15 Fantastic Frog Activities for Preschool

For preschoolers, frogs are the perfect creatures to explore and learn about. They’re fun and fascinating, and can provide endless opportunities for educational activities. Here are 15 fantastic frog activities that will help your preschoolers learn while they have fun.

1. Make some frog masks and put on a frog puppet show.

2. Put together a timeline of a frog’s life, including its different stages of development.

3. Create a chart of different types of frogs and categorize them by color and size.

4. Learn about the different habitats frogs live in, and create a craft to represent each habitat.

5. Play a game of frog hopscotch and practice counting, colors, and shapes.

6. Catch and release some frogs in your backyard and observe their behavior.

7. Write a story about a frog’s adventures and illustrate it.

8. Put together a frog life cycle puzzle and have your preschoolers identify each stage.

9. Go on a frog scavenger hunt and search for leaves, sticks, and other objects frogs might use.

10. Learn about the different sounds frogs make and imitate them.

11. Put together a frog-themed sensory bin, and fill it with items like rocks, sand, and water.

12. Make some frog hand puppets and practice how to use them.

13. Plant a frog-friendly garden and learn about the plants and insects that frogs like to eat.

14. Read some books about frogs and discuss the different characters and settings.

15. Make a frog mask and practice hopping like a frog!

These 15 fantastic frog activities are sure to engage and educate your preschoolers while they have fun. Incorporate some of them into your classroom and watch as your preschoolers gain a greater understanding of frogs!

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