15 Best Beaches Near Virginia Beach, VA — Closest Lake & Ocean Beach Spots

You know you’re in for some fun in the sun when you’re in the city where the well-known Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean converge.

The numerous stunning beaches on adjacent lakes and the ocean are well-recognized for Virginia Beach.

When you are here, finding a shorefront won’t be difficult.

Many lovely beaches around the city, with various landscapes, from rocky and grassy to golden and white sand grounds.

Which beach to pick today presents a challenge.

The top beaches close to Virginia Beach, VA, are listed below.

  1. Virginia Beach Oceanfront

The premier nightlife and lodging district in Virginia Beach is along the oceanfront.

The top hotels and restaurants can be found here.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The most excellent beaches in Virginia Beach itself should come first.

The seaside is the best place to live if you want to be near everything.

The mornings can be used for beach jogging or sunbathing.

After that, browse the many shops on Atlantic Avenue throughout the afternoon.

If you book a room at one of the oceanfront hotels, you can also decide to stay close to this beautiful seashore.

Expert Tip

Stop by around 11 AM for free parking on the western side of Atlantic Avenue.

The duration is roughly two hours.

  1. Sandbridge Beach

Virginia Beach Oceanfront is south of Sandbridge Beach.

False Cape State Park and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge are nearby.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of the prettiest beaches in the area is Sandbridge Beach.

The gorgeous dunes and comparatively remote location may probably appeal to you.

The beach offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean as well.

Expert Tip

In Sandbridge Beach, numerous couples have picture shoots on the white sands and underneath the pier.

Don’t forget to take some pictures of yourself for social media.

  1. Chic’s Beach

Chesapeake Beach is another name for Chic’s Beach.

From there, it takes 17 minutes to go to Virginia Beach’s oceanfront.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit this well-known beach in Virginia Beach for the most fun you can have on the coast.

Chic’s Beach has two kilometers of breathtaking Chesapeake Bay shoreline.

You can go swimming, paddleboarding, or even kiteboarding on the tranquil waters.

Expert Tip

Chic’s Beach welcomes pets.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day, you are welcome to bring your four-legged pals and let them explore the beach.

On the beach, dogs can be off-leash as long as you can maintain visible and verbal control over them.

  1. North End Beach

North End Beach is the section closest to the north on Virginia Beach’s oceanfront.

Why We Recommend This Beach

North End Beach, primarily a residential area, is less congested and quieter than the Oceanfront’s main attraction.

However, it continues to be a must-see Virginia Beach beach.

Locals love the private beach because it allows them to unwind for the entire day.

What more could you want than peace, simplicity, and breathtaking sea views?

Expert Tip

Near North End Beach, there is a beautiful nature park.

You should schedule some time to go there if you enjoy riding and hiking.

  1. First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park, recognized as a Seashore State Park Historic District, was the first state park in Virginia to be intentionally developed.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy the state park’s nearly 20 miles of hiking paths.

You can explore the region to see lagoons, unusual vegetation, and tall cypress trees.

The 1.5 miles of shoreline along the Chesapeake Bay, where you can swim and play, is another option.

Expert Tip

The park’s illustrious past dates back to 1607.

Visit the historical and educational displays at the Chesapeake Bay Center to learn more about the region and its past.

  1. Little Island Park

In Sandbridge, Little Island Park is close to Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.

It measures 122 acres.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The 2,000-foot shoreline of Little Island is the ideal location for swimming and fishing.

Other attractions include numerous sports courts, barbecues for picnics, and picnic shelters.

Even kayaking and canoeing are permitted on this beach.

Expert Tip

Little Island’s 400-foot fishing pier is well known.

Spend some time here fishing, admiring the scenery along the shoreline, or shooting photos.

  1. Croatan Beach

Near Rudee Inlet and Camp Pendleton, Croatan Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean.

It can be found primarily in residential areas.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Croatan Beach might be the place for you if you want a relaxing weekend beach getaway from Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

This beach is quiet and broadly popular with locals.

The crowds of people won’t be an issue for you.

Even the lifeguards are on duty, so you may swim with confidence.

Expert Tip

Love to surf?

Croatan Beach is the perfect place to spend the day surfing if you want to have a good time.

And don’t worry if you’re just learning.

While you’re here, you can enroll in surfing instruction as well.

