15 Family-Friendly Activities in New Orleans for Children!

The city of New Orleans will undoubtedly satisfy your wanderlust, whether it is through exploring the rich culture and history of historic streets, feasting on delectable cuisine and sweets, or simply taking a cruise along the magnificent surroundings.
The Big Easy is well-known for its simplistic way of life, making it a haven for family-friendly activities.
We’ve selected a few of the most interesting activities to do in New Orleans with kids to help you organize your upcoming outstanding trip.
1. Explore the French Quarter: French Quarter
The French Quarter, which is considered to be New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, is sure to transport you back in time.
Get to experience this Charmin history as you pass by eccentric gift shops, the incredible architecture of nearby buildings, and family-friendly restaurants. Take a trip down memory lane.
You can find a wide range of goods there and get a peek into folks’ daily lives with just a short journey.
Kids of all ages and their parents will enjoy this exciting journey around the neighborhood of the French Quarter.
2. Carriage Tour—French Quarter
Families seeking a genuine experience must take a carriage ride in New Orleans, which has been offering them for more than 80 years.
The best rides ever! If you’re traveling with a baby, this carriage tour of New Orleans’ stunning landmarks and neighborhoods might be the ideal choice for you.
Choose one of the vibrant and amiable mules and ride along with a knowledgeable guide who will fill you in on all you need to know about the French Quarter as you leisurely cruise along the stops and take in the grandeur of the architecture dotted across the district.
Kids of all ages are welcome to take this serene tour of the French Quarter, and it is encouraged.
3. Louisiana Children’s Museum—Lakeview District
With a large 8.5 acres of land, the Louisiana Children’s Museum unquestionably features some of the top family-friendly activities in New Orleans.
This museum is stuffed full of kid-friendly activities that will keep the little ones occupied for hours.
Take advantage of the museum’s vast array of interactive features.
Take advantage of the Jamming House’s musical activities, the Design Studio’s artistic challenges, or Dig Into Nature’s outdoor pursuits to bring out your kids’ adventurous sides.
In our opinion, families looking for activities to do in New Orleans with toddlers should definitely check out the museum’s Play With Me area.
The Louisiana Children’s Museum is a great place for kids aged 3 and up.
4. Audubon Insectarium—Central Business District
Get up close and personal with the Audubon Insectarium’s collection of insects and other creepy crawlies.
This attraction is undoubtedly among the best family-friendly things to do in New Orleans.
This is the ideal location if your children are curious about anything related to insects.
Entomologists who live nearby can provide you with information and respond to all of your questions about these little creatures.
from ladybugs, millipedes, and even a large group of butterflies.
If your family appreciates trying new things, you shouldn’t miss the Bug Appétit section of the attraction, where you may sample bug nibbles to further make the journey memorable.
Children ages 5 and older are the best candidates for this fascinating excursion at the Audubon Insectarium.
5. Airboat Swamp Tour—Mississippi River
With a thrilling airboat swamp tour over the Mississippi River, you can see the biodiverse species that New Orleans has up its sleeve.
If you’re still wondering what to do in New Orleans with kids, we’ve got you covered.
This thrilling encounter puts you in the middle of all the animals that live in New Orleans’ swamp districts. View eagles, snakes, and the city’s iconic alligators in their natural habitat.
This airboat swamp tour is suitable for children aged 7 and above, but it is also enjoyable for teenagers.
6. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park—City Park
There are many family-friendly things to do in New Orleans, and visiting Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is undoubtedly one of them.
But why choose Carousel Gardens Amusement Park?
One of the top family-friendly attractions in New Orleans is the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park.
This park, which has 16 rides, provides a range of fun activities for kids of all ages and sizes.
With several parks in the area, including Storyland, which features human-sized storybooks, this is a great family retreat.
The Couturier Forest, which takes you outside the typical city sites and into the middle of nature, is another close attraction.
The Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is a must-see for children aged 5 and up.
7. Cafe Du Monde—French Market
One of New Orleans’s oldest eateries, the Cafe Du Monde, opened its doors in 1862.
One of the best and most well-known spots to take kids in New Orleans is the Cafe Du Monde, where you must try the city’s renowned beignets to truly appreciate your visit.
