15 Books and Activities to Foste Grit in the Classroom

Teaching children about perseverance and resilience is a vital part of their education. It helps them develop ‘grit’, the ability to keep working towards goals despite difficulties or delays in achieving success. In the classroom, educators can foster grit through various methods, including reading books that encourage this trait and engaging students in complementary activities that reinforce the themes of tenacity and determination.

One fantastic resource for teachers looking to implement these lessons is found on Teach Starter’s blog, where a list of 15 books accompanied by activities specifically curated to build grit are shared.

Books like “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires offer a story about a young girl who learns that creating something magnificent means making lots of mistakes and not giving up. After reading, educators can involve students in an activity where they plan, create, and then iterate on their projects, encouraging them to see the value in persistence.

“The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds tells a tale of a student who begins a journey towards self-belief through art. Post-reading, children can be encouraged to make their mark by creating their own dot art and sharing it with the class, learning that small beginnings can lead to significant outcomes through continuous effort.

Another inspiring read is “After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)” by Dan Santat. It provides a new perspective on Humpty Dumpty’s life after his famous fall. The students can be asked to write about or discuss a time when they had to overcome fear after a setback, teaching them empathy and self-reflection.

The blog post offers additional books each paired with activities designed not just for engaging students in reading, but for nurturing an environment where developing grit is considered an integral part of learning. These activities range from writing assignments that foster reflection and growth mindset talks that praise effort over results to group projects that require perseverance.

Incorporating these books and activities into lesson plans will create opportunities for rich discussions about failures being stepping stones to success, the importance of hard work, and how mistakes are essential for learning—empowering students with the mindset needed for overcoming obstacles both within and outside the classroom walls.

This carefully crafted list from Teach Starter not only serves as a guide but also provides practical tools for educators wishing to instill the valuable life skill of grit in their students. Through literature and hands-on activities, teachers can inspire their classes one story at a time.

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