15 Best Las Vegas Hotels for Kids That Your Entire Family Will Love

Are you looking for a place in Vegas to stay with the kids? We’ve got you covered!

Many people believe the city is for adults only, but Vegas has a fair bit of hotels that are enjoyable for kids.

These places accept kids as they’re grow-ups and Vegas also consists of hotels with kid clubs that will entertain your kid all day.

Below, we list the 15 best hotels Vegas has to offer when it comes to including kids. Whether off their main strip or on it on your upcoming getaway – we cover everything they offer.

Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas on the Strip

  1. The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Located on the notorious NV strip, Las Vegas – this Hotel isn’t as crowded or busy as you’d generally expect, especially if you exclude the “tourist season,” which is a pretty quiet time of the year.

The Hotel offers its water park in place of a pool – full of sand to make you feel like you’ve stepped on a real beach. This resort also has a beautiful aquarium that tops off over 1.5 million gallons.

The place is as impressive as it’s huge, and your kids will love it!

Facilities such as room service and free Wi-Fi are at your convenience. If you’re looking where to dine, the nearest restaurants offer a delightful menu for kids, including the fussy ones!

  1. Circus Circus

A part of the MGM Resorts, Circus Circus offers an extremely luxurious stay. Circus themes tend to get a bit overwhelming, but this is not the case – it’s rather eye-catching.

They offer many events and activities contrary to the circus theme. These include performances, treasure hunts, and the famous carnival games that are playable. Your kids are sure to enjoy these.

For the adults, the pool offers a good time, including drinking by their poolside, an option if you feel like having one.

When you’re including kids, this becomes a top-notch resort because of the kid-friendly swimming pool it comes with. They also offer swimming lessons if you have young kids who don’t know how to swim.

Located in the absolute middle of Vegas famous tourist heaven, the resort also offers free Wi-Fi.

  1. The Mirage Hotel

Another piece of the MGM brand Mirage hotel is a top hotel for visiting with kids. A comforting customer experience and an extremely affordable, luxurious experience, they take pride in themselves and plan to provide a vacation the kids won’t ever forget.

Featured in tons of TV intros and movies, it’s easy to recognize in person. Your kids are sure to love and admire the enormous water feature.

Above all that, The Mirage Hotel comes packed with swimming pools that are kid-friendly and are all over the Hotel. Moreover, a gigantic aquarium is a treat for your eyes.

To top it all off, you can view fantastic shows, including Siegfried & Roy and Cirque du Soleil.

The rooms are big enough to accommodate a whole family without troubling anyone. If your older kids require a whole section to themselves, it’s available.

And, of course, you get free Wi-Fi. Facilities also include a Smart TV in every room if your kids or teens prefer staying in for a movie night.

  1. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

We’re not gonna lie when we say that the Excalibur Hotel & Casino stays true to its name and is sure to welcome its guests as impressive, imposing, and elegant from the moment of your arrival.

Of course, once you enter, your kids will be left in awe, and they will love it, and we bet they wouldn’t want to leave any sooner.

The Hotel tends to push its theme as forefront as possible and ensures the stay is fun for anyone and everyone involved.

Once there, you can expect live events, treasure hunts, and dinners that are themed, and you get the choice of having a visit to the arcade on-site, pools of your choice (these include the kid-friendly pools), and various excellent restaurants located all over the resort.

Now their suites are decorated in an extremely unique way where you can just chill and relax instead of sticking to their usual theme.

While we’re on the topic, Excalibur is along the hotels on top of my list for the brilliant way they stick and dedicate themselves to their theme.

  1. The Bellagio Hotel

When it comes to Bellagio Hotel, it’s located on the Vegas strip. They offer massive suites with extremely comforting sleeping arrangements that can almost fit your entire family. Other than that, their facilities are sure to make you love your stay.

For the offered facilities, they include free Wi-Fi, you can order a gaming console, an arcade that your kids will love, and various shows, including a marvelous Cirque du Soleil extravaganza that is right on the water.

Keep in mind that for a hotel to be considered a good one for kids, it doesn’t have to be boring for the visiting adults.

Other things include a beautiful garden to relax, various restaurants that include bars, and lastly, a shuttle that will take you anywhere around the Bellagio.

  1. New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Located right in the middle of Vegas, this Hotel has a unique, fascinating but sort of weird take on the miniature NY. We know the song is stuck in your head, but it’s not what it’s about.

There’s a gaming arcade for kids but what they’ll love the most is the rollercoaster ride that takes them through a New York City miniature world.

The Hotel offers a good deal of nice restaurants, and you won’t have to leave the resort to grab a bite whenever you feel like it. Kids can have fun at the arcade while the adults are free to roam and enjoy the casino and its services.

When most hotels offer a theme, they sometimes take it way over the top, but that’s not the case here.

They fit the theme well, and it certainly makes you enjoy it.

Families are free to check out Hershey’s Chocolate World. After all, who doesn’t like a bit (or tons of) chocolate in their life, especially when you’re on holiday?

  1. The Hilton Grand Vacations on the Boulevard

Are you one of those individuals that prefer to stay away from the usual vibe casinos offer – but want to spend time in Vegas? We have a hotel just for you.

Your little ones will surely enjoy all the beautiful pools they offer. Kids aged 12 or older can indulge in many activities, including a game of volleyball or even basketball.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult that loves games, Hilton Grand got you covered with their game rooms that are fully equipped.