The Cafe Du Monde is a fantastic choice for you if your family likes eating local cuisine from the countries you travel to. You can treat yourself to authentic New Orleans flavors, food, and sweets.
As opposed to ordering takeout, we advise dining here.
This is because there are so many tourists; occasionally, the lines could get a little long.
Families with kids 3 and older can consider a visit to the Cafe Du Monde.
8. Preservation Hall, French Quarter
A trip to New Orleans wouldn’t make sense without taking in Preservation Hall’s vibrant jazz music scene.
Enjoy the 45-minute jazz band performances for some affordable family entertainment while you listen to the music that has come to represent the character of the city.
A friendly reminder: Due to the venue’s limited seating and high volume of visitors, it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the lengthy line outside.
Families with children ages 7 and older are advised to take this chic little trip to the Preservation Hall.
9. Ride the Steamboat Natchez—Woldenberg Park
Enjoy a leisurely voyage around the bayou while sampling local specialties on New Orleans’ only steamboat.
The question ringing in your head is probably, “Why in New Orleans?”
Jazz and food, two of New Orleans’ most well-known attractions, are combined in this pleasant cruise on the Steamboat Natchez.
The Steamboat Stompers jazz band will be performing live as you enjoy the Mississippi River view.
In order to give your family the full New Orleans experience, a buffet is also optional throughout the 2-hour trip.
The Mississippi River Tour is a relaxing exercise that is suggested for kids ages 7 and older.
10. The Gumbo Shop—French Quarter
You can enjoy the savory taste of creole cuisine, which is food with a blend of European, African, and Native American traditions.
The Gumbo Shop, a tourist and local favorite that offers a mouth-watering culinary experience unlike any other, serves a classic Creole menu.
You may eat in elegance and experience all that New Orleans has to offer, thanks to its spacious indoor dining room, high ceilings, and huge windows.
Families with children ages 7 and older are advised to have this delectable Creole experience.
11. Train Garden—New Orleans Botanical Garden
The Train Garden, which is a part of the New Orleans Botanical Garden, will show you its splendor and surroundings.
If you’re looking for free, family-friendly activities in New Orleans this weekend, the Train Garden might be the ideal choice. You can take one of their weekend-only train tours.
While strolling through this small representation of the city, learn about New Orleans’ history.
In order to provide your family with some fresh air, explore the region surrounded by lush plants and shrubs.
Children ages 3 and older will have a blast at the Train Garden.
12. New Orleans Museum of Art—City Park
The New Orleans Museum of Art will enthrall you with the aesthetic history of the city and its collection of over 40,000 items.
As you reflect on the history of New Orleans, you’re sure to find something interesting, given the vast region that is covered in many portions.
Explore the exhibitions and galleries of the New Orleans Museum of Art to see the diverse masterpieces there, including paintings, sculptures, wall art, and other decorative works.
Families with kids ages 3 and up will love taking this trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art.
13. Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, City Park
The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden features 11 acres of sculptures and scenery right outside the New Orleans Museum of Art.
It is the best place for family activities like taking a leisurely stroll through the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Gardens, which are never short on supplies in New Orleans.
Take a look at the many sculptures, take pictures of the amazing installations, and plan a trip right away.
Our age limit considers children ages 3 and older to be appropriate for this stroll through the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden.
14. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas—Woldenberg Park
The varied aquatic ecosystem of New Orleans is on display underwater at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.
As you explore the enormous space populated with fish of various varieties at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, you’ll enter a completely different universe.
Additionally, the aquarium features Caribbean reef exhibits in a 30-foot glass tunnel that will immerse you in a unique experience.
Families with children 3 and up must take this educational and engaging tour to the aquarium.
15. The Presbytère—Jackson Square
The Presbytère, one of New Orleans’ most well-known buildings, will provide you with a thorough understanding of the city’s survival, triumph, and recovery.
Learn everything there is to know about the Louisiana state holiday known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.
Additionally, you’ll get an in-depth educational tour about hurricanes and hear accounts of the city’s survival, triumph, and recovery.
Give the Presbytère a try if your family is looking for enjoyable activities to do with children in New Orleans.
Tribes with children 3 and above would benefit greatly from a fascinating tour of the Presbytère.


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