15 Best Family Resorts in Wisconsin — That All Ages Love!

There are many fantastic family resorts in Wisconsin.

There is a Wisconsin resort that would satiate your need for a luxurious getaway or a distant cabin with rustic appeal.

Choose easily with our shortlisted top 15 family-friendly resorts in Wisconsin.

These resorts provide a world of entertainment for your group with inviting lodgings, excellent services, and unique attractions.

  1. Meadowbrook Resort

One of the best weekend retreats for families in Wisconsin, Meadowbrook boasts a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful, family-friendly amenities.

Who Should Stay Here

Families seeking a rustic resort with lots of activities to keep everyone entertained can consider Meadowbrook.

The resort’s first-rate amenities will enthrall golfers and skiers.

The vibrant water park, game room, and playground will be a hit with children.

Additionally, there is a casino, fishing, archery, themed dinners, bowling, and spa.

Outdoor leisure pursuits for teenagers include hiking, horseback riding, walking tours, and kayaking.

Expert Tip

The two-bedroom suite at the resort is our top pick.

It’s ideal for parents who need rest because it has a living area and a few bedrooms.

Additionally, it can accommodate up to 6 persons.

  1. Lake Lawn Resort

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Elegant lodgings and thrilling family activities coexist at Lake Lawn Resort.

Who Should Stay Here

Lake Lawn Resort elevates leisure to a new level with its first-rate service, opulent lodging, and upscale amenities.

You may also take advantage of the resort’s many family-friendly amenities, which include on-site water activities, a pool, a beach, fishing, and karaoke.

Of course, the resort offers to revitalize services like couples massages and light therapy so that parents and children may spend some quality time together.

Expert Tip

Even though the resort appears to be appropriate for older children, it is baby-friendly.

This resort offers a free cot upon request.

  1. Edgewater Resort

Edgewater is a lovely, picturesque resort with a peaceful environment.

Who Should Stay Here

Edgewater is the ideal destination for families looking to escape the bustle of city life because of its laid-back atmosphere and coastal setting.

You might wish to consider alternative options if you’re looking for a lively nighttime environment.

But you’ll adore this resort if you’re looking for gorgeous sunsets, tranquility, and privacy.

The resort also provides many entertaining family activities, such as horseback riding, movie evenings, and bike tours.

Expert Tip

Families will love the deluxe king room at the resort.

Six people can accommodate a queen bed and an additional sofa bed.

  1. Gordon Lodge

The best family hotel in Wisconsin is, without a doubt, Gordon Lodge, with its spacious lodgings and entertaining activities.

Who Should Stay Here

The list of entertaining activities at Gordon Lodge is endless.

It offers a tennis court, a fitness facility, and hot tubs in addition to a private beach area.

Even better, it provides a selection of outdoor pursuits, including hiking and kayaking on the water.

Expert Tip

Organizing a family gathering?

Their five-bedroom home provides plenty of room and enough beds for up to sixteen guests.

Additionally, this choice offers many in-room conveniences, including a patio, a fireplace, and free toiletries to make your stay comfortable.

  1. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Lake Geneva Resort

This fantastic and stunning resort has something for everyone, from children to seniors.

Who Should Stay Here

For people of all ages, Holiday Inn offers various entertaining activities.

The hotel features a kids’ water park, a horseback riding area, and on-site water sports facilities.

Teenagers will also enjoy the nightclub and live music at the resort.

Tennis courts, golf courses, happy hour, bingo, and adult spa services are available.

Expert Tip

If any members of your team are picky eaters, don’t worry.

The resort provides special diet meals for persons with food allergies and kid-friendly meals.

  1. Eagle River Inn & Resort

Looking for reasonably priced, family-friendly resorts in Wisconsin nearby?

Reserving a room at Eagle River Inn & Resort allows your family to travel to Wisconsin on an amazing family vacation without breaking the bank.

Who Should Stay Here

For families on a tight budget, we suggest Eagle River.

Aside from offering excellent pricing, it also has various amenities to entertain and please the entire group.

We’re obsessed with the leisure center, which includes a fitness center, a gaming area, a mini-golf, a hot tub, and an indoor pool.

Canoe and rowboat rentals are available on-site as well.

Expert Tip

Their three-bedroom suite is ideal for a family of eight because it has a couch bed and three spacious double beds.

It is a great option for parents who need a lot of sleep because it also provides adjoining rooms.

  1. Northernaire Resort

Wisconsin’s Northernaire Resort is one of the greatest options for families looking to escape it.

Who Should Stay Here

Families seeking a tranquil getaway will love Northernaire Resort’s stunning lake views and comforting amenities.

In addition, the resort offers a range of leisure pursuits to liven up your getaway, including tennis, golf, fishing, hiking, swimming, and billiards.

