15 Best Poetry Websites for Kids

These websites are for you if you’re celebrating National Poetry Month, starting a poetry course, or just seeking for pieces to discuss with children or teenagers in the class. There are options on these literary sites for users and students of all levels. Lots of them also have instructional materials for poetry. To discover what you require, check into one or several of them.

  1. Poetry4Kids

Ideal for: Elementary school instructors and pupils

The Poetry Foundation selected Kenn Nesbit Children’s Poet Laureate in 2013. You may notice a plethora of his fantastic material and a collection of his well-known humorous poetry. Get poetry composing classes and exercises to utilize in your class by searching by subject, grade level, theme, and more.

  1. The Children’s Poetry Archive

Perfect for: Pre-K through 8th graders and instructors

The website’s creators think that hearing poetry read aloud is the greatest ability to link with it. They have assembled this unique compilation for children from numerous recordings of artists reciting their work. For instructors only, there is a portion with instructions on how to utilize the audio with their pupils.

  1. American Life in Poetry

Ideal for: Educators and pupils in primary and secondary schools

This website posts fresh poetry weekly and some brief analyses to encourage viewers to learn more. The poems are about the American experience, and you could also narrow your searches by geography or subjects that touch on various facets of American society.

  1. ShelSilverstein.com

Ideal for: K–6 educators and pupils

Children have enjoyed Shel Silverstein’s poetry for many years. Instructors can utilize the teaching tools on this site to supplement their instruction of his works in the class. Kids may appreciate and discuss the films, printables, and wallpapers available.

  1. ReadWriteThink

Ideal for: Language arts instructors in grades K–12

If you instruct linguistic arts, you undoubtedly currently have this website bookmarked. Their poetry department is excellent with lesson plans, projects, organizational training, and blogging. Try learner interactives on haikus, acrostics, and other topics while searching for materials by age level.

  1. Poetry.com

Who it works best for – Anyone wishing to read new or their favorite poems.

You may discover famous poems, poet backgrounds, and recently self-published poems on one of the biggest literature sites on the web. The website isn’t always the simplest to browse and can be ad-heavy. However, searching on this site is a wonderful place to begin if you’re seeking poetry about a specific subject.

  1. Poetry Foundation

Best for – Anyone interested in studying ancient and modern poetry.

Poetry magazine, which has existed since 1912, is associated with the Poetry Foundation. The website is extensive and has many carefully selected compilations, poem aids, and audio poetry. Additionally, you’ll discover articles, essays, conversations, and other materials for poetry education. This is a literary site that you should save because it has over 46,000 poems.

  1. Famous Poets and Poems

Who should read it: Those looking for known poets or poems

The name speaks for itself! You’ll probably find the poetry you’re searching for herein. You may also obtain details about poets’ biographies, excerpts, and a reference. This is a comprehensive directory for discovering poetry to teach in the class, featuring more than 630 poets.

  1. PBS: Poetry In America

Ideal for: Teachers and students in higher elementary via the high school

PBS has brief movies on 12 famous poems, featuring “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus (“Give me your tired, your poor… “). Discover the poets’ works and how others have interpreted them, including actors, writers, composers, and politicians. They’ll enable students to relate to these potent poems more deeply. Instructors can also add these movies straight to Google Classroom assignments.

  1. MAPS: Modern American Poetry Site

Most suitable for – Mature learners and lecturers seeking contemporary poetry

This website is a resource for learning about contemporary poetry and finding it (they now have 270 poems available). The part on current poetry schools will be useful for instructors. The website also provides reviews of most of its poetry, which helps teach pupils about their significance and purpose.

  1. Poetry International

Most suitable for – Senior viewers curious to learn different poems worldwide

Explore poetry from different countries to expand your perspective. This website, created in the Netherlands, offers poems in numerous dialects from many other nations and showcases Dutch writers. You can read poetry composed in a different tongue in its original form or have it transcribed.

  1. Poetry Out Loud

Ideal for: Libraries, instructors, and scholars in middle and high schools

This nationwide arts education initiative inspires kids to become enthusiastic about poems by supporting recital contests for high school students. Even if you’re not willing to compete, you’ll still consider this site useful because it has a great poetry library suitable for children and teenagers. In addition to finding various teaching ideas for educating poetry, you can watch and hear recordings of prior contest champions.

  1. Poets.org

Ideal for: K–12 educators and pupils enthusiastic about studying, educating, and composing modern poetry

Poets.org, run by the Academy of American Poets, is a resource for modern poetry and composers from the United States. They support Poem-a-Day, which releases fresh pieces weekly, and National Poetry Month. Numerous materials are available for educators, such as teaching materials and tools like Teach This Poem.

  1. Poetry 180

Ideal for: Educators and pupils in high schools

Billy Collins, a past Poet Laureate, created Poetry 180 to make it simple for educators and high school kids to locate fresh poetry to read every day of the academic year. Visit Robert Pinsky’s Favorite Poem for yet another great Poet Laureate project that learners will like.

  1. Teen Ink

Ideal for: Future adolescent writers

Seeking a secure setting where teenagers may express their work and gain knowledge from those around them? It’s Teen Ink. Any type of work can be posted by teenagers, and the poetry portion is highly popular. Pupils can also learn about summer programs, institutions for budding poets and writers, and competitions they might attend.

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