  1. Willoughby Beach

Willoughby Beach in Norfolk may be reached from Virginia Beach in roughly 27 minutes.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy playing along Willoughby Beach’s 7.4-mile sandbar.

From here, you’ll be close to both Willoughby Bay and the Chesapeake Bay.

The vast area of golden sand is the ideal place to unwind and laze around all day.

Expert Tip

Willoughby Beach is an excellent place for beachgoers to visit because there are many activities, like swimming, kayaking, sailing, and even crabbing.

  1. False Cape State Park

False Between the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay is where you’ll find Cape State Park.

For quick and peaceful beach excursions from Virginia Beach Oceanfront, it’s a terrific option.

Why We Recommend This Beach

False Given that Cape State Park is 4,321 acres in size, there are a ton of activities you may enjoy.

More daring and active visitors will enjoy riding and trekking along the beach.

You can also go boating or on guided kayaking excursions.

Expert Tip

Try spending the night at the park if you have the time.

You can partake in their rustic camping experience on this unspoiled Atlantic shore.

  1. Grommet Island Park

Grommet Island Park, a 15,000-foot beach park, is located at the southern end of the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Consider starting somewhere else along this coastline once you’ve visited the Oceanfront a few times.

Your little friends will appreciate Grommet Island Park’s playground, sensory board, and raised sand tables for sandcastle construction.

Expert Tip

Grommet Island Park is wheelchair accessible, so even those in them can enjoy themselves.

Even seated play is more comfortable and enjoyable because of the park’s unique equipment, like a hand-operated sand scoop.

  1. Ocean View Beach Park

The most excellent beach vacation from Virginia Beach may be had at Ocean View Beach Park.

The closest beach site outside the city is Norfolk, approximately 26 minutes away.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Ocean View Beach Park is the most excellent swimming beach in the neighborhood and nearby.

That’s because its calm seas are enjoyable for everyone.

Since the waves are often calm, even inexperienced swimmers can navigate them.

Even kayaking and paddleboarding are options.

There are also several shady trees you can sit behind if you don’t want to get in the water.

Expert Tip

Are you a fan of dancing and concerts?

Because Ocean View Park is renowned for hosting numerous shows during the summer, visit the Ocean View FB page periodically for schedules.

  1. Fort Story Jetty

Virginia Beach Oceanfront is 14 minutes away from Fort Story Jetty.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit Fort Story Jetty for a memorable and enjoyable day trip.

It has the first lighthouse ever constructed in America, as well as another lighthouse nearby.

Photographing this structure will be enjoyable for fans of this style.

Don’t forget to check for dolphins while you’re here; Fort Story Jetty is a popular location for dolphin watching.

Expert Tip

You must be in the military or have your documents to visit Fort Story because it is a military base.

Some paperwork that may be requested during an inspection includes a driver’s license, proof of insurance, etc.

  1. Bethel Beach – Mathews County

The distance from Virginia Beach to Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve is 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Investigate the 83 acres of sandy coastline that faces the Chesapeake Bay.

With over 185 different bird species to see while you’re here, this beach is an excellent place for bird-watching.

Expert Tip

Bethel Beach is devoid of amenities.

Bring your water to drink, use the restroom before you arrive, and leave no trash or other evidence behind.

  1. Cape Charles Beach

Virginia Beach is about an hour’s drive from Cape Charles Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Some people believe Cape Charles Beach, situated in the southern portion of Chesapeake Bay, is the most kid-friendly beach.

Young youngsters will enjoy playing in the bay’s clear, shallow waters.

Even toddlers can try swimming with an adult for the first time because there aren’t many waves here. Additionally, the water is typically warm.

Expert Tip

Spend as much time as possible at Cape Charles Beach.

It offers breathtaking sunset views of the Chesapeake Bay.

  1. Colonial Beach

The distance between the city and Colonial Beach is two hours and forty minutes.

One of the most excellent beaches close to Virginia Beach is there.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Colonial Beach is located between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay.

The trip is worthwhile if you come specifically to see the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from this shorefront.

The views of the river aren’t that bad either.

Expert Tip

You can explore several places in Colonial Beach, a coastal community, including its bird sanctuary, fishing pier, and marinas.

It also offers a vibrant arts scene and fantastic seafood and fine cuisine options.

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