Expert Tip

A two-bedroom loft is a great place for large families to stay.

The loft can accommodate up to 8 adults in its two bedrooms, living area, and kitchen.

Three couch beds, a huge double bed, and an extra-large double bed can be found in the loft.

  1. Cedar Lodge & Settlement

Cedar Lodge provides a balance of peace and exciting family activities.

Who Should Stay Here

You’ll adore Cedar Lodge if you’re searching for a quiet beach resort.

The resort is crammed with activities even though it is designed for family relaxation.

The resort provides fishing, golf, canoeing, and horseback riding in addition to its beach.

Expert Tip

Visit nearby attractions like Mount Olympus Water Theme Park, Noah’s Ark, and Tommy Barlett Exploratory to make your family getaway more enjoyable.

  1. Caribbean Club Resort

Families are drawn to Caribbean Club by its romantic ambiance and family-friendly activities.

Who Should Stay Here

Ages 2 to 12 can enjoy various engaging activities at Caribbean Club, including romantic events for couples.

Moms and dads will be happy at this resort with its breathtaking sunset views, beautiful gardens, and fireplaces.

The sports, beach, and surrounding family-friendly attractions will all be loved by children.

Expert Tip

Families can surely stay in the lakefront 3-bedroom apartment.

Up to 10 adults can sleep in this option’s two spacious double beds and two bunk beds.

  1. Rainbow’s End Resort Camp

Rainbow’s End is undoubtedly one of the best family resorts in Wisconsin, with its retro charm and natural attractions.

Who Should Stay Here

Families that desire to enjoy the wonders of nature are drawn to Rainbow’s End.

This resort offers many outdoor activities while also relaxing your senses, thanks to its green beachfront position.

You may go snorkeling, hiking, fishing, swimming, and enjoying campfires with your family.

Expert Tip

Prepare your meals in your cabin’s kitchen to save money on food.

In addition, barbeque facilities are accessible all across the property.

  1. The Cove of Lake Geneva

You and your family will have many wonderful memories at the Cove of Lake Geneva.

Who Should Stay Here

Families visiting Lake Geneva will find The Cove an excellent home base.

Various family-friendly attractions, including the Black Point Historic Preserve and Geneva Lake Museum of History, are easily accessible from the resort.

The resort also has various fun amenities, such as tennis courts, cabana bars, games rooms, and swimming pools.

Expert Tip

When you visit this resort for a holiday, stop by Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub.

This restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty beers and mouthwatering American classics so that you can enjoy a pleasant meal.

  1. Metropolis Resort – Eau Claire

The Metropolis Resort is brimming with exciting activities for the whole tribe.

Who Should Stay Here

The thrilling family-friendly attractions of Metropolis Resort make it a kid-friendly paradise.

Children will have a gala time exploring the water park and playing on the playgrounds.

In addition, the resort is brimming with wonderful features for parents, like bowling, water sports, and movie nights.

Expert Tip

Experience the resort’s distinctive experiences, such as the cooking class and tour of the local culture, for a holiday to remember.

Additionally, there are themed dinner nights, bingo, aerobics, and archery.

  1. Chula Vista Resort

Chula Vista is a wonderful destination full of surprises and fun, with everything from a sizable water park to a lovely golf course.

Who Should Stay Here

The Chula Vista Resort is an ideal getaway with lots of water fun and practicing your golf swing.

This resort has a fantastic water park with coasters and lazy rivers that is appropriate for all ages.

Golf enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy playing at this top-notch facility.

Expert Tip

The hotel has a kids’ club where your children can participate in various games, refreshments, and activities.

  1. Baker’s Sunset Resort

The resort offers various entertaining entertainment alternatives for everyone, including a kid’s playground and nightly entertainment.

Who Should Stay Here

All generations are pleased with Baker’s Sunset Resort.

The resort’s beach, water park, games, and playground, will provide kids with a thrilling journey.

Both adults and teenagers will enjoy the nighttime entertainment, canoeing, fishing, and table tennis options.

Treat yourself to a relaxing session in the sauna or hot tub.

Expert Tip

The deluxe double room is the resort’s top choice for family lodging.

This resort can comfortably accommodate the entire family thanks to its neighboring rooms and two substantial double beds.

  1. Westwood Shores Waterfront Resort

Westwood offers a fantastic recipe for a wonderful family vacation, with plenty of activities for the whole clan.

Who Should Stay Here

Families looking for a seaside resort with exciting multi-generational activities should consider Westwood.

Golf and water sports enthusiasts will be impressed by the top-notch facilities, while youngsters will love the playgrounds, equipment, and gardens.

Expert Tip

I advise booking the two-bedroom suite if you intend to remain here.

It contains adjoining rooms, two huge double beds, and a sofa bed.

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