With a fair bit of restaurant options, adults can also enjoy barbecue rentals if they feel like enjoying it.

All rooms come with free Wi-Fi, a TV, and a kitchen if you prefer to make and enjoy your breakfast during your stay.

Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas off the Strip

  1. South Point Hotel

While it’s situated away from the famous Las Vegas main strip, this one is a perfect kid-friendly resort and casino.

We highly recommend South Point hotel for kids of 12 or teens because its activities are a goldmine for you.

Gaming arcade, movie theatre, bowling alley, and a massive pool for kids and adults?

Basically, everything you desire when staying with family is right here, and don’t be fooled because your kids are sure to be well-occupied throughout their entire stay.

Their rooms – while comfortable, are built extremely well. You’ll love the rooms offered if your kids prefer having their own section throughout the stay.

Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, your kitchen unit, laundry, and delightful room service.

  1. The Red Rock Resort

The Red Rock Resort welcomes you to Red Rock Canyon, NV. It may not be on the main Vegas strip, but their services will make you forget the lights and casinos. Their facilities are just that good and keep everyone occupied all day.

While their main pool boasts well over 3 acres and is gigantic, don’t worry about your kids missing out on the fun. There are kid-friendly pools for the little ones to splash themselves all around.

Apart from their pool, the resort offers a movie theatre, a gaming arcade for the gaming teens, a balling alley, and a Kids’ Quest Playground to keep the little ones occupied.

There’s also an option to hike through the Red Rock Canyon right outside the resort. It offers several different trails, so don’t be worried if you have a novice or kids with you because the trails are built for anyone and everyone.

  1. The Tahiti Village Resort

This resort offers a top-notch family-sized swimming pool that includes supervision as well. Adults can enjoy poolside drinks if they want to have a drink, and don’t worry because kids will be well supervised.

The resort offers good attractions and decent restaurant options whenever you’re hungry, so don’t get lost in the dip because there’s so much more.

While the rooms are modernized, they are great and extremely comfortable to make your whole family relaxed.

You can book rooms that include balconies if you want to stand and admire the city. But you can also order those if you prefer nestled spaces amid the resort.

You also can avail of a barbecue rental and it’s not that far away from the pool. Who doesn’t love a bite during a dip?

Tahiti Village offers a gym and facilities for fitness individuals if you would like to stick to your routine or begin a fresh one.

  1. The Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa

The best thing about this resort is its location. You feel like you’re nearby everything!

The resort boasts well over 50 restaurants and stores, with most located right around the block if you don’t feel like walking much. Kid-friendly menus are available in most, so don’t worry.

Other facilities include a gaming arcade for the teens and a theatre which your kids will love.

The pool makes it unique among the rest due to the sand, which gives it a real, traditional vibe.

Kid or adult, you are bound to love this!

If you don’t like outings much and prefer staying indoors, their rooms are huge, comfy, and offer free Wi-Fi.

And of course, don’t forget to use room service.

  1. The Orleans Hotel

The Orleans Hotel and Casino is a supreme family vacation choice for Vegas if you would like your teens and kids entertained throughout their stay and make a perfect stay.

Pools are available throughout the resort. Other activities include a gaming arcade, a bowling alley, and a movie theatre.

If you have kids below 12, they have a gigantic play area that is fully supervised, so you won’t have a worry in the world.

They can also accommodate allergic children upon request.

Adults can entertain themselves at the casino as well. Don’t forget to use their shuttle service because it will take you anywhere you feel like going and includes kids.

  1. The Cancun Resort

Are you looking to have fun in Vegas but don’t want to book a place right in the middle of all the chaos? This is the resort for you.

We all know how most resorts focus on the specific casino theme, but Cancun Resort does a good job of dialing it down, if not completely off, and it feels refreshing.

Cancun offers a gigantic pool with an option for poolside drinks for adults. The swimming pool is really fun for adults as well as kids. Other activities include table tennis and video games for teens or older ones to have a good time.

The place offers tons when it comes to entertaining kids than most other places. Their rooms also offer a kitchenette if you want to stick to a certain schedule.

Expect free Wi-Fi, laundry service, and room service on request whenever you feel like booking your stay.

  1. Trump International Hotel

Trump International Hotel is an excellent piece of real estate situated in one of the best parts of Vegas – and that’s exactly what staying here makes it worth it…

The resort offers free Wi-Fi all over. Rooms come with a mini fridge and room service on request – their menus are kid-friendly, so you don’t have to worry. Pools are spread all around and even offer supervision to the kids.

When the Trump line of hotels comes to mind, you are sure to think of business trips and suits but let us assure you, it’s not like that. The place can host you and your family just as much, and you will love your stay here.

  1. The Wyndham Grand Desert

The Wyndham Grand Desert definitely lives up to the Grandness of its middle name. Its suites are large and will accommodate your whole family while also giving an option for everyone to choose their personal space within.

Kids can spend their time at the arcade. If you’re hungry, they offer tons of restaurants to grab a bite at any time of the day. There are also bars if adults feel like visiting and grabbing themselves a drink.

Their suites are extremely well decorated, and you get free Wi-Fi.

With tons of splendid extras, don’t be shy to visit their front desk for questions or complaints because they’re always happy to help. Even if you have a kid-related emergency in the middle of the night or you’re lost and need directions for your location.

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