crystal-clear water.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of our favorite fast beach vacations from Richmond is Lake Arrowhead Beach.

This oasis is a great choice for people looking for peace and isolation because it is remote.

Additionally, there are seasonal lifeguards and snack stands along the beach.

Expert Tip

Spend some time exploring the 34-acre lake after a revitalizing swim.

You can hike the area’s nature trail or go fishing to take in the surroundings.

In this park, you may also hire kayaks and canoes.

  1. Twin Lakes State Park

This 548-acre park is serene and picture-perfect, and it has a beach and many other recreational opportunities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of the nicer beaches in Central Virginia is Twin Lakes State Park.

This 500-foot beach in Goodwin Lake is stunning due to its fine sand, cold water, and picture-perfect surroundings.

Of course, there are lots of chances for recreation at the beach.

Expert Tip

For visitors of all ages, the state park offers year-round programming on various subjects.

For instance, you may learn how to bow or go on an enchanting guided canoe journey with a ranger.

Visit the neighboring High Bridge Trail State Park while you’re there.

  1. Bethel Beach

In Mathews County, Bethel Beach is a part of a magnificent 105-acre natural area preserve.

Why We Recommend This Beach

There are no restrooms, changing rooms, or refreshment stands in this pristine paradise.

Visitors are still drawn to it by the calm ocean wind, salty air, unspoiled beauty, and laid-back environment.

More than 180 migratory and native birds also reside at the beach.

Expert Tip

Bring plenty of water, snacks, food, and travel necessities on your trip to this beach.

Keep in mind that there are no modern conveniences around.

Additionally, there is no personnel present in the preserve, so carry a power bank and a fully charged phone that you can use in an emergency.

  1. Chesapeake Beach

The picturesque “Chick’s Beach,” which stretches for two miles, astounds visitors with its inviting, gentle surf and stunning coastline surroundings.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The beach is slightly off the usual path despite its stunning attractiveness.

Chick’s is a charming and dreamy location for a relaxing day at the beach because of its empty, immaculate sands and fewer tourists.

You’ll also enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Expert Tip

Try to arrive early to get a spot because parking is scarce.

Additionally, be aware that there are no nearby public restrooms.

  1. Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach is 62.2 miles from Richmond and can be reached by I-64 E in under an hour.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This 2-acre public beach, located in historic Yorktown, is a blessing for families.

The beach offers practical amenities like restaurants, restrooms, and a stunning coastline.

Few quaint picnic spots and a fishing dock.

Expert Tip

At this beach, swimming is a favorite and well-liked pastime.

Paddleboarding or kayaking on this beach, however, will provide you with a somewhat more thrilling experience.

You may also go on a historical boat tour or sail on the York River after dusk.

  1. Croatan Beach

Despite being close by, this 0.75-mile section seems like a long way from the bustling Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Make your way to Croatan if you want to escape Virginia Beach Oceanfront’s restless energy.

A beach is great for beginning surfers because of its reliable waves.

On this beach, there are even surf camps open all summer long.

Expert Tip

Everyone’s preferred cost to reach the beach is zero dollars.

However, parking is only cost-free until 10 in the morning.

  1. Jamestown Beach

This beachside park is a favorite hangout for families with younger children and is close to the historic Jamestown Settlement.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The coastal park is a blast for families.

All the amenities you need for a good day at the beach are available at this developed and family-friendly beach, including shaded sections, a pier, and concessions.

Additionally, it has lagoons and a wonderful park.

Expert Tip

Visit the historical and cultural sites to give your beach vacation a historical flare.

The Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Historic Jamestown are two of our favorites nearby.

  1. Lake Anna State Park

Virginia’s third largest lake, Lake Anna, with more than 180 miles of stunning shoreline.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Without Lake Anna, no list of the top beaches close to Richmond, Virginia, is complete.

This public beach will provide an ocean-like retreat without the waves, thanks to its clean water and fine white sand.

Additionally, the lake is a great location for water sports like wakeboarding, water skiing, and boating.

Expert Tip

For more information on the park’s future animal and ecology classes, check out the calendar.

Workshops on botany, animal behavior, and conservation are frequently held in the park.

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