15 Everyday Incidents That Make Even the Strongest Teachers Cry


Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession, but it can also be challenging and emotionally draining. Educators face daily struggles and often fall victim to moments that break their hearts, despite their dedication and resilience. In this article, we share 15 everyday incidents that make even the strongest teachers cry.

1. When a student gives up on themselves

Seeing a talented, promising student lose hope in themselves is utterly heartbreaking for a teacher who has invested time, energy, and passion in their success.

2. Dealing with parents who don’t value education

When parents are disinterested in or dismissive of their child’s educational progress, it becomes difficult for teachers to maintain enthusiasm and push students to succeed.

3. Witnessing bullying

No matter how proactive a teacher may be in managing classroom behavior, witnessing bullying brings feelings of sadness and frustration.

4. The strain of standardized testing

High-stakes testing places tremendous pressure on both students and teachers, leading many educators to question whether their worth is measured by test scores alone.

5. Budget cuts and lack of resources

Teachers often have to fight for resources they need, watching as programs or materials that would benefit their students are cut due to lack of funding.

6. Long hours and workload

The endless hours dedicated to lesson planning, grading, professional development, and extracurricular duties can take a huge toll on a teacher’s emotional well-being.

7. Lack of recognition or appreciation

Despite pouring their hearts into their profession, many teachers feel undervalued or unappreciated by administrators, parents, and even students.

8. The passing of a student or colleague

Nothing is more devastating than the loss of someone they have grown close to within the school community.

9. Reaching out to struggling students without success

Not every student-teacher connection will be successful, and the inability to reach a struggling student can weigh heavily on an educator’s heart.

10. Managing classroom conflicts

Although it’s a natural part of any school environment, handling arguments and disagreements among students can be emotionally draining.

11. Feeling unsupported by school administration

Facing disciplinary issues or educational challenges without proper support from administrators can leave teachers feeling isolated and disheartened.

12. Saying goodbye to students at the end of the year

Forming strong bonds with students means that parting ways at the end of the academic year can be a heart-wrenching experience.

13. The constant change in educational policies

Navigating ever-changing government mandates, curriculum updates, and teaching methods can be an emotionally exhausting process for educators.

14. Struggling with work-life balance

With all the demands on their time, many teachers struggle to maintain a healthy, nurturing balance between their personal and professional lives, leading to feelings of guilt and frustration.

15. Failing to meet their own expectations

Teachers often hold themselves to impossibly high standards, and when they feel they’ve fallen short of those expectations, it’s deeply emotional and disappointing.


While teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession filled with moments of inspiration and pride, it also comes with its share of tearful moments. By addressing these emotional incidents and supporting one another through tough times, both students and educators can continue their pursuit of personal growth and achievement within our education system.

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